Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain

10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain

“Please do something about this hip pain of mine. It will be the ruin of me!”

“Don’t say that, honey! We are going to change the mattress in no time and see if it can fix the issue.”

“Alright, just make sure that it’s as comfy as the one we had bought ages ago. Oh, how squishy and cozy that was!”

Now, you have a serious task on hand – finding the best mattress for bad hips. And you’ve certainly looked in the right place. We’ve studied the market, and we know what magic the memory foams perform in healing the aching muscles. And you know what, we are here with the best of them.

How Hip Pain Affects Sleep?

I don’t think it’s necessary to point out the devastating effects of hip pain on your sleep if you are a sufferer already. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm to make sure that we are on the same page as far as realizing the problem goes. Here’s the bitter truth – hip pain destroys your sleep, period.

Yes, it’s impossible to have a sound sleep when one of the most crucial anatomical areas is suffering from intense aching. Hence, we find the poor guys who are experiencing this nightmare to be yawning all day long. Now, the misery is so great that it messes up not your nights only, but the days also.

So, you need to find a good solution to this problem. And that solution might be a few mouse clicks away. Yes, I am talking about buying the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain. It might save you the unpleasant visits to the hospitals.

You see, many a time, the problem begins with a bed with an uncomfortable mattress. Once you find the right kind of mattress for that desired baby-like sleep, there’s a fair chance that the pain will disappear.

So, before you go all agitated about this hip pain issue, why not sit down for a moment and consider changing the old mattress?

10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain

We never thought that reviewing these amazing mattresses would be so fun and, at the same time, challenging. You will find their drawbacks also in these reviews so that you can have peace of mind. So, let’s not delay things further and read about these charming products.        

1. Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress 

We are going to kick-off with the most breathtaking mattress on the market. If you haven’t experienced lying on this gel-infused foam, you are yet to know the extreme meaning of comfort. Yes, the plushness of the ventilated memory foam will surpass any sort of delight you’ve enjoyed before.

And hip pain is going to be looking for a safe exit, thanks to the high density of its base. What’s also worth mentioning is the capacity of relieving the pressure points of your sore body it demonstrates. I am also counting on the tailoring of this thing. Manufacturers were brilliant in choosing the stretch knit fabric cover.

You should also have a look at the detailing of this wonderful model. I am talking about the knit side panels that match wonderfully. And the waterfall is a sight to behold. What’s also amazing is the temperature regulation it offers. You will have to appreciate the cool gel for this excellence.

Now, worried about allergens? Don’t be, for the material is perfectly allergen-resistant. Also, it won’t permit bacteria and mold. So, it has health factors nicely covered. And it feels fantastic when you get two pillows as a bonus. They are comfy too.

However, it would’ve been more brilliant if one customer didn’t find the mattress unstoppably sinking. Another user was upset when the mattress didn’t expand to 14 inches even after three sunsets. And this is something other users had to endure too. One other buyer would’ve loved more edge support.

Nevertheless, with extreme comfort, awesome breathability, and a beautiful look – it has secured the position of the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain.


  • The gel-infused foam will show you the extreme level of comfort
  • Offers awesome plushness of the ventilated memory foam
  • The high density of its base will cure the hip pain
  • Brilliant tailoring with the stretch knit fabric cover


  • One customer found the mattress unstoppably sinking

2. LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress – Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Looking for a highly breathable mattress? Then you’ve shown up in the right place. The product will amaze you with considerable breathability, thanks to the latex. And you would be a healthy person having the comfiest of sleep with the hypoallergenic property in place.

I also want to talk about the setup it comes with. Oftentimes, you would find the mattresses difficult to move around, giving the users a nightmare while making their way up a staircase. But this item is perfectly compressed and rolled so that you don’t have to endure the trouble.

You should also check out the individual wrapping of the steel coils. They will offer you the best airflow you can dream of. Also, such a design provides isolation of unwanted motion. Moreover, the cover provides the most incredible finish making the foam more appealing to the sleepy eyes.

