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Cane Sizing: How to Measure For a Walking Cane?

The incorrect cane length will not be of much help and might even prove unsafe for you to use, whether you’re using it for support or to boost your walking capabilities.

You need to get a cane that perfectly fits you for you to enjoy its benefits. Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all for walking canes, so you must learn how to determine the perfect height of cane for you.

The following guide will teach you how to easily measure for a walking cane to ensure it offers you the best stability and balance.

Learn how to size a walking cane with cane size chart:

When talking about can size, we’re simply referring to its height. As we have just mentioned above, there’s no specific height of walking cane. The right cane size for you usually depends on your specific body height.

Learn how to size a walking cane

How tall should a cane be?

The average height of a walking cane is 36 inches. If you consider yourself an average height person (most men fall in the 68 to 71 inches’ height range), then this size cane will most likely fit you well.

This average size explains why most canes are usually manufactured or adjusted to a length of 36 inches. Also, if you order a cane without specifying the size, they’ll most likely send you a 36-inch cane.

If you’re ordering your cane online and you’re not the average height person, you’ll need to specify what size you need. If you don’t, they will automatically assume a 36-inch cane is good for you.

How tall should a cane be

You can easily estimate the perfect size for you by using the following cane height chart:

Body Height: Correct cane size:
76 to 79 inches37 inches
72 to 75 inches36 inches
68 to 71 inches35 inches
64 to 67 inches34 inches
60 to 63 inches33 inches
56 to 59 inches32 inches

To come up with this chart, we use a cane height calculator that works like this:

For every 3 inches that you are under the suggested height ranges in the chart, your ideal cane length should drop by an inch.

Example: The cane height for 4’11 (i.e. 59 inches), the height lies in the 56 to 59 inches. therefore, the estimated can height is 32 inches.

However, keep in mind that this cane size chart only gives you the estimates based on your body height range and it’s always a better idea to measure yourself for a walking cane as explained in the next section.

What size cane do I need?

You can simply use a tape measure to get the exact size of cane you need. The good thing about this method compared to using the sizing chart is that you’ll get a more accurate measurement.

What size cane do I need

Grab your tape measure and follow these steps to come up with the right size of cane for you:

Step 1. Stand up straight

You should try to stand up as much as possible to ensure the most precise measurement. If possible, try standing up against a wall to help you maintain a straight posture when taking the measurement.

It is most likely that you’ll be using your new cane with your walking shoes on, so we suggest that you put them on when taking up the measurement so that you can account for their size as well.

Step 2. Relax your arms

Now that you’re standing in an upright position, you need to let your arms hang straight down at your side and with a natural (slight) bend at the elbow.

Relax your arms

Step 3. Take the measurement

You’ll need an extra pair of hands for this step. let the person you’re working with take the tape measure and take the measurement from the floor you’re standing on all the way up to the first crease on the inside of your wrist.

The resulting measurement is the exact size of cane you should order.

Watch the following video from one of the top walking stick manufacturers explaining how to measure for a cane.

Other ways to determine the size of cane:

While the above method is the general procedure for measuring up for a walking cane, there are some exceptions that you should keep in mind as discussed below.

size of cane

How to measure for cane if you hunch over

If you happen to have a condition that doesn’t allow you to stand up straight, then you’ll need to adjust the above method slightly to get the perfect walking g cane size for you.

How to measure for cane if you hunch over

Measure the distance from the floor you’re standing on up to where your wrist is as you walk. Remember to have your walking shoes for more accurate measurement.

Dividing your body height by half

If getting an accurate size is proving difficult for you, an easier way to determine the right size involves measuring your full body height and then dividing it by half. Your cane size will lie within an inch of the number you get.

Dividing your body height by half

For instance:

if you’re measuring the cane height for 6 foot man, first convert the height to inches.

6′ equals 72 inches

Divide 72 height by a half to get 36 inches

Round off the number to the nearest half-inch. I.e., add 0.5 inches to 36 inches to get 36.5 inches

The estimated cane size for you is 36.5 inches.

If you have an existing cane

What if you already have an existing cane and you’re simply looking for a replacement or someone asked for your cane size? Well, in this case, you can simply measure the old cane to get the right size.

If you have an existing cane

Be sure to measure your old cane from the bottom of the tip to the top of the handle and round of the resulting number to the nearest half of an inch.

Get professional sizing

If none of the above methods seems to help with your cane sizing needs, the final option is to pay your physician or physical therapist a visit. They’ll easily prescribe the perfect size that will give you the right balance and stability and support your body weight.

Alternatively, you can walk into a local medical supply store and ask the sales associate to help you find the right cane for you.

The best part about getting professional help is that you’ll also get additional advice on the right cane material, handle shape, and type of grip to choose for your cane.

How do you adjust length for a walking stick?

A variety of the canes on the market today come with a height-adjustable mechanism. This means you can freely increase or decrease their height to meet your needs and requirements.

This type of stick is advantageous because you don’t have to go through the hassle of measuring for the correct can size. You can easily adjust to the perfect size after ordering. It also enables you to test out divergent heights to see which one feels most comfortable for you.

How do you adjust length for a walking stick

Here are quick, easy steps on how to adjust the length of your cane to a proper user height:

Step 1: Before adjusting the cane, make sure you have the shoes you’ll be wearing when using the walking stick on.

Step 2: Stand up straight on a flat, hard surface and let your arms hang loosely at your side. You should have your walking stick on the opposite side of your injury (though you can use it on the same side in some cases).

Step 3: Bring up the height of your cane so that the handle’s top portion touches your wrist. You can ask someone to help you to ensure more precision. Your elbows should have a slight bend of around 15-20 degrees when using the cane, so be sure to account for this.

Step 4: Now that you have measured your height, the next step is to set the adjustable stick to this height. Most sticks come with anti-rattle collar which you should loosen by rotating it counterclockwise for easy adjustments.

Step 5: Press the push button for the adjustment mechanism and then slide the lower tube extension up or down until the button fully pops through the adjustment hole at the correct height. Your can should let out an audible click when the correct height is set.

Step 6: With the cane in the correct height setting, it is now time to tighten the anti-rattle collar to lock the height into position. This time, you ought to turn the color clockwise to tighten it.

Final Thoughts

The perfect fitting cane for you should come up to your wrist when you’re in an upright posture and your arms in a relaxed position at your side. This sizing will give room for the elbow to slightly bend for a custom-fitting cane.

If you’re ordering online, you can use a sizing chart to estimate the right size for you. If you’re buying in the store, you can try out different. ultimately, finding an adjustable height cane will help you easily adjust it to suit your body height needs.

We hope that you have found the above information and tips helpful for choosing the correct cane height for you.

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