Best Mattress Bags for Moving

10 Best Mattress Bags for Moving and Storage

Are you moving to a new house and need to transport or store your mattress? Storing or transporting mattresses is a huge task, one that you cannot succeed without help. Your mattress can get torn or soiled if you try to simply wrap it up with a bedsheet. For proper packing, you would require the best mattress bags for moving.

If you have never used a mattress storage bag, then you have arrived at the right place. We have reviewed some of the best mattress bags for moving that would help you out. Moreover, the guide also contains some commonly asked questions that could be of assistance.

Best Mattress Bags for Moving

1. CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving/Long-term Storage

CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving/Long-term Storage

The first product in the best mattress storage bag list is the CRESNEL mattress bag for moving and long-term storage. This durable and thick CRESNEL mattress bag for moving will help to keep your mattress safe during transportation or storage. Whether you are shifting houses or need long-term storage, your mattress will not be exposed to any environmental damage.

The durable plastic material used in making this bag is thicker than any standard moving bag. This means that the material will not damage easily, even during transportation. Moreover, the CRESNEL mattress bag can accommodate queen-size pillow-top mattresses. The thickness of the mattress is 14 inches which give it a 3D shape.

At 104 inches in length, the CRESNEL mattress bag is covered with the help of an overlapping flap after inserting the mattress. Due to the tight seal, the mattress will not be open to bed bugs, dust, or moisture. Moreover, this bag has a light shade which is good when your mattress may have stains on it. Since there are no vent holes, moisture cannot enter the mattress bag.


  • Durable and tough for different uses
  • An extra-long and wide mattress bag
  • Lack of vent holes that prevent moisture


  • Too expensive for temporary use

2. 5 Mil Heavy-Duty – Thick Plastic Bed Mattress Cover Protector

5 Mil Heavy-Duty – Thick Plastic Bed Mattress Cover Protector

Another heavy-duty mattress storage bag is the thick plastic bed mattress cover protector from Moving Host. These mattress bags are designed to last for a long time and are super tough. They are 5 mil mattress bags that will protect your mattress or any other household items during moving long-term storage. Moreover, the extra thickness is great since it prevents any tears, rips, or bumps to the contents inside.

The thick mattress bag for moving from Moving Host is a commercial-grade bag used for transporting any type of item. Even if you want to use the bag for storing or to protect your mattress or any other item, you can do so without any worry. The bag ensures that the items stay safe and without any damage for a long time.

The 5 mil mattress bags are also very long and have a double overlapping end flap for sealing tightly. You can also use packaging tape for extra protection so that dust, air, and moisture cannot enter the bag. The bag is available in multiple sizes, and you can store standard mattresses in this. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a warranty period of one year on any production defects.


  • Perfect for short-term and long-term use
  • Heavy-duty mattress bags with 5 mil thickness and tight seal
  • Equipped with double overlapping end flap


  • It can be too heavy-duty for moving long-term storage

3. UltraBlock Professional-Grade Mattress Bag

UltraBlock Professional-Grade Mattress Bag

The UltraBlock professional-grade mattress bag is exactly what the name suggests – a professional mattress bag for moving long-term storage. This commercial-grade product provides you with immense durability and can be used to store different household items along with mattresses. The mattress bag is made from plastic with 6 mil polyethylene thickness making it a heavy-duty product that will protect your mattress.

Due to the amazing thickness, these mattress bags provides immense protection to the items inside. It prevents unnecessary wear and tear and is also water and puncture-resistant. Since it is water-resistance, there is a lack of vent holes which does not allow the seeping of moisture into the bag.

You can also use the thick bag for disposal of items such as any bed-bug infested, damaged, and old mattresses that you have been planning to throw away. This mattress bag makes the disposal easy since the bag is made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. It will not be harmful to the environment at all. Moreover, the handles and adhesive seal make packing and moving a mattress easy.


  • The bag is made from polyethylene material that is 100% recyclable
  • Six mil thickness heavier duty which provides immense durability
  • Equipped with two adhesive seal


  • Can tear if stuffed completely to its full capacity

4. Nordic Elk Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage

Nordic Elk Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage

The Nordic Elk mattress bag with eight handles for moving and storage is similar to a sleeping bag but for your mattress. You can reuse this highly durable mattress bag multiple times. The Nordic Elk bags are equipped with a zipper that makes sealing and storing easy. Moreover, these thick bags provide you immense value for money.

The material used in the construction of the Nordic Elk bag is a heavier-duty tarp. This component is the reason for the high durability as compared to other standard mattress bags. Moreover, the bag has eight friendly handles along with a zipper that makes transportation extremely easy. The handles are like a cherry on top of this already fantastic product.

Since you can reuse the product several times, this is a very worthy investment. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is for a lifetime which shows the standard that the company has maintained. In case you have an issue with the product or do not like it for any reason, you can return it, and you will be given a full refund.