Now, what about the spring of this item? Well, you will be glad to find natural latex doing an outstanding job regarding this. What’s more, the coils will easily adapt to your sleeping style to provide you with the utmost comfort and reduced motion. You will also love the 5-inch edge support it offers.

As for drawbacks, the mattress lost its support after 6 months of use for a customer. For another buyer, it was too hard, whereas, for another one, it was too soft. Also, one buyer found indents on the sides of the mattress. Moreover, a user was disappointed upon perceiving a chemical smell.

Despite these issues, with amazing breathability and excellent neck support – you have the second to the finestmattress for side sleepers in front of you.


  • Considerable breathability, thanks to the latex
  • Healthy with the hypoallergenic property
  • Perfectly compressed and rolled for easy setup
  • Individual wrapping of the steel coils will offer you the best airflow


  • Lost its support after 6 months of use for a customer

3. Sweetnight 12 Inch Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress – Gel Memory Foam

The next item is all about design brilliance. First, you should check out the independent pocketed spring design before anything else. What magic does it perform? Well, it absorbs your body weight ever so nicely so that there’s no unwanted dipping.

I am also counting on the back support it offers, thanks to the 3-zone pocket spring. What’s also brilliant is temperature regulation. The gel memory foam layer does an awesome job here. Also, it never lets you feel the coils so that you are not interrupted in your sleep.

Now, is the motion isolation up to the mark? You bet. If you are troubled with back pain or any other type of sores, you will love the mattress. And the medium-firm feel will provide you a nice combination of support and coziness. What’s also worth mentioning is that there won’t be any sagging or rolling off.

And I am also impressed with the quilted knit pillow cover. It will be health-friendly, and the carbon steel spring coil will be anything but rusty. You will also like the convenience of the setup it comes with. And if you are annoyed with any odor, you only need to endure it for three nights before it disappears for good.

Moreover, one user couldn’t get the mattress to decompress beyond 12 inches. Also, he found wasted spaces near the edge. For another one, it started to sink in only after 4 months of use. “The rolling hills of Smokey mountains” – this is how another user described it negatively.

If not for these issues, this could well be the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain.


  • Independent pocketed spring design to absorb your body weight
  • Brilliant temperature regulation with the gel memory foam layer
  • 3-zone pocket spring for wonderful back support
  • Quilted knit pillow cover will be health-friendly


  • One user couldn’t get the mattress to decompress beyond 12 inches

4. Extra Thick Mattress Topper (Queen), Soft Bed Topper

Here’s another mattress for side sleepersthat comes with a top-notch design. Yes, I am referring to the deep pocket design it offers. This way, you won’t have to be worried about bunching or clumping during the tossing and turnings at night. The topper will fit the mattress incredibly.

Moreover, the down alternative microfiber filling is there to provide you with outrageous plumpness. So, if you are looking for a solution to hip pain problems, this can be a great option. I am also convinced of the breathability of the model.

Now, the best thing about the filling of this mattress is that there will be no offensive smells, as you would find in some memory foams. And this is an advantage not many products can offer you. Also, for outstanding temperature regulation, you need to consider this item.

It will neither be too warm nor unbearably cool; rather, it will provide you just the optimal warmth you crave for. I also want to mention that the clean-up will be fun and easy if you use a front loader machine. But stay away from the top loader ones.

As for drawbacks, one user couldn’t place the topper inside a dryer because of its hugeness. Another buyer wasn’t convinced by the fluffiness of the item. For one other customer, it flattened after two days, giving him only a comforter-like feel. And one user had to pair it with another topper to get the desired coziness.


  • Deep pocket design for no bunching or clumping
  • Down alternative microfiber filling provides outrageous plumpness
  • No offensive smells like that of some memory foams
  • Great temperature regulation


  • For a user, flattened after two days, giving him only a comforter-like feel

5. Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress

Here’s another top-quality mattress for side sleepers you must check out. This mattress will mesmerize you with the gel memory foam it comes with. If upholstery-level comfort is something you’ve been dreaming about, it’s time you turned that into reality.

