Best Pillow for Scoliosis

10 Best Pillow for Scoliosis Reviews in 2022

Scoliosis is the medical condition that causes the spine to curve on one side. While everyone suffers through different levels of pain, and some don’t, it can be quite difficult when it comes to sleeping.

And so, the best pillow for scoliosis is essential for every patient. Although it might be challenging to find one that you can use for years, if you remember your preferences and understand where it hurts more, it is a big step ahead towards a good night’s sleep.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best quality pillows for you to choose as well as a guide to help you make the decision. You deserve a good rest, so keep on reading!

Best Pillow for Scoliosis

Here are some of the top pillows that will help to relieve your ache, improve posture, etc. Everyone is different, and we have kept that in mind with our list.

1. UTTU Sandwich Pillow

UTTU Sandwich Pillow

A good comfortable pillow is extremely important when sleeping with scoliosis. It helps maintain a good posture and provides a relaxed good night’s sleep. And this pillow is serving all that.

With a soft, smooth cover of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester, it absorbs all the moisture. Whether you are sweating in your sleep, or it is an uncomfortable hot, humid night, you will be getting a comfortable fresh night’s sleep because of it.

Along with that, the pillow’s unique shape matches the natural curve of one’s neck, so it doesn’t add any pressure to your body or posture while sleeping. This is great for people with scoliosis who have trouble adjusting or aligning their vertebrae in different positions.

Moreover, the UTTU DYNAMIC FOAM ensures a soft and comfortable feeling under any weather or seasons. Be it the scorching heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter, this pillow is here to provide you with the utmost level of comfort year-round, without turning hard.

Besides that, you are getting the flexibility of being able to adjust the height of the pillow by removing the layers. It has an original high and low contour of 4.7 inches and 3.9 inches, which you can change to 3.5 inches high and 2.8 inches low contour.


  • Covers absorb moisture for a fresh night’s sleep
  • Adjustable height
  • Foam maintains softness all-year long
  • Designed and shaped to match the natural curve of one’s cervix
  • Great for maintaining spine alignment


  • Smells right out of the box

2. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows have been the hype for many years now. They are great for neck, backache, or just for a comfortable night’s sleep. And with that comes its association as a scoliosis pillow.

With its ergonomic design and safe, good quality materials, this memory foam pillow checks all the boxes to give you a relaxed, peaceful sleep every time. It aligns not only the vertebrae but also the cervix, head, and shoulder as well.

As a result, it helps to correct your posture and position while relieving the soreness. It works great for all – side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Besides, the foam is breathable and soft, so it remains cool and fresh in summer and doesn’t turn firm in winter. Along with that, the pillowcase contains a hypoallergic polyester proprietary blend, which protects against dust mites.

Without a doubt, it is a great form of remedy to the aches caused by scoliosis and works as a therapeutic element as well. The materials used for construction are also completely safe and chemical-free.


  • Helps to align the vertebrae, cervix, head, and shoulder
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Made of breathable chemical-free materials
  • Protects against dust mites
  • Ergonomic design and shape


  • Might take some time to get used to it
  • Difficult to remove the inner case

3. UTTU Sandwich Pillow King Size

UTTU Sandwich Pillow King Size

From the company we have already reviewed, this is the king-size version to help you sleep in any scoliosis sleeping position. It also contains the same great qualities to love as the previous version.

The pillow measures 27.6 inches in length, 15.7 inches in width, and 4.7 inches in height. You can easily adjust the height by removing the memory foam layer down by 2.8 inches low contour and 3.5 inches high contour.

Its 4.7 inches high contour is its original height and is great for a side sleeper, whereas its low contour of 3.9 inches is great for stomach and back sleepers. You can, of course, test out the heights and find out which is ideal for you.

Like its previous model, this one also has its unique UTTU DYNAMIC FOAM, which stays firm and comfortable no matter how much time passes and provides proper support to your cervix to help get rid of the cervical and shoulder aches.

Besides, its cover, made of bamboo viscose, is cool and fresh, ensuring a deep relaxation and comfort you always wished for during sleeping. The case or cover is also machine washable, so cleaning is definitely not a hassle.


