Featherbed topper vs memory foam

Featherbed Topper Vs Memory Foam

talk of added support, coziness, and softness.

The two most common materials used for mattress toppers include featherbed and memory foam. Knowing which material to choose will help meet your needs for extra comfort and quality sleep.

In this post, we’ll look at how the two types of mattress toppers compare and the upside and downside of each to help you choose wisely.

Featherbed topper

Featherbed Topper

Featherbed, also referred to as a feather, describes toppers made from…yes, you guessed it right, bird feathers. You can think of these toppers as a duvet that comes stuffed with feathers. These toppers deliver a luxurious softness but tend to offer less support. If you’re allergic to feathers, you might want to avoid these toppers. Vegans, vegetarians, or any individual concerned with animals’ rights might want to look for other options.


  • Superior softness
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t affect your mobility in bed
  • Less expensive than memory foam


  • Feather shafts might poke through the topper fabric
  • Can become noisy and crinkly
  • Feathers might compress overtime; period shaking required
  • Might be allergic to some people
  • Not easy to clean

Memory foam topper

Memory Foam

Memory foam topper features a polyurethane with chemically enhanced density. Toppers made from this material are highly popular and come in an extensive range of densities and thicknesses to give you multiple options to choose from. They excel in delivering exceptional cushioning and support, making them the perfect choice for the ultimate comfort.


  • Boosts the support of an aged, sagging mattress
  • Feels soft and comfortable
  • Reduces pressure on sore or arthritic joints
  • Helps reduce motion for tossing, turning bed partners
  • Easy to wash


  • Hangs on the higher end of the price ladder
  • High heat retention; can become really hot
  • New toppers produce odor
  • Limits your mobility in bed

Featherbed Topper Vs Memory Foam: Key differences

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the two types of toppers, it’s time to compare them side by side and discover where the line is drawn between.

Memory Foam Topper

The key differences between the two toppers occur in the following aspects.

The material

This is the major difference between the two models of mattress toppers. Whereas the memory foam toppers are manmade, the feather toppers are made from natural sources. The memory foams are made using different types of foams and feature multiple layers, while the featherbed toppers are made from naturally sourced items—cotton and birth feathers.

Heat retention

The memory foam material is breathable, meaning it will easily dissipate heat. The opposite is true for feathers. They tend to retain heat, resulting in a lot of heat buildup over time. For this reason, you might want to go with feather toppers for winter weather. Memory foam toppers will work for both summer and winter.

Featherbed Topper


Another key difference between the two toppers is the overall weight. Memory foam toppers usually feel heavier than feather toppers due to the thick and multiple layers used to make them. Cotton and feathers are generally light, which explains the lightweight nature of

Toppers made from the same.


Memory foam takes the crown for the great support they offer you compared to the featherbed toppers.

Memory Foam


If you want to achieve a firm feel on your bed, you should consider getting a memory foam mattress topper. It brings some extra firmness to your bed, making it suitable for people with spinal pain or any body aches. This is unlike featherbed toppers, which don’t do much to meet your firmness needs. However, most memory foam mattresses are compressible at home.

Featherbed topper vs. memory foam: Which one should you choose?

Memory form topper ticks the best for the best topper for excellent support for your sleeping posture, breathability, and easy cleaning. Featherbed topper takes the crown for luxurious softness and comfort. However, it scores low on support and firmness. It also lacks breathability and might make it feel too hot in your bed in warmer months. By weighing these key cases, you should easily decide which mattress topper is the best for you.

Featherbed topper vs. memory foam


A mattress topper is a small investment that can go a long way in offering you extra support, softness, and comfort, the perfect set of ingredients for catching a good night’s sleep. We have just broken down the good and the bad of featherbed and memory foam toppers to help you make a more informed decision on which of the two types of toppers will meet your needs for extra comfort and better sleep.

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