And once you learn about the awesome wrapped coils, you will be ecstatic. Such construction won’t give way to any sort of motion and discomfort. And for excessive coziness, nothing can beat the quilted foam. You should also be happy with the included box that keeps the mattress in shape for years to come.

What’s also brilliant is the materials being hypoallergenic. If you have pets inside the home, this can be the perfect option for you. And the fact that there are two pocketed coils integrated into it to increase the support is remarkable.

You will find the setup easier than ever. And any chemical odor will vanish within about 4-5 days. Moreover, there are too many layers included in the mattress to make sure you enjoy the blissfully sleepy nights from now on. For instance, there’s this polyester comfort fiber to offer you extra plumpness.

Now, one user found a crevasse, poking springs, and a hurting mattress. For another one, it lacked any support and sagged in the middle. And he could feel the coils for the lack of padding they had. Moreover, one customer was mad due to the wrong sizing of the mattress. It didn’t fit his queen bed.


  • Gel memory foam for upholstery-level comfort
  • Wrapped coils eliminate any sort of motion and discomfort
  • The included box keeps the mattress in shape
  • Two pocketed coils are integrated into it to increase the support


  • One user found a crevasse, poking springs, and a hurting mattress

6. LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

If you want a cool mattress for side sleepers suffering from hip pain, then you are in the right place. The memory foam is brilliantly gel-infused so that the extra temperature dissipates quickly, leaving behind an optimally warm bed for you. You will also love the fact that it’s nicely compressed so that the setup is easy.

I am also excited about the gauge it comes with. It’s awesomely heavy. And when this pairs with the 8-inch coils, you have comfort and support packed in one. What’s also important to mention is that the memory foam comes with a 2-inch layer so that you never have to feel the coils.

Now, the coils are individually encased so that the tossing and turning during the sleep do not hamper the support. Moreover, the mattress comes with a support foam edge to prevent any physical contact with the coils. And the toned mattress cover will offer the aesthetics you want to admire.

Another excellent feature is the innerspring it comes with. This is the main ingredient that makes the bed as comfy as it is. What’s more, the mattress will offer excellent edge support, unlike many low-quality options out there.

Only if one user didn’t end up with a mattress having flattened on one side. It wasn’t two months yet, and this is what happened to her product. Another customer couldn’t find any side support, spring support, or memory foam feel.

Also, one user kept waking up with a sore back after sleeping on it. And he couldn’t compress it either to place it into the small box to return.


  • Brilliantly gel-infused so that the extra temperature dissipates quickly
  • Nicely compressed to make the setup easy
  • 8-inch coils paired with heavy-gauge – you have comfort and support
  • Memory foam comes with a 2-inch layer to avoid feeling the coils


  • One user ended up with a mattress having flattened one side

7. ZINUS 12 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for an awesomely supportive mattress for side sleepers with hip pain for your averagely-weighing body? Then check out this incredible option we are impressed with. It will offer you all the layers of foam you can imagine of. First, there’s this 2-inch conforming memory foam that makes you feel blissful.

Then there’s another 3-inch soft comfort foam that makes the mattress incredibly plump. And the most remarkable of all – the base support foam will be in place so that your sleepless nights come to an end. Yes, it’s all about foams! Moreover, you will find the microfiber quilted cover to be plush.

Now, is it justified to call the mattress “a bed with a cloud-like feel”? I might not be able to answer this, but the cradling memory foam can perform some serious magic as far as comfort is concerned – that’s for sure. Only make sure that you’ve waited patiently for 72 hours so that the mattress can expand to all its glory.

What’s also lovely is that it comes infused with green tea and charcoal. You know how excellent a job they do when it comes to fighting-off odor. So, the bed will be super fresh as you would like on a Sunday morning.

However, one user couldn’t get it to decompress to 12 inches even after three days. And he couldn’t get rid of the back pain still. He concluded that it wasn’t for side sleepers. Another customer ended up with 6 holes in the seams after 1 year of use.

And one buyer had to endure chemical fumes even after 1 month. For another user, it felt like craters in some places while it was firm in others.


