Best Sheets for Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds

10 Best Sheets for Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds 2021

Nothing can beat the feeling of coming home after a long exhaustive day to your Tempurpedic adjustable bed.

We can already imagine the energy you drain in this bustling life each day. So who would not hate the moment when the sheet relentlessly comes off at the corner during your goodnight sleep? Having to wake up wrapped in the bedsheet is not the way you wanted to start the day, is it?

That is what this review guide is solely dedicated to helping you find the best sheets for Tempurpedic adjustable beds you own.

You will be able to decide from ranges of selections with variable prices. Let us overcome this challenge and aim for comfort by reading the guide below..

Best Sheets for Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds

Uninterrupted sleep is the best way to ensure an overall healthy mental and physical being. The following tempurpedic sheets reviews will allow you to understand the ins and outs of each product to choose carefully.

1. California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Full-Size Bed Sheets, Pure White

California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Full-Size Bed Sheets, Pure White

If you ask us who produces the best sheets for tempurpedic bed, we will say, California Design Den. The ultra-soft and buttery 100% staple cotton avails in multiple sizes for you to select from.

It is not just the flat sheet and the fitted sheet you will get to enhance comfortability. The dual cases will additionally make sure the pillows are crisp and ready to slip into.

This eco-friendly product will serve a soft feeling for the rest of your life. Since this one comes in the 400-thread count with an exquisite sateen weave, you know you will not be able to resist but fully rest after a long day.

There are plenty of colors and patterns you can choose if white is not the one you seek. Need I say the number of optional sheet sets there are? You also have some sheets for purple mattresses.

What we mean is from the Tempurpedic bed size to colors and size, you will have a variety of selections of very breathable cotton sheets. Furthermore, it is more tempting to go for this unit when you can own it at a reasonable price.


  • Comes with foot side indicator
  • Organic breathable cotton
  • Elasticized deep pockets for tight-fitting
  • Lightweight, soft, and smooth
  • Long-lasting even after several washes
  • Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases
  • Resistant to wrinkle and allergies


  • Sizes may slightly vary despite the same measure

2. Southshore Fine Linens Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set, Steel Gray

Southshore Fine Linens Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set, Steel Gray

This product is all about microfiber and its advantages. Not all microfiber materials shrink upon washing. SouthShore Fine Linens is a good example of such fabrics.

What do we expect from a sheet set besides quality? We hope that we sleep well and wake up with a fresh and happy mental state. You will have it all with this extra-deep pocketed set.

It is easy to maintain, non-fading color along with European envelope enclosure style pillowcases. The overall product shows superior craftsmanship once you get your hands on it.

The color chart is all about solid colors that usually match the room interiors. You will have an amazing choice of sizes too. That gives you the benefit of acquiring many sheets for your adjustable bed.

However, it seems the 110 GSM double brushed fabric tend to be less breathable despite being very soft. It could result in occasional light sweating.

We understand this is not what the consumers want at all. Our advice is to use it during the winter seasons for better results.


  • Premium-grade 6-piece bedding
  • 21-inch deep pocket
  • Extra soft and durable fabric
  • Varieties of options
  • Shrink resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Luxurious and elegant appearance


  • Less breathable

3. CGK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set, Light Blue

CGK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set, Light Blue

Many people are seeking the right kind of bedsheets and are failing to do so; this is for them. The name is a bit unfamiliar, but the linen quality is what we always dream of; luxuriously soft!

It is priced simply according to the quality and number of items the product incorporates, which is six. Users who have utilized this whole unit have even compared the fabric to Egyptian cotton.

These King-sized microfiber sheets are something to behold. As a result of their extreme comfort and reliability, the CGK Unlimited is probably the ideal choice for the best sheets for Tempurpedic mattress.

The color options are very unique that brightens up the room by just being exquisite. This brushed microfiber is of the highest quality, making the sheets ultra-breathable and silky soft.

Let us hope that you get the will to get off the bed in the morning because this thing will drag you back down, such relaxing sheets! It is an incredible choice of gifts as well.

You will have a hard time resisting not buying more than one set.


