Moka Pot Vs Vietnam Drip

Moka Pot Vs. Vietnam Drip: What Are The Differences?

Ever wondered what goes into making coffee, such a popular caffeine-rich beverage? Well, it’s prepared from coffee beans in various ways and with a variety of appliances. Among them, the Moka pot and the Vietnam drip are pretty famous. So, which will you pick in the battle of Moka Pot vs. Vietnam Drip?

The Moka pot is intended for people who can regulate the temperature and have adequate time for brewing. On the flip side, the Vietnam drip machine is excellent for coffee enthusiasts who don’t have a lot of time for the procedure. Vietnam drip employs a nearly pour-over process, whereas the Moka pot uses inverse brewing.

Well, comparing the two devices will reveal more intricate details about both mechanisms and the filtering process. So let’s dig further into Moka pot vs. Vietnam drip!

What Is Moka Pot?

The Moka Pot is a simple way to make a rich and powerful coffee using a burner. It is a small and inexpensive coffee maker that provides a concentrated dosage of coffee. You can use it as an espresso substitute.

What Is Moka Pot

Considered among the most traditional techniques of brewing coffee, Moka pots are technically percolators. The devices let water flow through beans rather than soaking coffee grounds in water. Pressure distinguishes Moka pots from other percolation brewing systems. 

How To Brew Coffee In A Moka Pot?

Moka is a cute tiny geometric pot that uses reverse brewing. Steam pressure forces hot water from the bottom chamber up into coffee grinds. The upper section is filled with coffee when it’s done.

How To Brew Coffee In A Moka Pot

Here are the steps you need to follow to perfectly brew coffee in Moka Pot:

Step 1: Measure Ingredients

Precisely measure your coffee and water for whatever brewing technique you use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to find the measurements needed for your Moka pot brand.

Measure Ingredients

Step 2: Grind Perfectly

The key step in brewing coffee is grinding. So, the coffee should be ground as finely as table salt. You will require a good amount of ground coffee to fill the filter basket.

Step 3: Preheat The Pot

Put water into the kettle and set it to a boil. Then turn off the stove to preheat the pot. This will prevent the Moka pot from becoming overheated and cooking the coffee, thus preventing a metallic flavor.

Step 4: Add Water

Fill the brewer to the line at the bottom with preheated water. Then place the filter basket in the bottom of the brewer.

Step 5: Fill The Basket

Add slightly mounded coffee to fill the basket. Connect the top and bottom by screwing them together. Use heated pads and avoid over-tightening.

Step 6: Heat the Brewer

Place the brewer on the burner over medium heat and avoid overheating the handle. Keep the top lid ajar.

Heat the Brewer

Step 7: Remove Heat

The coffee will start to flow. Take the Moka pot off the stove when it has reached a yellow honey color.

Step 8: Pour & Enjoy

Serve the coffee in mugs when it is done brewing. According to your taste, you might like to mix it with hot water or milk.

Brew Coffee In A Moka Pot

What Is Vietnam Drip?

The Vietnam drip method is related to the pour-over process that produces a softer coffee. It is a coffee maker where the coffee brew is stored.

A drip coffee machine may brew coffee before you even get out of bed and walk to the kitchen. This is especially useful for persons who have highly hectic mornings or deal with crazy morning routines.

What Is Vietnam Drip

Busy mornings with children are an excellent excuse for taking advantage of scheduling a drip machine. After all, it’s challenging to prepare coffee with so much to do in so little time! 

How To Brew Coffee In Vietnam Drip?

If you like drip over coffee, iced coffee, or drinking alone, you must check a Vietnam Drip coffee machine. The dripper, sometimes known as a Phin, is a simple single-cup maker that produces a great cup of coffee in around 4-5 minutes.