  • Adjustable heights for side, stomach, and back sleepers
  • Provides support to the cervix to reduce shoulder and cervical aches
  • Cool and fresh viscose bamboo covers
  • Machine washable covers
  • Maintains constant firmness


  • May have issues fitting king size pillow covers
  • Have to keep it out in the open long for the smell to go away

4. iDOO Knee Pillow

iDOO Knee Pillow

Backache has undeniably become a common problem among people, and it makes life much harder in a lot of different ways. And when it comes to people with scoliosis, backache is kind of a given.

So, for side sleepers, what you can do is get a knee pillow like this one. It helps to support your back and hip, provide comfortability while sleeping, and improve the posture. This, as a result of continuous use, may actually prove to relieve one completely of the aching!

The pillow has a cooling gel layer where you put your knees, which act as a non-slip gripping element. It also stays cool all the time, adding to the comfort. You can also attach it to yourself using the straps.

Thanks to these cotton straps, you can conveniently adjust it to your knee or in between your legs. They are breathable, adjustable and you can also wash them in the machine along with the cover.

Made from high quality and durable memory foam, it measures 9.8 inches in length, 6.3 inches in height, and 7.9 inches in width entirely. Along with that, its ergonomic and contoured design is perfect for helping keep the spine in alignment.


  • Boasts an attached cooling gel
  • Comes with adjustable cotton straps
  • Great for keeping the spine in alignment
  • Features an ergonomic and contoured design
  • Made of high-quality memory foam


  • Pillow may be on the softer side
  • May feel uncomfortable to people with bigger legs

5. Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow

Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow

As someone with scoliosis, you might have tried multiple pillows to get relief from the aching. But have you tried a bed wedge pillow yet? You might be familiar with them because of their use after surgery or during pregnancy.

However, they have great use for people with chronic back, cervical or hip aches as well. Its triangular shape provides a straight alignment on your body, which improves blood circulation.

And as a result, the sore or strained muscles on your neck or back causing the aches, get enough blood circulation to heal quickly. So, the sores go away much quicker than most other pillows for scoliosis.

Besides that, it also helps to relax and recover from fatigue, heartburn, etc. Plus, it provides even more comfortability with its non-slip grip as you don’t need to adjust it often.

This makes them a great pillow to use while reading or working at your desk. It is 25 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 12 inches in height. It also comes with washable and breathable covers.


  • Great for people with chronic back, cervix, or hip pain
  • Helps to relax, recover from fatigue, heartburn, etc.
  • Its triangular shape is good to use while working at a desk or reading
  • Equipped with a non-slip grip
  • Washable and breathable covers


  • Pilling issue
  • Has a chemically smell

6. Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Contoured memory foam is considerably the best choice for cervical ache. But some can be a bit too soft, causing the back arched head pushed into the bed, which only leads to more cervical strains.

Luckily, with this pillow, you will be getting the right amount of softness and firmness supporting your cervix without pressure, thanks to its almost even rising wave-like design. It is also 100% memory foam, so you are getting the perfect consistency loved by everyone.

But that is not all; it is actually a gel memory foam pillow, which means it stays cool all the time and doesn’t let any heat building up even on the hottest of days. However, do not put the pillow under direct sunlight as it could lower its performance.

This cervical pillow has two different heights on the sides. One side or curve is 5 inches, and the other side is 4 inches. The foam doesn’t have any toxic or chemical compound in it, so it is safe as well.

Besides that, it also has two different covers. The outer case is a microfiber layer, and the inner case is cotton, out of which you can only remove the outer cover. Its standard size is 22 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 5 and 4 inches in height.


  • Gel memory foam for the perfect firmness and softness
  • Offers two different heights
  • Comes with two different breathable covers
  • Remains cool even in the hottest of days
  • Removable and washable outer cover


  • Maybe a bit bigger for a contour pillow
  • Too high for some

7. ComfiCasa Memory Foam Knee Pillow

ComfiCasa Memory Foam Knee Pillow

A good posture is everything to avoid unwanted back, shoulder, and/or cervical cramps while sleeping. If you can learn to sleep in a good position, then it not only helps align your vertebrae but also promotes a healthy body.

However, unfortunately for people with such medical conditions as scoliosis, that option gets taken away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your posture and scoliosis sleeping position for relieving the discomfort.

And this knee pillow is great for the purpose! You can use it to support your knees, thighs, or calf for scoliosis, lower and middle backaches, etc. It can also help to relieve joint, hip, and knee aches, arthritis, sciatica, and more.

Moreover, you could use it as a pillow for cervix and shoulder soreness as well. It is firm but comfortable between the knees and doesn’t slip away at night.