  • Made from supreme quality microfiber yarns
  • Deep pockets to fit easy
  • Suitable for any room or present
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Affordable
  • Includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and four pillowcases
  • Soft and fine fabric for regular use


  • Very thin layer

4. Nestl Deep Pocket Split King Sheets, Charcoal Stone Gray

Nestl Deep Pocket Split King Sheets, Charcoal Stone Gray

Here is another product made from a microfiber material that offers great softness as compared with silk.

Either you are looking for convenient colors or pockets deep enough to fit, these are some amazing adjustable bed sheets for split king size. It has a thread count of 1800.

This alone describes the fabric as outstandingly soft with color fading resistance. Plus, those who suffer from allergies and require a specific type of linens will greatly benefit from this product.

What we loved the most about this brand are the fitted sheets they make with such elasticity that no matter how much you adjust your bed, the thing will not shift. Moreover, you get to choose from about forty-four soothing and vibrant colors!

The only drawback is the pilling of the fabric after the initial machine wash. As snug as they are, the pill appearance does seem a little annoying. The good news is not all sheets do not end up this way.


  • 1800-thread count for durability
  • Non-fading colors
  • Hotel-quality woven fabric
  • Very cozy to sleep in
  • Deep pocket design with 14-16-inch depth
  • Prevent allergens, dust, mites, pet dander buildups
  • All-around elastic


  • Forms pilling

5. California Design Den 600-Thread-Count Bed Sheet Set, Ivory

California Design Den 600-Thread-Count Bed Sheet Set, Ivory

Here is another product from the California Design Den, but it offers a thread count of 600. While the first product was extraordinary, this one does vary a little in quality.

Its overall cotton materials will ensure everything just the way you want, from smooth and crisp feeling to the elasticized deep pockets for the perfect fit. This also makes the sheets very easy to breathe in order to reduce restlessness.

The problem we found was in durability. As incredibly eco-friendly as the product is, there is a tendency of tears around the hems after several washes.

On the other hand, it comes with features like low shrinkage, no-pilling, and non-defecting colors. Speaking of which, there are not many colors you can choose from.

However, each color is very soothing to the eyes and matches the room décor without even trying. The best thing about this model is, no matter how much you adjust the Tempurpedic beds— the fitted sheets will stay in their place.


  • Very smooth, soft, and fresh feel
  • Each wash increases the softness
  • Breathable, best for all seasons
  • Elasticized deep pockets fit perfectly
  • Includes indicator on the fitted bottom sheet
  • 600-thread count increases comfort over time


  • Not durable for more than a couple of years

6. Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets, White

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets, White

If you are not keen on spending much but wish for sheet sets, then here is one option. It comes with a thread count ofabout 1500.

You can find the unit in arrays of colors, including pure white. Here is the thing, though, this brand makes the sheets from part bamboo and part microfiber, with microfiber being the most in percentage.

So, if you are more into cotton, we suggest this might not do well in your favor. But the set is hypoallergenic. This alone makes it a useful unit for people with sensitive skin.

Also, they are easy to maintain and prevent wrinkles, stain, or fade. Quite sturdy in that case. 

All these aspects, yet the product lost its grip on popularity. There is only one reason for this negative impact. A lot of the consumers had the same problem; each of them woke up drenched in sweat.

Now this tells us that the exceeded microfiber materials were not such a good idea if mixed up with bamboos.


  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • High-quality materials for the linens
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain-resistant
  • Prevents wrinkles and color fading
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Reasonable priced


  • Sheets are barely breathable

7. Empyrean Bedding 6 Piece Cal King Sheets, Teal Blue

Empyrean Bedding 6 Piece Cal King Sheets, Teal Blue

There is a reason why Empyrean Bedding can be seen almost everywhere when you search for quality and durability — it provides both and more delightful features.

There are some incredibly stunning colors you can choose from, for starters. Each color results in either brightening up the room or altering the interior entirely with the luxurious hue.

You will be able to find the desired size for the adjustable beds and pillows quite easily. It includes a flat sheet anda fitted sheet with pockets deep enough to fit perfectly all around the corner due to the strong elasticity.

The four pillowcases with high-end material merely ensure your head receives relaxation in the most comfortable position. That being said, each sheet offers supreme quality microfiber that is double brushed for utmost softness.