How To Brew Coffee In Vietnam Drip

Here are some simple steps to brew coffee in Vietnam drip:

Step 1: Measure Ingredients

The first step is accurate measurements of the components. For example, an ideal recipe is three tablespoons of coffee, six ounces of water, and about two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

Measure Ingredients

Step 2: Preheat

To improve the bloom and drip of the coffee, heat the water near to boiling point. And then wash the phin filter as well as the mug with hot boiling water. This helps clean and preheat the filter.

Step 3: Put the Coffee In The Filter

Spread coffee uniformly throughout the filter. Keep in mind that you should not stir the filters or push the coffee. Or else the granules will fall into the coffee filter pores and clog them.

Put the Coffee In The Filter

The coffee might also take too long to drip, or the grinds may completely block the filter. So, carefully place the filter on top of the coffee with precision.

Step 4: Add Milk And Water

Take milk in your mug and pour two teaspoons of boiling water into the filter. Then wait 5 seconds. Simply push the filter to condense the flowered coffee. 

Add the remaining water carefully into the filter. The coffee will start to flow into your mug or cup.

Step 5: Enjoy

Wait another 5 minutes for the coffee to complete brewing on the drip. Take out the filter and stir in the condensed milk. Enjoy your coffee!

Brew Coffee In Vietnam Drip

Moka Pot vs. Vietnam Drip-Head To Head 

There are some fundamental differences between the two mechanisms of brewing coffee. But if you want to dig deeper, some subtle nuances are what truly set the Moka pot and Vietnam drip apart.

The Moka pot is for individuals who are familiar with the features of their burner and can adjust the temperature. But the Vietnam drip machine is perfect for coffee consumers who don’t have much time to spend on the brewing process.

Moka Pot vs. Vietnam Drip

Here are several other facts about the Moka pot and the Vietnam drip that make them different from each other.


A drip coffee machine uses an automated system containing a pitcher and a basket. It’s filled with ground coffee and topped off with warm water.

In contrast, the steam from heated water is forced upward through the ground coffee in a Moka pot, brewing coffee under pressure.

Filtering process

Paper filtering is used in drip coffee machines, while metal filtration is used in Moka pots.

Filtering process

In a drip machine, oils are absorbed, and sediment is decreased. On the contrary, more fat and microparticles pass and produce murkier coffee in a Moka pot.

Power Source

Electricity is required to operate drip coffee makers. You can choose between a classic Moka pot and an electric Moka pot. The classic one can be heated in a kitchen or over a campfire.

The drip machine contains moving parts, whereas the Moka pot does not.


If you don’t keep an eye on the traditional Moka pot, you’ll end up with charred tastes. The drip coffee machine, on the other hand, does not require this because it may be set to start brewing automatically.

Moka pot

State of Coffee In The Machine

In a Vietnam drip coffee maker, powdered coffee can be used. But in a Moka pot, you can only use medium ground beans.


The customizing choices for auto-drip machines are limited. While using a Moka pot, you can alter the strength of your coffee.

Vietnam Drip

Is Moka Pot Coffee Stronger Than Drip?

Moka pots use a pressurized system to brew coffee, similar to how espresso is made. So it’s definitely a strong brew than the Vietnam drip that boasts a milder flavor profile.

The direct Moka isn’t as fantastic as authentic espresso, but it’s a close second. It’s just as adaptable. So you can use it to make any coffee-based drink, such as a mocha, latte, lungo, or Americano.

Is Moka Pot Coffee Stronger Than Drip

Although it falls short of conventional espresso and cold brew, the Moka pot makes a vibrant and flavorful pot of coffee. It even outperforms the drip machine in terms of caffeine content.


A Moka pot is ideal for those who enjoy a bold and rich coffee. The coffee’s intensity can be adjusted. Drip coffee is the most excellent choice for families, as most children and seniors want their coffee mild. However, if you prefer a moderate cup of coffee, the Vietnam drip is the best option.

Hopefully, this article on Moka Pot vs. Vietnam Drip serves as a reference for both. So choose the best option for you and relax with a cup of coffee at home!

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