  • All the layers of foams you can imagine
  • Microfiber quilted cover is satisfactorily plush
  • Cradling memory foam for intense comfort
  • Infused with green tea and charcoal for a fresh sleeping experience


  • One user couldn’t get it to decompress to 12 inches even after three days

8. TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress

A good mattress is all about relieving pressure points and adjustable surface. And our next product on the list will please you in these aspects. Thanks to the open-cell structure it comes with, you won’t have to worry about any sagging. What’s also amazing is that the mattress is suitable for any sleeping style.

Now, the best thing about this item is heat-resistance. Yes, you need to check out the cooling graphite along with the gel beads to know what I mean.

These materials make it the best mattress for hip and back pain when it comes to pulling the heat away. And it will be marginally better than memory foam and graphite in that case.

Also, there are no harmful materials used in the top layer, unlike any low-quality mattress. And you can be assured that the foam will do anything but sink when you are enjoying sleep. When it comes to the support, the high-density foam will do an excellent job.

What’s also worth mentioning is that the mattress is resilient. So, it doesn’t get too hot – something you will love when you are residing in a warm area. And the polyurethane foam will be a healthy choice for you when you are sensitive to allergens.

As for drawbacks, one buyer had to endure backaches after sleeping on this, and the return process was impossibly difficult for her. The same thing happened to another customer after using it for only 9 months. Moreover, one other customer suffered from hip pain due to its excessive firmness.


  • Excellent in relieving pressure points with the adjustable surface
  • Open-cell structure eliminates the worry about sagging
  • Cooling graphite along with the gel beads for fantastic heat-resistance
  • Polyurethane foam will be a healthy choice by being anti-allergens


  • One buyer had backaches, and the return process was impossibly difficult

9. Snuggle-Pedic Original Ultra-Luxury Hybrid Mattress 

Snuggle-Pedic Original Ultra-Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The next product is for you if you are into outrageous breathability. Be it channels or holes – this amazing product has them all for providing you with the freshest sleeping experience. And no other model can beat it in this aspect. What’s also great is that there will be no dust mite or allergens to bug you.

You should also like the pressure-relieving capability of this item. And there’s this firm base layer that offers incredible zoned support. The snuggle-flex memory foam will perform magic in conforming to your shoulder and hips. And at the same time, you will find incredible spinal support with the firmer base layer.

Moreover, the mattress can bear a heavy person with ease. This is because of the orthopedic support it comes with. And if you ever feel that the mattress needs a bit of customization, which is but an unlikely scenario – you will find the manufacturers helpful.

What’s also lovely is that you won’t have to worry about motion transfer. The memory foam will have it covered by decreasing such transfer to the minimum.

Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful cover. And it’s easily removable when you want to modify the mattress.

Now, one user found the mattress too hot, and the thing sagged in the middle. For another customer, the bed left him with a sore back. Also, he had been excessively sweating throughout the nights. For another buyer, the bed lacked any give. He also endured morning pain all the time.


  • Outrageous breathability with many channels and holes
  • There will be no dust mite or allergens allowed
  • The firm base layer offers incredible support
  • No motion transfer, thanks to the memory foam


  • One user found the mattress too hot, and it sagged in the middle

10. Leesa Original Bed-in-a-Box, Three Premium Foam Layers Mattress

The last product on the list comes with unimaginable zoned support to relieve pressure points. Thanks to the layers of foam, you will find solace in being relieved of the back and hip pain. 

First, there’s this layer of foam for breathability. Then you will find the memory foam layer that rescues you from the body aches. After that, there’s the strongest support layer that conforms to the body ever so nicely. 

And thus, you are allowed any sleeping position you are used to. Now, what about the cooling property? Well, it’s top-notch, thanks to the structured microcell foam.

You should also check out the bounce the bed offers. And the mattress cover is awesomely designed with an almost seamless surface. Therefore, you won’t be annoyed with any tapered edge. And the breathability with this thing will be on another level.

Also, the bed cover is gorgeous. If you are one who doesn’t like bedsheets, this feature will save you the trouble. Yes, the seamless twill cover has the most pretty gray fabric. So, I would recommend this mattress if aesthetics is something you find important.