It also indicates the materials are absorbent even during the hottest weather. So if you want to continue experiencing such quality for a long period, we suggest washing it in a machine with cold water and tumble dry on low.

This will help reduce wrinkle, shrink, fade, or stain.


  • Hypoallergenic; anti-bacterial
  • Resistant to pilling and snagging
  • Prevents dust mites, color fades, wrinkles, shrinking
  • Gorgeous color palette selection
  • Very durable and breathable
  • Pet-friendly
  • Hotel-style sumptuous comfort and buttery-smooth


  • Some may experience slight sweating

8. Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, White

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, White

What gives the bedding units the most luxurious and sateen-like feel? There is no doubt about it when it comes to the mighty Egyptian cotton material.

It is because these material based sheet sets will definitely hit the spot and melt your heart. Easily put, you will feel the soft and snug quality the moment you lie down after a hard day.

So, thanks to Mayfair Linen for weaving this soft, simple, but incredibly cozy set that you can fit your mattress any day of any season. The thread count of 800 alone gives you the idea of how soft and durable the sheets feel in real.  

Even the pillows will help increase healthy sleeping patterns due to the cotton covers. You will be able to indulge yourself in the splendor of lavish products right at your home. The classy tailored look, in fact, assures magnificence as well as long-term usability. Each color, though, not too many to confuse you, provides a warm and cool tone to the interior once set up.


  • Crafted from high-grade Egyptian cotton
  • Enables uninterrupted sleeping habit
  • Deep pockets
  • Very silky and soft feel
  • Can be used all year round
  • Easy to wash
  • Very durable


  • Expensive

9. Empyrean Bedding 4Piece King Sheet Sets, White

Empyrean Bedding 4Piece King Sheet Sets, White

Call us crazy, but this here is one of the best sheets for tempur pedic bed that we could not get enough of; absolute heavenly!

From the lightweight flat sheet, fitted sheet to the king-sized pillowcases to increase comfort, everything you need in a premium sheet set is right here.

The microfiber crafted fabric is methodically double brushed on both sides for an ultra-smooth experience. Its fitted sheet offers some deeply woven pockets with all around elasticity.

Furthermore, there are four additional elastic straps in each corner for a snug and secure fitting. This makes sure the sheet stays put day and night. It also ensures the sheets do not cling to you as you sleep.

There are about fourteen colors and five sizes you can select according to your taste. Each shade blends easily with whichever room you have the adjustable bed.

The richness does not end just here. It is a great option for those with allergies and pets. This machine-washable product allows you to sleep tight without feeling any allergens clung to the bedding.

In short, the Empyrean Bedding of 4-piece King size sheet set will create soft, cool to touch sleeping capability that is unforgettable.


  • Extremely comfortable fabric
  • Made from supreme quality microfiber
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Known for long-lasting uses
  • Offers exclusively vibrant color shades
  • Easy maintenance
  • Deep elasticized pockets with corner straps


  • Too large pillowcases

10. Royal Hotel 650-Thread-Count Bed Sheets, White

Royal Hotel 650-Thread-Count Bed Sheets, White

There are a lot of troubles in acquiring the right kind of cotton sheet sets for Split-king-sized Tempurpedic mattresses. Unfortunately, it is the same case for this item as well.

We wish we could give you something more than just the hypoallergenic aspects. The cotton blend materials should have been very soft at the touch. Our disappointment was unwavering at the coarse quality of the fabric.

Of course, you can get this product in multiple colors, but some colors tend to have different shade than expected. The 650 thread counts are a good start, though.

It indicates durability at its best. Our only bitter question was, what is the point of robustness if the quality value does not let you sleep in peace? Keeping that in mind, we had no choice but to put this item as our final option.

We believe this is what happens when you attempt blending pure cotton with polyester. On the contrary, the deep pockets associated with the fitted sheet are remarkably convenient.

Our favorite part is, however, no matter the number of times you put it in the washing machine, the fabric hardly shows any sign of creases.  


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Deep pockets with all around elasticity
  • Offers various color selection
  • Easy to maintain


  • Uncomfortably rough

What to Look for Before Buying?

