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Best Mattress For Acid Reflux 2021 – Expert Guide

Acid reflux symptoms are mostly seen during the day; however, they can disturb a good night’s sleep. Hence, the sleeping conditions should be taken into consideration as they can bring in more symptoms and cause heartburn.

Moreover, to prevent these sorts of symptoms from disturbing your sleep, it is necessary for you to have a proper sleeping position and a proper mattress for pressure relief. The best mattress for acid reflux works best even with side sleepers and adjustable beds.

Along with the mattress, you will have to consider a wedge pillow with edge support as well. We will be discussing some of the best mattress for acid reflux available in the market and a few factors that you should keep in mind before you purchase one.

Best Mattress for Acid Reflux

1. Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam

Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam

Among all the sizes available, the 12-inch Zinus is one of the most popular and best-selling. The mattress has different levels of foam, and it has support as well as high-density foam.

There are an extra 2-inch and 3-inch layers of comfort and memory foam on top of these foams, respectively. Side sleepers mostly prefer this mattress. The memory foam makes it very soft and comfortable. It creates a cradle-like experience for your shoulders and hips.

The mattress does limit motion transfer, and since it has memory foam in the top layer, it takes some time for the mattress for the pressure relief.


  • It has many levels of foams which makes it very comfortable.
  • One of the best mattress for side sleepers
  • A very affordable mattress


  • The quality might be a bit basic

2. Ashley Chime 12-Inch Medium Firm Foam Mattress

Ashley Chime 12-Inch Medium Firm Foam Mattress

This mattress is one of the best for back sleepers which comes with a medium firm. It also has CertiPUR-US certified foams, and its pressure points make the comfort layer more prominent. If you don’t like sleeping on your side, this is the ideal option for you. The upper body will also get enough rest in this mattress.

However, due to that reason, this mattress is not recommended for side sleepers. Since it is a medium firm mattress, it is medium soft as well.


  • The memory foam has a thick layer.
  • Foams are Certi-Pur-US certified.
  • Great value for the price
  • Fast and easy shipping


  • The mattress is medium soft.
  • The odor from the foam after the initial purchase is prominent

3. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ice Memory Foam

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ice Memory Foam

This mattress also has a CertiPUR-US certified foam which comes with a stretch knit cover. Along with that, it also has a gel memory foam. The first layer has three inches of the gel memory foam, while the second layer has three inches.

This 14-inch mattress has relatively firm support, which also supports the pressure points to a large extent. Due to its ability to support enough pressure points, this mattress is ideal for side sleeping and anyone suffering from acid reflux. It would be a great option to avoid hip pain when sleeping on side during pregnancy.

Moreover, this mattress also provides enough support to your shoulders and hips, especially if you tend to sleep on your stomach. Your upper body will not have any such problem.


  • The best mattress if you like sleeping on your side.
  • An affordable option
  • Great support for your shoulder and hips


  • Quite firm due to the gel infused memory foam

4. LUCID 5 Inch Memory foam

LUCID 5 Inch Memory foam

The foam layer of this mattress makes it a great value for the price; moreover, it regulates the body heat very consistently due to its comfort layers. The memory foam in this mattress is good for the intense amount of body heat and pressure point relief.

It is also one of the most firm mattresses, which helps acid reflux sufferers and side sleepers. The first layer of the mattress has holes that are the size of pins. This allows more flow of air and the spinal alignment helps both the upper body and the shoulders and hips.


  • The gel infused foam provides more comfort and regulation of heat.
  • Its firmness provides a good night’s sleep.
  • The cover is Tencel


  • It does not come with box springs.

5. Olee Sleep 10-Inch Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10-Inch Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress

Although a majority of the memory foam mattresses have a problem with the distribution of body heat. The foam layers have been included with gel as well. It is a medium firm mattress that works well for sleepers with acid reflux.

The motion isolation of this mattress is also very prominent, and there is very minimal motion. The comfort layer of this mattress is worth mentioning and does not let reflux affect sleep. The sleep surface allows the bodyweight to be handled well by the firmness and foam layers.


  • There is enough distribution of body heat
  • No defection of memory foam
  • 10-year warranty


  • It emits an odor for a few weeks

6. Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed

Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed

This is one of the best adjustable beds that also provide a wedge pillow along with edge support. Moreover, the adjustable base allows people who suffer from acid reflux to get a night’s sleep without any disturbance as such.

The wedge pillow is also inflatable along with an adjustable base and can prevent acid reflux symptoms, especially if the sleeping position isn’t able to get rid of the acid. The head of the mattress can easily be raised or lowered as well. This mattress is ideal for pressure relief as well, which has adjustable bed frames.

The adjustable base, along with the adjustable bed, makes it easy to move it around, especially while traveling. People with problems with their upper body along with acid reflux are highly recommended to use this product.