Now, one user was upset with the too soft parts of the mattress. It was almost like a soft pillow top. And there was sagging. For another one, it was too hot. And for one other buyer, it was extremely firm. Also, check our the list of best pillow for side and stomach sleepers.


  • Multiple layers of foam to relieve you of the body aches
  • The top-notch cooling property, thanks to the structured microcell foam
  • The mattress cover is awesomely designed with an almost seamless surface
  • Awesome breathability with no tapered edge


Things to Check before Getting One

We are dealing with a sensitive issue over here. For, not all mattress types can become your solace from the unbearable hip pain. So, the choice of product is going to be narrowed down than usual. However, if you carefully follow our buying guide, the mattress won’t let you down.

The Preference of Your Spouse

Yes, we’ve started off with a rather interesting factor. It may be that you desire one particular type of foam while the better half is not into that at all. So, there needs to be some understanding between you so that both of you can be happy with the comfy mattress.

Now, are you both considerate of each other? Then, decision making should be easier. The best mattress for hip pain would be the one that is neither too soft nor too firm. This way, there won’t be any dispute in the future.


Yes, we’ve come across customers who inquired about the bounce in some mattresses. And this led us to think that bounce is important, after all. If someone wants to have fun, the mattress has no right to stand in the way. But here’s the deal, not many mattresses can offer you this advantage.

However, there’s one particular type of mattress that will make you happy. It’s the traditional innerspring mattresses we are talking about. These models can offer you a good amount of bounce. But keep in mind that they will be firmer than most other options.

Now, these beds come with one of two types of coils: interconnected and individual pocketed. And they both have their benefits to offer. While the interconnected ones will be super durable, you will find the pocketed ones great in reducing motion transfer.

So, you should go with interconnected ones for the bounce you are looking for. That doesn’t mean you won’t get some bounce out of the individual ones. Only it will be less.

Side Sleepers: Innerspring

If you like a side sleeping style, then go with an innerspring mattress. For, nothing can beat the pressure point relief a mattress of this type provides. However, we see some soft mattresses to challenge the innerspring in offering incredible pressure point relief. You can go to one of these too.

Now, make sure that the pressure point relief is there if you are going to buy a mattress other than the mentioned types. For, you will have to give proper support to the hips and shoulders. Always prefer to sleep on the right side.

The Mattress for Your Hip Pain

Now, here’s the most important factor – the suitable option for hip pain. I would recommend the memory foam mattresses without any doubt. The way they conform to the body and relieves pressure point is difficult to find. Brooklyn bedding might be a good option in this case.

We’ve reviewed the products that are mostly memory foam. However, latex can also be a good option. It can conform to the body just about fine. And a simple solution will be a hybrid unit. It will be comfortable for both aching and non-aching bodies.

So, if you stick between these three choices for your particular physical condition, you shouldn’t have to regret it later.

Isn’t There Something Universal?

Yes, the question was inevitable to ask. And the answer to this is also positive. If you are familiar with a hybrid mattress, you can guess what my answer is going to be. Yes, these mattresses are brilliant in combining the motion transfer prevention of memory foam and bounce of innerspring in one.

Can Sleeping Position Affect Hip Pain?

Yes, of course. In fact, this is the most common cause of hip pain. If you sleep while your body alignment is a mess, you can expect the hip pin to come your way. There are a few common scenarios we are going to draw to explain this issue.

1. Sleeping on a Too-Soft Mattress

When you are sleeping on one of those outrageously soft mattresses, you are compromising the well-being of your hip. That’s because the softness of the bed might trigger the pressure points badly. And when the triggering is persistent, guess what, you are riddled with an aching hip.

2. Are the Too-Firm Mattresses Good Then?

Again, no, they aren’t good for the hip. If you sleep on an excessively firm bed, you are likely to develop back pain, neck pain, headache, and whatnot, along with hip pain. For, the body never gets along with something too firm when it has to tolerate it for long hours. So, medium-soft is the right consistency.

