How To Remove Mold From Air Mattress

How To Remove Mold From Air Mattress?

Are you worried and at the same time frustrated that your air mattress has been infested with mold? If yes, we’re here to help. Mold and mildew are the top enemies of your air bed mattress and can give it an unpleasant odor and even cut short its lifespan. Follow these quick steps to get rid of the mold before it wreaks havoc on your air bed.

Steps For Washing Mold Off Your Air Mattress

Step 1. Take your mattress outdoors

The perfect place for cleaning your air mattress off the mold is outdoors. Look for a level surface, such as the driveway, for cleaning the mattress. Set your bed on top of a cloth, say a plastic tarp, to prepare it for cleaning. Make sure you inflate it to its full capacity to allow for easy cleaning. Inflating with a built-in pump might be your best option.

 air mattress

Step 2. Kill the mold

Next, use a soft-bristled paintbrush, toothbrush, or fingernail brush to remove the dry mold and mildew spores off your mattress completely.

Step 3. Give it a thorough clean

Make a mixture of water and white vinegar (use one cup of each component) to form a mold cleaning solution. Dip a clean sponge or piece of cloth into the mixture and use it to gently rub all over your air mattress, with more focus on areas affected by mold. When finished, rinse the water.

Flip your mattress to the other side and repeat the same cleaning process above. Remember to it rinse it off as well.


Tip: If your mattress has developed mildew, too, create a mixture of warm water plus isopropyl alcohol, and use a wet sponge dipped in the mixture to clean your mattress. Rinse it off.

Tip II: You can apply a disinfectant such as Lysol to kill any traces of mold and mildew on your air bed. Spray it on any areas where the mold has attacked your bed. Using this disinfectant will also help kill any remnant spores that could cause mold to grow in the future.

Step 4. Let it air dry

That’s it! You can now leave your mattress to dry in the open air. Let it dry in an inflated state for the best results. And don’t be in a hurry to take your mattress back inside. Let it air dry for long hours and enjoy good airflow, so you don’t take it back with moisture and encourage mold to grow all over again.

clean air mattress with air dry

Cleaning mold with commercial mattress cleaners

If you don’t like the idea of using homemade mattress cleaning solutions, then you can spend a few dollars on a stronger commercial mattress cleaner. The market has plenty of them, and you’ll be spoilt for choices.

commercial mattress cleaners

For these types of cleaners, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them to kill the mold on your mattress and leave it sparkling clean.

How To Keep Your Air Mattress from Getting Mold:

Other than looking for ways to eliminate mold on your mattress after it has already formed, how about learning how to stop it from attacking your bed in the first place?

Remove Mold From Air Mattress

Here are some crucial tips that you can follow to keep your air bed safe from mold/mildew:

Store your mattress in dry areas

One of the main reasons why mold catches up with the air mattress is storing them in a dry area. It’s a well-known fact that mold thrives in wet areas. Putting your bed in such areas will make them harbor moisture and provide excellent living conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Make sure you store your mattress in a dry place with good airflow.

mattress in dry areas

Avoid keeping it inside a plastic mattress cover

If you’re used to keeping your air bed covered with plastic bed mattress cover, this could also explain why you see molds. As you already know, plastic has poor breathability and temperature regulation. This means it won’t allow good airflow and will keep the moisture trapped inside your mattress, encouraging the growth of mold.

plastic mattress cover

Take the mattress outside regularly

You should also consider taking your aero bed at least once every 1-2 months to enjoy a fresh breath and sunlight. The sunlight will help vaporize any moisture that might have accumulated on your mattress as well as kill any mold starting to build up.

Regular cleaning

Yes, cleaning your air bed regularly will also help keep off mold, mildew and keep it smelling fresh.

Regular cleaning air mattress


Mold is the number one enemy of air mattresses and can leave it with an unpleasant smell that makes it hard for you to catch a good night’s sleep. If not removed in time, it can also weaken the mattress material and cut short its lifespan. Follow the steps in this guide to kill mold in your mattress. Don’t forget to practice the preventive tips to keep mold from attacking your bed again.

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