Moreover, it also works well for pressure relief with a number of pressure points. If you do not usually sleep on your side, this mattress is also one of the best options for you.


  • Its comfort layer helps people with a number of health problems.
  • The sleep surface is of the perfect firmness.
  • Consistent pressure relief along with a number of pressure points


  • Both sides of the bed have to be elevated to adjust it.

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How Getting a Mattress can Help with Acid Reflux?

There are many mattresses available in the market that may provide the best comfort for you while sleeping. However, not all of them are good for people with acid reflux. Hence, the above-mentioned are some of the best mattress for acid reflux.

You need to keep certain factors into consideration before you select a mattress for acid reflux. Some of the brands also offer night sleep trials for those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease. Whereas, other offers 120-night sleep trial which is very convenient for those who are acid reflux sufferers.

These are some of the factors that will immensely help you reduce acid reflux with the right type of mattresses. Along with that, this is also a buyer’s guide that will provide you with an idea of what should be avoided and what should be taken into consideration.


This is one of the most important factors to control stomach acid while sleeping. The sleeping position along with perfect spinal alignment should be able to provide you with enough support. This helps in lowering acid reflux and GERD.

Acid reflux

Some mattresses come with an adjustable bed and motion isolation that will give enough support to prevent the acid from forming in your stomach and leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Hence, the amount of support the mattress provides to the body is very integral to note.


If you sleep on your side, there is less chance for the acid reflux symptoms from being prominent while sleeping. Hybrid mattress and gel-infused memory foam bring out a certain type of firmness in the mattress.

However, some may prefer either a soft mattress, while others might prefer a relatively firm one. The mattress should have some sort of elevation and support, other than that any level of firmness is ideal for sleepers with acid reflux.

Motion Isolation

People with acid reflux might find it hard to fall asleep and tossing and turning is very common. Hence, people who frequently show symptoms of acid reflux while trying to fall asleep, might want to get a mattress that has motion isolation. This specifically helps when the person is sleeping with someone else so as to avoid disturbing their sleep as well.

The other factors that have to be kept in mind are the regulation of temperature and edge support. You might want to consider a mattress that can easily stay cool and has a proper flow of air.

Although this isn’t necessary for people with acid reflux, it might help them sleep more comfortably. Another such factor is edge support. If you frequently have trouble sleeping due to acid reflux, moving time and again on the mattress will lead the acid to flow which may cause more serious issues.

Hence, the mattress should not sag around too much since the stomach acid can flow more easily in that case. There are different types of mattresses that can be used by people with acid reflux. However, each differs in price. We will be now discussing each type in detail.

The best Mattress Types for Acid Reflux

There are five types of mattresses for acid reflux. Although they are almost the same, some of them vary in terms of construction, size, and more.

1. Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are entirely made of high density and memory foam for extra comfort. Memory foam are said to have pressure points to be able to create pressure relief. Moreover, this mattress is recommended for side sleepers as well as the ones who suffer from GERD.

Foam Mattress for acid reflux

However, if they are a bit soft, they can easily trap heat which might not be as favorable for the ones living in hot areas.

2. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses, as the name suggests have a mixture of latex, ployfoam, as well as memory foam. One of the most important feature of a hybrid mattress is that they have good pressure relief. They are also an ideal option if you sleep on your side.

Hybrid Mattress for acid reflux

In order to prevent the body heat from getting trapped in the mattress, there is more usage of purple hybrid. While you sleep, hot temperature is easily adjusted in the purple hybrid. You might want to use compatible sheets for these purple mattresses. Moreover, these beds also come with adjustable beds with enough foam layers to reduce acid reflux.

3. Latex Mattresses

This mattress also has a hybrid construction along with synthetic or organic latex. These are some of the best durable mattress for acid reflux. The foam layer is also very suitable for acid reflux along with motion isolation which is an integral factor. These can easily be fitted in Brooklyn bedding as well which is considered to be one of the most popular ones.

Latex Mattress for acid reflux

Some of the mattresses have white glove delivery along with a 10 year warranty. Moreover, the ones with pocketed coil will prevent acid reflux more than other coils. These pocketed coils are found only in some mattresses.

Other Sleep Essentials for People with Acid Reflux

1. Pillows

You will need to keep a head and even a body pillow for the best comfort. They will provide extra support to your body which is seen as some of the best methods to help reduce acid reflux.


Other than that, they also provide some sort of elevation to your body and keep your spine aligned which is very important. Side sleepers could use cushions to keep the knees separate. Using wedge-shaped pillows is considered ideal to prevent stomach acid from getting worse.

Wedge pillows are comparatively more heavy and wide which will be able to give proper support while sleeping. For side sleeping, the memory foam in those wedge pillows provides elevation along with good conforming.