Besides, its high-quality material construction will last you up to 5 years or even more. The luxury bamboo fabric cover is breathable and soft and is machine washable. Its compact design also makes it easier to carry and travel with.


  • Multi-purpose knee pillow
  • Helps to relieve back, cervix, shoulder, joint, hip, etc. aches
  • Firm and comfortable
  • Portable size
  • Doesn’t slip away easily


  • Wider for smaller people

8. PEP STEP Cooling Gel Lumbar Pillow

PEP STEP Cooling Gel Lumbar Pillow

A lumbar pillow is another great way to improve your spine posture and reduce back muscle strains. Thus, it makes it a great choice among pillows for scoliosis.

It is 3 inches thick, and its triangular shape works as a pain relief pillow for backaches, strained muscles, and aches, etc. The pillow measures 23.5 inches in length, 9.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in height.

Besides, its cooling gel memory foam insides keep you cool, whereas most pillows get warm or hot with your rising body temperature, making you more uncomfortable. It is great, especially for back sleepers.

Moreover, its hypoallergenic premium lyocell fabric cover is both ultra-soft and environment friendly. Made using recyclable materials, it promotes and contributes to a better and cleaner earth.

Along with that, it is lightweight but firm enough to work against backache. The pillow works great for stomach and side sleepers having ligament issues and other scoliosis sleeping position.


  • Sports a cooling gel memory foam
  • Ultra-soft, premium, and hypoallergenic covers
  • Covers made using recyclable materials
  • Helps to improve spine alignment
  • Reduces straining back muscles


  • Might not be suitable for everyone

9. Acksonse Lumbar Pillow

Acksonse Lumbar Pillow

The ergonomic design, the wedge shape, and the wider body make this lumbar pillow a great option to have in mind to improve posture and relieve all sorts of body aches. It works as a great multifunctional scoliosis pillow.

It doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort when put under the waist. You will be getting the maximum support needed to keep your vertebrae in ideal alignment for your body.

As a result of this support, it will provide relief for scoliosis, sciatica, hip and back discomfort. It also prevents you from tossing and turning too much during sleep leading to a peaceful deep sleep.

Moreover, it is excellent for pregnant women along with office workers, sitting at your desk to maintain the posture, etc. The cover has zippers and is safe to wash in the machine.

Along with all that, whether you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, it will work great for you as well. You can also use it to reduce varicose veins by elevating the ankle with it.


  • Provides relief for scoliosis, sciatica, hip, and backaches
  • Helps to improve spine posture and alignment
  • Multifunctional to relieve all sorts of body aches
  • Zippered and machine washable covers
  • Prevents too much tossing and turning during sleep


  • Needs time adjusting to it
  • Not for everyone

10. Coisum Orthopedic Pillow

Coisum Orthopedic Pillow

This pillow’s unique shape has two “horns” on the sides, supporting the head and neck and improving posture. The design is specifically for back and side sleepers.

Along with that, the cutout areas on the side of the pillow are there to position your arms comfortably while sleeping, again making it suitable for side and back sleepers.  It soothes shoulder and cervical aches or sores.

The pillow’s inside, made of 60 density high-quality memory foam, is not too hard or firm and perfectly fits with the cervix. It also has a temperature-sensing feature, which makes sure anyone using it is comfortable, and there is no pressure on the cervix.

Besides, the memory foam has a CertiPUR-US certification. This means that the foam doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals in it, so you won’t be experiencing any bad odor or fumes when receiving the package.

Moreover, the pillowcase is skin-friendly and breathable. You can also wash the covers without any worries.


  • A unique shape for back and side sleepers
  • Boasts a cutout on the sides to position the arms
  • CertiPUR-US certified for no use of harmful chemicals
  • Skin-friendly and breathable covers
  • Soothes shoulder and cervical aches or sores


  • May be difficult to use for those who toss and turn often
  • Might lose shape with time

How to Sleep with Scoliosis?

Scoliosis, like some other spinal medical conditions, is incurable. Fortunately, it is not fatal, and some may even go unaffected for years before knowing they have it. But it is something they have to live with for the rest of their life.

So, to make things easier, there are many things you can do, starting with learning to sleep with the proper posture or position. Since it is a condition of curved vertebrae, the best sleeping position for scoliosis is on your back.