When looking for adjustable bed sheets, one must remember to consider the following factors so that you do no end up buying the wrong stuff.

Fabric Material

How do you like the sheets for Tempurpedic mattress to be? The most elegant and luxurious Egyptian cotton is quite smooth.

If you want to opt for more affordable sheet sets, there are the basic polyester blends. However, you might find something in-between the cotton and silk to aid your restless sleep.

Sheets for Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds

Microfiber bed sheets are designed to be more breathable and softer than other synthetics. We have to say, though, nothing is supreme than the Egyptian cotton despite the price.

Thread Count

You must have noticed in the Tempurpedic sheet reviews above that each product contains a certain thread count.

In case you do not know, thread count is the number of yarns found in length and crosswise within a one-inch square portion of the whole fabric.

So what does that tell us? The higher the thread count you read, the better durability and quality the sheets will possess.

For instance, if the thread counts are more than 250, you will not need a replacement anytime soon. In fact, the thing will last for years, even after numerous washes.


This feature happens to be very useful when trying to acquire the fitted sheets. It means the adjustable bed sheets offer elastic bands at each corner to prevent the linens from coming off.

Sheets for Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds

The elasticity is optional but something to consider when buying the comfortable sheets for Tempurpedic adjustable beds.

Bed Measurements

Can you guess the size of your bed? Nobody remembers these things anyway. However, it is of imperative significance that you measure that Tempurpedic bed of yours before shopping the sheets.

Keep in mind that some low priced/quality sheets claim to suit certain bed measurements, but they vary slightly upon trying on the bed.

The solution to this tricky matter is to go for fitted sheets with pockets deep enough and all-around elasticity to provide a perfect fit.


The recent activities around the globe have recorded the majority of the population with allergic properties. Most of these allergies are related to dust-mites and such.

So, we advise considering sheet sets that are repellent to mites and do not let pollens and pet hair settle on the fabric.


If you are not sure what a set in general consists of, then here is an idea; two pillowcases, two fitted sheets, and a top sheet.

That is the basic rule of a 5-pack set. However, it could improvise in number, depending on the brands.


If you are keen on a theme with unique styles, then you are in luck! Although most of the cotton sheets come in plain colors that go with your bedrooms, there are some with floral patterns you can pick.

This is entirely up to you since you know better what pattern/style will best match your room and other accessories. Feel free to go beyond common colors!

Some sheet sets, nevertheless, come with a set color theme where you will not be able to exchange a single color for another.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need special sheets for an adjustable bed?

Yes, these adjustable beds are movable, which causes the sheet to move along. Therefore, you will require special ones that stay secured to the mattress no matter how many times you adjust the Tempurpedic bed.

2. How do you put sheets on an adjustable bed?

It is just as same as putting any regular sheets. The only thing you have to make sure of is if the elastic edges of the pockets are deep enough to hold the whole thing on the mattress.

You can even use fasteners or sheet straps to prevent bunching and stay snug to the bed despite the movement. 

3. What are the best sheets for a Tempurpedic mattress?

We really liked Empyrean Bedding 4Piece King Sheet Sets and California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Full-Size Bed Sheets for their soft cotton fabric- according to our opinion.

Another personal favorite is the CGK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set, which also sets the example of comfort within budget.

4. What sheets work best for adjustable beds?

We highly recommend any brand that provides premium Egyptian cotton and 100% regular cotton linens. If they do not cause wrinkles or do not come off at the corners, you are in the right hands.

5. How do I keep the sheets soft after multiple washes?

It is better to apply a fabric softener during the wash. Also, let the sheet dry on the line. Besides, you can give two washes a try as well.

Many have taken home remedies as a secondary solution, too, such as Epsom salt, borax, or salt usage to soften the sheets.

6. How often should I wash the cotton bed sheets?

Cotton sheets tend to collect dirt and dust since we use them every day. So it is natural to wash them at least once a week or once in two weeks.

Final Words

To conclude, we hope our review guide for the best sheets for tempurpedic adjustable beds comes in handy upon your needs.

In this busy and hectic world, sleeping in comfort is the only remedy we tend to cling to. So let us not compromise that right by getting cheap quality products. Sleep tight!

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