2. Adjustable Beds

Stomach acid can get worse while sleeping, hence if you have an adjustable bed along with adjustable bed frames, you will be able to elevate your position while sleeping.

adjustable beds for acid reflux

This immensely helps in reducing the risks of the acid from flowing. You will easily be able to find a bed for acid reflux that can be adjusted in accordance with your comfort. The head or the foot can either be raised or lowered depending on what you want, as for side sleeping it can only elevate your body position.

Adjustable beds come with a variety of different in-built features as well that may help you fall asleep and at the same time maintain your position in such a way that it will not trigger your acid reflux.

Other Ways to Control Acid Reflux

Since the symptoms of acid reflux is more prominent during the day, there are a few things that you might want to consider to control the same.

Spicy and fatty food

Fast food and any other kind of spicy food contains a lot of fat in it. An immense amount of fat can’t be digested easily and quickly, hence, your stomach might end up producing more acid.

spicy food

This is one of the main reasons as to why spicy food is the number one reason for acid reflux. A majority of the fried food contain a lot of fat and this results in slower digestion.

Hence, you should avoid consuming such food espeically before you go to sleep. You will have lesser amount of exercise after your last meal of the day and the acid produced in your stomach will keep increasing which will later lead to a more serious case of acid reflux while lying down to sleep.


As mentioned above, the lack of exercise will prevent the food from getting digested and the acid will keep accumulating your stomach until it slowly makes its way to the esophagus.

exercise for acid reflux

Hence, it is very important to engage in some kind of physical activity especially after having a meal.

Avoid heavy meals before bed

Without getting much physical activity, you will be more prone to acid reflux. This will also result in you finding it hard to fall asleep. Especially if you sleep on your back, the acid will start flowing to your esophagus and ultimately lead to more problems.

This is one of the main reasons as to why people are encouraged to have a very light meal at night before they go to sleep.

Chew gum after meals

Since chewing a piece of gum will produce more saliva, it will be able to clear all the acid more your mouth as well as the throat. However, you should not chew gum that is mint flavored since it has the ability to make your muscles more relaxed and create more acid in your stomach.

Avoid citrus fruits

Although it is recommended for you to consume more fruits in the evening or after your meals, you should avoid citrus fruits. They tend to have more ascorbic acid in them which leads to more acid reflux in the stomach.

Avoid citrus fruits

Hence, even if you plan on having fruits in the evening, make sure you are not consuming citrus fruits.

Avoid tight clothes

Wear more loose clothes while going to sleep, this will prevent pressure in your body and there will be more circulation of the blood as well.

If the clothes are too tight on you, there is a higher chance of the pressure building up on the stomach area and hence leading the acid to get intensified. This will definitely trigger acid reflux, hence, you must provide as less pressure as you can on the stomach area for the acid to get formed and result in acid reflux.


1. How high should you raise your bed for acid reflux?

The ideal height of your bed to reduce acid reflux is seven to eight inches. This is the perfect height to avoid the acid from flowing to your esophagus.

2. What is the best for GERD?

One of the best beds for GERD is adjustable beds. Although some mattress for acid reflux isn’t compatible with adjustable beds, they have a lot of advantages. Its height can either be lowered or raised and this seems very favorable for people who suffer from acid reflux.

Some of the main points as to why adjustable beds are the best for GERD is they are flexible, they are very durable as well. Moreover, if paired with the right amount of firmness, these adjustable beds can help to prevent acid reflux.

These beds sometimes also come with mattress for acid reflux, hence their coil type is ideal for side sleepers as well as people with acid reflux. A majority of them come with night sleep trail that allows you to check whether it is good for your reflux or not.

3. Does sleeping on my side help?

Although mattress for acid reflux can help immensely, back sleepers tend to suffer more from acid reflux as it can easily flow to the esophagus. Hence, side sleeping is seen as a beneficial technique to avoid acid reflux.

4. What is the ideal thickness of the mattress?

In terms of the mattresses for acid reflux, the ideal thickness would be about 12-inches. This is also applicable to hybrid mattress, purple hybrid, memory foam mattress, and more. The thickness of the mattress can even be lesser than that. However, this is tough to find especially if you have an adjustable bed.

5. What is the sleep trial?

Some of the mattress highlights are such that it provides 100 night sleep trial or more. This type of offer is mainly seen in some of the best mattresses for acid reflux. You have the option of exchanging the mattress or even return it while using it during the night sleep trial.

Final Verdict

There are a few ways wherein you can prevent acid reflux, however, sometimes it results in disturbing your sleep schedule as well. Hence, we have reviewed some of the best mattresses for acid reflux so that it is easy for you to select one of your choice.

Moreover, the buyer’s guide will intricately take you through the details and importance of having a good mattress to avoid acid reflux. With the right mattress, you will not find yourself struggling with acid reflux throughout the night.

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