It helps to keep the spine in alignment. However, it doesn’t necessarily help to improve your posture completely, so you might want to get a bracing. Sleeping with a corrective bracing will help reduce the curves of the vertebrae and provide stability during sleeping.

Pillow for Scoliosis

If you are a side sleeper, it won’t affect you that much either. But it is better to use a knee pillow for a supportive measure. As for the worst position for sleeping with scoliosis, it is on the stomach. It can actually cause the vertebrae to curve further, so avoid it at all costs.

Lastly, when it comes to mattresses, a firm one is always the answer. It will support your back the best and provide you with relief and a good night’s sleep.

What to Look for Before Buying?

As a medical condition, it is crucial to consider and think about these particular things before getting yourself one that you can be satisfied with.

Sleeping Position

While the best way to sleep with scoliosis is on your back, you might have other preferences for sleeping position. Luckily, there are different pillows build for those different sleeping positions to provide you with comfortability.

Knee pillows and contour memory foam pillows are typically great for side sleepers, whereas, for back sleepers, lumbar pillows are excellent. A lumbar pillow is also great if you are a restless sleeper and tend to toss and turn often.

It is also important to remember if you are buying one for the first time, you will need a few days or weeks of adjusting before it feels comfortable to you. The product description usually says which positions are suitable with the pillow, so make sure to check it out.

Areas of Pain

This is obvious but make sure not to get just any pillow for scoliosis that looks nice and cheap. Not all work in the same areas to relieve the pain, so consider the places you suffer from the most while choosing.

Most patients suffer from a backache followed by the cervix and/or shoulder. But it may be different for you. If you suffer more from a back problem and sleep on your sides, then a knee pillow is a great option.

However, if you sleep on your back, getting a firmer lumbar pillow is better. For cervical and shoulder cramps, a cervical pillow or contoured pillow is ideal for both the neck and shoulder.

Shape and Size

Another important thing that most people forget to consider is the shape and especially the pillow’s size. The shape has a lot to do with how it works for the patient. A memory foam pillow with lifted curves is common, but depending on the height, it may prove to be uncomfortable.

A 4-inch height might be too uncomfortable for most people, especially new users. For that, you can try one whose size you can adjust or lower. This flexibility gives you the freedom to learn and adapt to your comfortability and leaves less room for a waste of money.

Also, consider your height and body constitution. Even a slightly larger size pillow may not work for smaller people. Similarly, for a bigger person, some may not hold the body proportion correctly, causing more pain than relief.


Firmer pillows are always better for scoliosis patients as they help to keep the spine and body in proper alignment. However, there are many pillows that are too firm, which only causes discomfort and more pain.

On the other hand, softer ones may be comfortable for cervical and shoulder cramps, but long-term use may cause more stiffness. So, it is ideal to find a good balance between firmness and softness.

But some people prefer a firmer one, which is not usually a problem, so it is about testing and trying out to understand your preference. However, it is ideal to avoid a soft pillow.

Quality and Smell

It is quite hard to find a good pillow that you can love on the first tries. Most patients go through multiple brands and types before they find their favorite. And so, it is helpful to look out for certain things before purchasing.

Pillow for Scoliosis

Check if the pillow smells or not. Since memory foams are typically unwashable, it could make it impossible to use it if the foam smells. Some pillow’s odors go away if left out in the open for a while, but some don’t, so make sure to check for any chemical additives in the pillow as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best thing to do for scoliosis?

It depends on your condition of scoliosis. If it’s a slight curve, then exercising and physical therapy can help a lot. If the curve is more, then bracing is a great way to keep it from curving further. Yoga is another way to relieve aches and to maintain stability.

  • Which side of scoliosis is weak?

Typically, the convex sides of the muscles on the back are weaker as we use them more.

  • What should I avoid if I have scoliosis?

It is very important to avoid sports such as football and maybe basketball and other sports such as gymnastics, ballet, etc. Along with that, make sure to avoid arching your neck forward like when looking at your phone.

  • Is sleeping on the floor good for scoliosis?

Since there is no scientific evidence to back it up, it is difficult to tell if it is good or not. So, we advise you to go to your doctor and see if they suggest it or not.

  • What kind of exercises should I avoid?

Avoid any type of exercise involving the torso! As it includes your spine, it will further extend the curve.

Final Words

Although for some, scoliosis doesn’t affect their lives much, it is definitely not a condition that you should take lightly. So, consider getting the best pillow for scoliosis to help you live a better, healthier life.

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