How To Make Cuban Coffee Without Moka Pot?

From professional athletes to everyday office workers, everyone likes their dose of caffeine. Among those, Cuban coffee is a fan favorite. Although the elderly prefer this type of coffee more, it’s popular among the younger generations as well.

Now you could ask, how to make Cuban coffee without a Moka pot?

You’ll need to follow the traditional method for this. Firstly, take dark coffee beans in a grinding machine or use traditional grinding tools to form perfectly ground coffee. 

Then brew the coffee using hot water and cover it up with a plastic cover to reduce heat loss. Finally, filter the solution and serve.

This however was a short briefing on one of the methods. Stick with this write-up for different methods and a clearer insight on this topic.

How To Make Cuban Coffee Without Moka Pot?

There are numerous ways of making the perfect cup of coffee. Some people use the famous Moka pot to prepare their coffee. However, not everyone has their own or likes to use the Moka pot.

How To Make Cuban Coffee Without Moka Pot

Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. Finding the best-detailed method for preparing your cup of coffee isn’t easy. So to make it easier, just follow the methods below to see which one suits you best.

Immersion Method Without Any Espresso Machine

Now, this might be everyone’s favorite method. Although it’s a little tedious, it is the most inexpensive and worthwhile way of having your regular dose of coffee. Let’s move into the steps you should follow:

Make Cuban Coffee

Step 1: Grind The Perfectly Dark Coffee Beans

Select perfect-shaped dark coffee beans for a stronger taste of caffeine. Then use a mortar and pestle to grind the beans. Grinding the beans manually allows you to have more control over the size of the ground beans. For this process, you would need small finely ground granules.

Step 2: Move Into The Brewing Process

Once you’ve prepared finely ground coffee using the mortar and pestle. Then pour all the granules into a cup. Boil some water on the side to move into brewing. The best part of the coffee preparation.

Once the water has come to a boil, gently pour the boiling water into the ground coffee inside the cup. Over the cup with a heat-insulating lead immediately as you want to minimize the heat loss as much as possible. 

Brewing Process

Let it sit for a few minutes as Cuban coffee tastes perfect when a cream forms on top of it.

Step 3: Filter The Coffee Solution And Serve

Once you’ve let the solution containing boiling water and coffee granules sit for a while, it’s time to filter it using a coffee filter. Pass the filtrate solution to another cup and collect the ground granules as residue which would have to be disposed of eventually.

You’re likely to notice a layer of cream forming over your coffee which is a sign of perfectly cooked coffee beans. Now sit back and enjoy your delightful cup of coffee.

Use An Espresso Machine

If you are a modern-day espresso addict then you should have an espresso machine sitting at some corner of your kitchen table. This is one of the most convenient methods of having perfectly brewed Cuban Coffee at your home. Now, let’s look at the steps you should follow, shall we?

Use An Espresso Machine

Step 1: Turn On Your Espresso Machine And Ground Coffee Beans Accordingly

If you own an espresso machine then it’s quite likely that you’d own a coffee bean grinder as well. However, in case you don’t have one, you could use the traditional mortar and pestle to grind the beans.

Espresso Machine And Ground Coffee Beans

Now pour the beans into the grinder and ground them to fine shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the espresso machine. Then flush the espresso machine a few times after turning it on and filling the reservoir with distilled water.

Step 2: Fill In The Portafilter

Grab the portafilter and add two teaspoons of brown sugar. Then dump your ground coffee into the portafilter till it’s full to the brim. Lightly tap the filter to achieve the perfect distribution of granules. Now tamp the portafilter well enough for about 30 seconds for proper mixing.

Step 3: Start Brewing And Then Serve With Style

After proper tamping, lock the portafilter onto the brew head of the espresso machine and then press the brew button. Once the brewing is done it would be indicated by the machine beeping or changing its indicator lights.

Start Brewing

Lastly, pull the shots of the portafilter to extract the Cuban coffee onto a cup. Extraction may take about 25 to 30 seconds depending on how finely the coffee was ground. Now serve the coffee with delight and style.

How Do You Make Cuban Coffee On The Stove?

If you’re one of those people who don’t want to make their coffee using the special methods given above and just want their regular cup of coffee in the simplest way possible. 

Then most likely you’re someone who prefers buying ground coffee from stores rather than getting fresh Cuban Coffee beans. This means you wouldn’t care about how fine or strong the quality of the coffee is. This is completely understandable and depends on personal preference.

How Do You Make Cuban Coffee On The Stove

The best way of making store-bought Cuban Coffee powder would be to boil some water on the stove first. Then add the powdered coffee to the boiling water on the stove and let the coffee cook and stir well.

Once it’s done and the aroma of Cuban coffee is all over your kitchen, serve in a cup. And add a smiley face to the coffee using some milk cream, will you?

Is Cuban Coffee Stronger Than Espresso?

Cuban coffee beans are dark. It tastes special as its dark looks are different from other types of coffee. However, it’s made with espresso itself. Hence, it carries the same amount of caffeine and isn’t stronger than espresso.

Is Cuban Coffee Stronger Than Espresso


Almost everyone likes Coffee. It’s like an energy drink for the majority of the population to become a superhero. However, preparing the perfect cup of coffee is like a work of art and elegance.

Furthermore, if you’ve kept your eyes on this write-up from the beginning till now then you should be able to make your Cuban coffee all by yourself without ever needing a Moka pot.

It’s been great to accompany you on your coffee-making journey. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this write-up as well and understood the importance of a high-quality coffee brewing method. Till then, keep drinking your Cuban Coffee and stay hydrated!

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