  • It can be reused, which makes it a great investment
  • Equipped with eight handles and one large zipper
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Zipper closure may not be comfortable for some users

5. U-Haul Standard King Mattress Bag

U-Haul Standard King Mattress Bag

U-haul standard king mattress bag is a heavy-duty mattress storage bag that you can use for different purposes. Though the model mentioned here is for a king-size mattress, you will find various sizes for this. Moreover, this thick mattress bag is not just suitable for mattresses but also for box springs.

Whether you want to store something for the long-term or just for a certain period, this mattress bag is the one for you. You can store different contents in it since the composition of the bag is very durable. Additionally, the plastic bag prevents the entry of debris, bed bugs, moisture, dirt, and other elements. However, there is a vent hole in the mattress bag which ensures that no mold forms on the items inside.

You can use the mattress bag for a standard mattress along with box springs up to a depth of 10 inches. However, you cannot store pillow-top mattresses or having integrated toppers. It is better to measure the mattress size so that you know whether it will be suitable for your mattress or not.


  • Equipped with ventilation holes for mold prevention
  • Can accommodate box springs and standard mattresses
  • Easy to cover the mattress with the heavy-duty bag


  • Not a sturdy option for long-term usage

6. Linenspa Mattress Bag

Linenspa Mattress Bag

Another heavy-duty mattress bag on the list is the Linenspa mattress bags. These mattress bags are completely capable of protecting your mattress from wear and tear along with environmental damage. The company provides mattress bags in three different sizes of Queen, King, and Twin XL. However, you can also opt for this mattress bag if you have custom-sized mattresses by choosing a bigger size.

The durable and sturdy construction of the mattress bag makes it a highly recommended product. Moreover, the bag is also successful in preventing bed bugs and dust entry, damaging the mattress. Since the bag is water-resistant, it will be successful in preventing the build-up of mold and moisture.

You can customize the bag size by ordering a large size and putting your pillows along with your mattresses. However, it is better for people who have customized mattress sizes to measure the size before ordering your bag. If you take the correct size, you will not store your pillows with the mattress.


  • Made from 2mm polyurethane heavy-duty plastic
  • Users can customize it for size to accommodate pillows
  • Very budget-friendly option


  • Lack of closure which needs packing tape sealing
  • May tear due to heavyweight

7. Comfort Home 2 Pack Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage

Comfort Home 2 Pack Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage

The Comfort Home 2 pack mattress bag for moving and storage is another great product in the list of the best mattress bags for moving. You will find one bag for a king-sized mattress in this two-pack, while the other is for a queen mattress. This thick bag is not just to keep your mattress but also for other contents during moving.

You can find other packs for the mattress bags that can suit twin/full mattresses. Made from polyethylene plastic, this mattress bag is very durable and can keep the mattresses safe while transportation or storing. You can keep any standard mattress in this bag; however, you may need to check the size beforehand for any mattress with pillows or toppers.

Another great thing about the mattress bag is that it does not have any vent pores. That is why you do not have to worry about your mattress getting exposed to moisture. However, you will need to use packing tape to seal the bag since there are no sealable strips or zippers present.


  • Lack of ventilation holes prevent moisture exposure
  • Available in two packs of Twin/Full, Queen/King
  • Perfect for long-term usage


  • Lack of zipper or seal strips for packing and needs packing tape
  • Material may be slightly flimsy

8. CalmNite Extra Thick Storage Bag

CalmNite Extra Thick Storage Bag

The extra thick and heavy-duty storage bag from CalmNite is the perfect companion for long-term storage or hauling a mattress. Whether it is a piece of patio furniture, bedding, box springs, rig, or chair, you can use the bag effectively for packing different contents. This high-density bag with a thickness of 4 mil polyethylene is your go-to for any storing or moving purposes.

The bag will protect the contents inside from tears, rips, moisture, pests, bed bugs, and dust. The material used in the construction is not just durable but also 100% recyclable. This means that you are opting for an environment-friendly option for packing your mattress. Another great thing about this mattress bag is that it provides a great quality/price ratio.

You can even use the bag for sealing your Christmas tree or protecting your furniture during house painting. This oversized bag comes with double adhesive seals, which makes storing and sealing extremely convenient. Moreover, the seal is also durable and will not get spoiled after a certain time.


  • Equipped with double adhesive seals for proper protection
  • High-density 100% recyclable plastic polyethylene material
  • Water-proof, dust-proof, reusable and pest-proof


  • Can tear when the bag becomes overweight
  • Size problems may occur for people with customized mattresses

9. BYSURE 2-Pack Mattress Bag

BYSURE 2-Pack Mattress Bag

The BYSURE 2-pack mattress bag is the perfect option for people who do not want a clear bag for their mattress. Many people have stained mattress or even pricey ones that they do not want to display entirely. For them, this opaque mattress bag is the best thing to use. Since this is not a clear mattress bag, anything you put inside will not be visible.

The plastic mattress bag is available in different sizes and has a thickness of three mil. This makes the bag suitable for heavy-duty hauling or storing. Moreover, the material used in the mattress construction is high-density polyurethane which does not tear easily. They have a 3D shape that will be easy to accommodate, even a customized mattress.

The rip-resistant material makes it easy for people to use the bag for moving purposes. You can also use these bags for storing or moving box springs without any issues. Moreover, the bags are sealed tight and would not allow pests, dust, or bed bugs. Moreover, there are no vent pores in the bags which prevent moisture build-up.


