How Fine To Grind For Moka Pot

How Fine To Grind For Moka Pot?

Coffee making is an art where it is either a hit or a miss for even the most professional of baristas.  Whether it is the ratio of beans, the degree of roast, or the precision of apparatuses, they are all vital in making coffee. So do you know how fine to grind for Moka pot? 

Well, how fine you are going to grind your coffee will depend on you and the degree of roast that the beans have gone through. However, the best-considered size for a typical Moka pot is medium-fine. 

So are you ready to find out more on how to perfectly grind your coffee bean for the Moka pot? Well, scroll down to keep reading!

Why Grind Size Is Important For Moka Pot? 

Grind size for a Moka pot is indeed very important. This is because the grind size determines what type of coffee you will get to enjoy and how much caffeine the grains will be able to infuse into the drink.

Why Grind Size Is Important For Moka Pot

There are several other reasons why the grind size is important for a Moka pot. We have compiled and listed some of these reasons below as follows:

Compatibility With Brewing Machine

Most brewing machines or coffee making machines have their own grind size requirement. While all sizes will be brewed in all machine types, without the right grind size, a lot of the potential from the coffee grains will be lost.

Compatibility With Brewing Machine


Certain degrees of grind size can cause the texture and taste of the coffee to change over time. That is also the reason why dak espressos are always fine ground, whereas Moka coffees tend to be medium ground for the best possible taste. 

Ease Of Storage

The finer the coffee grain, the easier it is to store the grains. While ground coffee is typically stored in jars or packet containers, if they are not finely ground, the sharp edges of the coffee might not best fit all containers.

How Fine To Grind For Moka Pot?

If you want to fine grind for a Moka pot, you need to follow various rules and grind techniques. Do note that how you are going to grind the beans will depend on your taste and the medium of usage. 

How Fine To Grind For Moka Pot

We have compiled some of these grinding options for Moka pot along with their brewing methods in the chart below:

Grind OptionBrewing Method
CoarseFrench Press, Coffee Cupping
Extra coarseCold Brew
Medium-coarseLever Dripper, Cafe Solo Brewer
MediumPour-over Brewers
FineStovetop Espresso Maker

1. Extra Coarse And Coarse Grind

There isn’t much difference between the two other than their brewing methods since they have about 90 percent of the same coarse texture. These grinds are usually used for cold moka drinks due to the high dissolvability in cold water.  

2. Medium And Medium Coarse

The medium grind isn’t very popular among most coffee lovers. While it has a bit of a coarse texture, it has a slight sandy structure. Most instant Moka coffee drinks usually fall under this category.    

Extra Coarse And Coarse Grind

3. Fine Grind 

The fine and its medium variants are the most popular grinding types for coffee on a Moka pot. The fine grind is nothing like the coarse or standard medium grind. All the beans are round to a very minuscule level. Fine grind and medium-fine suits hot Moka coffee the best. 

Does coffee grind affect taste?

Grinding coffee has a significant effect on the overall taste of the drink. That is why many people prefer the ‘powder’ grained coffee while many prefer the coarse crystal counterparts. 

Does coffee grind affect taste

There are several factors that can contribute to how the coffee taste changes depending on the way it has been ground. However, they can all be categorized into two main parts which are as follows:

Contact, Flow, Extraction 

The surface area of your coffee grain can have a great deal of effect on the drink. The finer the grain, the greater its surface area will be. As a result, it will be able to produce a greater extraction rate. With more extraction rate, the coffee will show a greater amount of fluidity with more extraction rate upon contact with each coffee molecule.

Coffee Styles And Grain Density

The grade of grinding the coffee beans will go through are determined by what type of coffee and the style of coffee you want to drink. For instance, coarse crystal coffee grains are more suited for cold cafes while finer ones are best for hot coffee drinks. Additionally, different blends of different grain sizes and densities can also further alleviate the taste or change it to something completely new. 

Coffee Styles And Grain Density


Coffee is a beloved drink throughout the world that is the result of hundreds of years of human culinary production. While making instant coffee isn’t anything hard, professional ones that require you to know how fine to grind for Moka pot can be a tedious job requiring years of practice and dedication. 

While going to your local Starbucks can be the best-case scenario to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, there is no source of self-satisfaction other than making your own cup of Moka coffee.             

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