3. Stomach Sleeping

People might fail to notice the bad effects of this particular sleeping style on the hip, but it’s true. Sleeping on your stomach puts the hip in a rather awkward position. That’s why no wise man can encourage this sleeping style. I strongly advise that you find a way to sleep on your back or sides.

4. Not Moving Enough

You see, it doesn’t disturb sleep if you move a bit during your sleep and switch sides. This way, you have good blood circulation in the body and particularly in the hip. And proper circulation will eliminate the risk of hip pain ever so efficiently.

So, use a mattress that will be comfy to move around on. And even if it directs you toward a bouncy bed, go ahead without any hesitation.     

Which Type of Mattress Is Best for Hip Pain?

We’ve already talked about this in our buying guide section. But we felt the need for further elaboration on this topic. When you are suffering from hip pain, you want to put an end to your misery at any cost. Now, the good thing is that you don’t have to look too deep to find a good option, you will find it easily.

Yes, memory foam is what we are referring to. You will notice that most of the brands like to go with this particular material. And the reasons are many. Let’s discuss them.

Extreme Support

The most important thing you want is good support. And the lack of this might as well be the main reason for your hip pain to begin with. Now, what memory foam does is that it provides just the right amount of support that will relieve every pressure point and soothe the aching muscles.

And it comes with variation in terms of movement of the fill. If you are into a bounce, you can choose shredded memory foam that will let you move around in a fun way. As a result, you get the plush feel you crave for.

On the other hand, for a superior supportive feel, I advise that you buy solid memory foam. This way, you will enjoy the most amazing pressure point relief you are badly in need of.


The material triumphs the market for another reason. And that is its awesome breathability. No one likes to wake up on a damp bed. And no one turns down a good memory foam mattress for this reason. For, the material works magic on keeping the bed as fresh as it is by channeling the moisture and air perfectly.

Reduced Motion Transfer

This is one other reason behind the material’s outstanding popularity. You would be amazed at how excellently it eliminates motion transfer allowing your spouse to toss and turn as much as she wants without disturbing your sweet slumber.

And excessive motion can be a nightmare when it comes to hip pain. You see, for the pain to go away, you need to give your hip absolute rest. And it seems like an impossible thing when you have the bed bouncing like crazy. So, bounce can be fun for others, but not for you, I am afraid.

Latex: The Other Option

We don’t want you to feel stuck with the memory foam. You have one other medium-firm option. Yes, latex will provide you ample support, still managing to offer considerable squishiness. So, if the support of memory foam feels like too much for you, you can choose latex for a change.

It’s brilliant how latex conforms to your body shape. So, in relieving pressure points, it also performs smartly.

A Few Other Options

You can also choose among innerspring mattresses, air-filled mattresses, and soft or firm foam mattresses. And the hybrid mattresses will combine all their features. Only make sure the body alignment is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the 10 best mattresses for side sleepers:

  • How frequently do I need to turn my mattress?

If you do it once every month, you are game. However, during the first few months of use, do it more frequently so that the mattress conforms to your body better.

  • When should I sleep on my new mattress?

After waiting patiently for a good 72 hours, you can enjoy the comfort of your new bed. For, this is the duration most of the products out there require to expand to their full glory. And sometimes, it may take longer than this. The point is to notice the expansion and being satisfied with it.

  • What type of bed will bear two mattresses at the same time?

It’s the box spring that will be up for the task. You can place two mattresses, one above the other, to get the comfiest sleeping experience. However, using a single mattress has been the norm, and people have been happy with this for centuries.

  • Will I damage my new mattress if I sleep on it too early?

Not likely. The worst-case scenario is that you will have a less-comfy sleep at night, and by the morning, you will be upset about the quality of your mattress. But no one might’ve noticed that we have an impatient person over here!

  • How long can I afford to keep my mattress rolled up?

You can only do it for 3 months. Any longer that, and you haven’t done the right thing.

Final Words

I know better than to expect a quick buying decision from you. Choosing the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain wouldn’t be easy, I figured. However, if you carefully go through the pros and cons of the items reviewed, it shouldn’t be impossible either to make a purchase soon.

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