  • Recyclable polyurethane plastic material that is of high-density
  • Opaque design that hides mattress
  • Available in different thicknesses


  • Lack of handles
  • It needs to be closed with packing tapes

10. Seal-It Mail & Ship King/Queen Mattress Cover

Seal-It Mail & Ship King/Queen Mattress Cover

The Seal-It mail and ship mattress cover are unique from the other plastic mattress covers in the list with their dual accommodation. Most mattresses cover that you find in the market or the lost can accommodate either a standard mattress or box springs. However, the seal-it mail and ship mattress cover can accommodate both at the same time.

A great thing about this is that a lot of space is saved, the per-item fee during moving is reduced, and you will not have to worry about any contents getting lost. This bag is suitable for accommodating a full queen and king mattress effectively. You can also use it for storing a customized mattress, but you need to measure the size beforehand to ensure that it fits.

The plastic mattress bag is a very low-cost bag which is why you can use it only one time. You cannot use this bag for long-distance moving or long-term storage since it can wear out with time. However, this is the most cost-effective option within a budget for short-term use with a packing tape seal.


  • Very budget-friendly option
  • Can accommodate both standard mattresses and box springs at one time
  • Excellent for short-term use


  • It needs to be sealed with packing tape
  • Only available in one-size

How to Wrap Mattress for Moving?

Are you changing houses and want to take your mattress with you? Don’t want to compress your mattress? The real problem arises when people want to move their mattress but do not know how to pack them. If you want to move it safely, you need to ensure that it is properly packed. When in transit, it can get damaged if the package is not good.

The first thing you should do when you want to move is to purchase a mattress bag. Whether your mattress is queen, king, twin, or full size, you can get the perfect mattress bag. There is no other 100% safe way to move your mattress from one destination to another. This is because the bag is designed to keep the mattress protected under all circumstances.

How to Wrap Mattress for Moving

The first thing you need to do before wrapping the mattress with the bag is to remove any comforter or sheet from the bed. You should never move your mattress along with the sheet. Ensure that the mattress is completely dry, or you could let it stay under sunlight for some time before the change.

Choose a mattress bag that is of the best quality to not tear during the move. Make sure that you choose the right size for your queen, king, or full-sized mattress. If the bag is thick and durable, then your mattress will not be exposed to dirt, dust, or anything else.

Inspect the mattress properly before putting it in, and then place it carefully inside the bag. Make sure that the bag is wrapped properly around the mattress and close it. You also need to check if the closure is tightly sealed before sending the mattress to the moving truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a mattress bag for moving required?

Yes, a mattress bag is required when you want to move your mattress to another destination. Most people might think that the mattress bag is an unnecessary investment that they can ignore. They would instead tie up the mattress with the help of a cloth or rope. However, this isn’t good for the mattress.

Not only can this stain or soil the mattress, but it would also damage it or form lumps. For proper transportation of a mattress, you need to purchase a mattress bag. Additionally, the mattress bag will also protect your mattress from any external substances that could lead to its wear and tear.

2. How can a mattress be covered for moving?

You can cover a mattress using a mattress bag since it will help protect the mattress from any outside damage. When transporting to a different destination, one of the worries to find a suitable bag for the mattress. You cannot roll and tie up the mattress with anything since it can damage the mattress.

cover a mattress using a mattress bag

Another problem with moving without a proper bag is that your mattress could get stained or even tear during the move. To avoid any such mishaps and ensure that you do not have to invest in a new mattress after the move, it is better to opt for a good-quality mattress bag.

3. How is a mattress bag sealed?

A mattress bag has different sealing options. While some bags have a zipper seal, some others may have overlapping end flaps. Some other bags do not have any closure option, and you may need to use packaging tapes for closing them. No matter what type of closure the mattress bag has, it should protect the mattress well.

When choosing such a mattress bag, you need to see which sealing process you are comfortable with. This is an individual choice that each user needs to address separately based on their convenience. However, keeping the mattress covered and safe is the priority.

4. What is a mattress for storing wrapped in?

When you want to store a mattress for a certain time, you could use a good-quality mattress bag. Whether you are going on a long vacation or a short business trip, keeping your mattress uncovered and open would be a bad idea. With exposure to moisture, dust, and dirt, your mattress could get damaged.

That is why you need to use a mattress bag to ensure bed bugs, dust, or any other components do not touch the mattress. Based on the time you will be away from you could choose the type of mattress bag you require. Some mattress bags are for long-term use, while some are only suitable for short-term use.

Final Verdict

Whether you have a mattress that is queen size or any other size, finding the right bag for the storing and moving process is extremely crucial. You need to purchase a bag that can prevent dust, moisture, and other environmental effects that would be harmful to your mattress. That is why you need to be very cautious while making the purchase.

The guide will help you in finding the right mattress bag that can protect your mattress. Moreover, the commonly asked questions will ensure that most of your queries about a mattress bag are solved before making the final decision. Find the right mattress bag before the move, and keep your mattress safe!

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