How To Make A Latte With A Moka Pot

How To Make A Latte With A Moka Pot?

You might have enjoyed drinking a cup of latte from your newest Starbucks and have thought about making a cup yourself using the Moka pot in your home. Well, you are in luck because your idea will definitely work!

In a nutshell, making the latte variant of the coffee isn’t anything complicated. All you need is to follow some extra steps while making your coffee like you usually do. Just pour the frothing milk into the pitcher of coffee and stir with a frothing spoon or wand. The latte will be formed just as easily!

So are you interested in making your first cup of latte with a Moka pot? Well, scroll down below and keep reading to learn a few more tips before you do so! 

What Type Of Milk Should You Use To Make Latte?

When making a cup of latte, the type of milk that you are going to use makes the most difference. Without the right type and amount of milk, the latte will not be a latte but instead turn into a frappe or cappuccino. 

There are three general types of milk that give the best taste in making latte- whole milk, almond milk, and oat milk. However, no matter what type of milk you are using, know that you won’t be able to use them in its original state. The milk needs to be skimmed and frothed before you can pour them over to your coffee and make a latte. 

What Type Of Milk Should You Use To Make Latte

Additional favorites may include Macedonian milk and soy milk. Although they aren’t as popular as the ones mentioned above, they can be good alternatives for those who might not want to drink the milk mentioned above due to health, cultural or allergic reasons. 

Do note that whole milk is the best when it comes to making latte due to its rich and foamy taste. It is also the easiest for making latte art. 

How To Make A Latte With A Moka Pot?

Below, we have compiled the step-by-step guide that every coffee fanatic needs to know how to make a latte with a Moka pot. The steps are simple, and as long as you already know how to make the espresso, you will find making a latte even easier. 

How To Make A Latte With A Moka Pot

Step 1: Boil

Pour hot water into the bottom chamber of the Moka pot and allow the milk to boil in a separate pot on medium heat. 

Step 2: Make The Beans

Take your pick of beans and grind them to the right amount that fills the filter of the pot. Pack them lightly and not tightly so that the ground beans would overflood. Make sure to push the brands down to spread the surface evenly.

Make The Beans

Step 3: Make Espresso

Set up the pot properly with the hot water in the bottom chamber and the coffee and filter on the top. Put the pot on high heat and watch as the coffee comes out of the filter. Remove the heat when no more coffee is left and you hear a hissing sound. 

Step 4: Make Milk

Pour hot milk on the milk frother and allow the milk to form froth. We advise you to use hand frothers since they are more effective.

Step 5: Make The Latte

Pour your espresso into a mug and milk on top of it. We recommend you follow a milk to coffee ratio of 1:4. Of course, you can also follow your own ratio with more or lower amounts of milk. Condensed milk goes well with this latte as well!

Make The Latte

Step 6: Make The Latte Art

The very reason why people love lattes so much is that it is usually accompanied by latte art on their surface. While not mandatory, if you are a professional at this you are more than welcome to draw one. You can also top with sugar if it is up to your preference.

Tips to consider when making Latte   

Latte making is an art that transcends your average espresso or black coffee. While you can use the steps mentioned above to make your cup of latte, it is necessary that you follow through with several tips that might help you become more proficient at making lattes. 

Tips to consider when making Latte   
  • Always prepare your milk while simultaneously preparing the coffee. 
  • Steam milk till it starts to look like a wet paint
  • Pour the milk from the center of the espresso
  • Do not make haste when pouring the milk. Always pour at a steady, consistent speed.
  • Use quality foam with high-fat content.


Learning how to prepare a latte with a coffee pot is a fascinating skill. What’s more, it also saves a lot of money. With the right techniques, you won’t have to spend a lot of cash on the latte from the coffee shop. Instead, you can make one and enjoy yourself!

Additionally, you can even customize the drink to fit your taste even more. Adding crushed hazelnuts and chocolate syrups are popular customization of this highly reputed drink. Try them once, and you might just want to try them again!

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