How Does A Moka Pot Work

How Does A Moka Pot Work?

Moka has been part of the vast coffee culture for decades now. However, it is not easy to make without the moka pot. So if you fancy yourself a cup of the perfect Moka coffee, this article has got you covered on everything related to how does a moka pot work?

First thing first, moka is one of the most popular variations of coffee that is made by using the moka pot. Since the extraction of coffee carried out by the pot is similar to espresso machines, the pot is often called a stovetop espresso maker.  

So are you interested to know more about moka pots? Well then, scroll down and keep reading patiently!

Why Is It Called A Moka Pot?

Moka is synonymous with mocha coffee, which involves using a special espresso machine called the Moka pot. If we are talking about the origin of the name, we will need to delve deep into specific historical points.

The name of the pot and the coffee is derived from the city of Mocha in Yemen. Italian coffee enthusiast Alfonso Bialetti first made the coffee in 1993. 

Why Is It Called A Moka Pot

However, it is believed that the product may have been inspired by a specific coffee from Mocha in Yemen. As such, the name Moka stuck to the Moka pot.

How Does A Moka Pot Work?

The Moka pot is an essential piece of equipment used to make freshly ground coffee beans for a cup of Moka coffee. The pot comes with several features. If you want to find out how exactly the pot works, you need first to understand its technicalities and the many features that it carries. 

Moka Pot

Main Body

The main body of the Moka pot is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum along with a non-porous finish. This metal frame can perfectly produce excellent insulation to the boiling water inside. Additionally, it is made to be non-corrosive so that the slightly acidic coffee cannot affect the pot. 


The bottom part of the pot is used for preparations. It uses a cradle with a pipe to control the water flow needed when making the coffee and the water that needs to be discharged.

How Does A Moka Pot Work

Valve At the Bottom

The bottom chamber that is responsible for preparing the water features a valve. The valve comes together with a heating element that heats up or boils the water you will use to make your coffee. 

Pressure Control

The middle chamber, which is also the most prominent chamber, is responsible for controlling the amount of pressure required during the entire process. They help absorb the boiled water so that the coffee grains can expand. Additionally, a metal filter allows the extracted coffee oil to get up while the residue will remain below. 

A Moka Pot Work

Outward Valve

When most of the water has boiled and the coffee oils extracted from the beans, a sputtering sound signal is used to indicate that the Moka coffee has been produced. They are then stored in the top chamber. When you pour the coffee over a cup, the fluid escapes through a valve present at the top.

Do Moka Pots Explode?

While they aren’t very hazardous in nature, moka pots are indeed potential carriers of explosions. The root cause behind these explosions is possible pent-up pressure that might accumulate inside the pot. 

Additional causes can also include jammed vents and valves. This can cause the boiling water not to have a good flow inside. This phenomenon is also called hard water jamming. 

Moka Pot

If you want to decrease the chances of your moka pot going through an explosion, you can take several safety measures. We have compiled some of these tips below:

  • Don’t use powder that has been ground incredibly fine. 
  • Don’t push down the tamp container of your coffee maker pot.
  • Do not overfill with water.
  • Check for hard water formations.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of burn.
  • Avoid buying cheaper pot products.

Is A Moka Pot Worth It?  

We have already mentioned how beneficial having a moka pot is for any person. For someone who doesn’t have time for formal barista training, moka pots solve the problem of making the moka coffee on hand. Therefore it is definitely worth it. 

Is A Moka Pot Worth It

However, do note that authentic moka pots can be slightly expensive. This is because manufacturers pour a lot of details behind the technology of the pot’s creation. You are advised to buy the pot only if you have a lot of expendable income or are someone who knows how to enjoy life with a limited planned budget. 

Can You Use Regular Coffee In A Moka Pot?

While moka pots are meant to make mocha coffees, they aren’t necessarily used only for a specific coffee bean or blend. 

Can You Use Regular Coffee In A Moka Pot

In fact, you can use any regular ground coffee on a moka pot and get the instantaneous result of a first-class coffee, provided that you know how to make the perfect cup of coffee.  


Moka coffee is one of the most popular coffees among coffee consumers globally. Ever since it was first created and sold, it has been synonymous with premium coffee with a distinctive taste that is quite uncommon. 

Well, if you are someone who has picked up a self-interest in moka coffee, it is inevitable that you will be curious about how does a Moka pot work. Well, with this article, you would surely have gotten all your queries answered. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on with mastering the art of coffee making. Not only is it a great hobby, but it can also make you popular with your friends. 

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