Best Crutches For Hip Surgery

10 Best Crutches For Hip Surgery in 2022 – Reviews

If you have been through hip surgery recently, you must be concerned about the after-effects on your health. As serious as the surgery is, you should consider getting proper rehabilitation after that. Anyone must follow the medical expert advice for those who experienced hip surgery.

You have to take certain post-intervention precautions, tips, and measures. The first thing you need to keep in mind is strictly adhering to what the doctor has directed you to do. However, if you are prescribed painkillers, your recovery will take longer than expected.

To overcome the pain and inconvenience, you need to perform the right kind of exercise. But, how would you walk? The best crutches for hip surgery would help you to walk and promote a speedy recovery. After the surgery, people use crutches for at least six weeks. The time period is not that short; so, you need the best crutches for hip surgery.

Best Crutches For Hip Surgery – Reviews

You should choose the crutches wisely, depending on your condition. The review section will discuss the best crutches for hip surgery. However, you should buy the model that your doctor has advised or choose from any of the below after consulting your physical therapist.

Let’s discuss which crutches seem to be helpful to support your weight.

1. Hugo Mobility 721-785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Mobility 721-785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

If you are using crutches, you should feel comfortable while walking. It should be able durable and lightweight. That’s what Hugo Aluminum Crutches are all about. Made of contoured accessories, the crutches can provide exceptional ergonomic comfort.

The crutches are made with highly durable anodized aluminum that can support about 300 pounds of weight. Moreover, the crutches are lightweight and convenient to handle.

The crutches boast a thick underarm padding, curved stair deflector at the tip, and washable cushion grips. All these features allow you to go to a farther distance without any fatigue. Apart from that, it offers adjustable and solid walking support outdoors and indoors.

The crutches are available in three different sizes, and each size comes with adjustable height. Further, the tips are made with durable plastic, and it has cushioned underarm padding so that it does not experience any premature wear.

Lastly, the handgrips can be easily hand-washed and removed. Also, they are made with a special sponge that can absorb perspiration and provide cushioning.


  • Removable and easy to wash handgrips
  • Crutch tips are wear and tear resilient
  • Lightweight and highly reliable material


  • Some users find the crutches unstable

2. Medline MDS805162 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805162 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

If you want the crutches that can provide you with a balance between affordability and reliability, Medline MDS805162 Forearm Crutches is your best choice. To prevent the crutches from pivoting, it comes with locks and telescopic arm cuffs.

The black components on the crutches will hide away any sign of scratches or wear. They are usually recommended for long-term disability and are built to last for a long time. Its non-skid rubber tips can offer you excellent traction.

The tubbing of these lightweight crutches is made with highly durable aluminum material. Besides, the forearm crutches are ideal for adults with weight-bearing 250 pounds and height between 5’10”-6’6″.

The handle is made with plastic to offer a comfortable grip, and the cuffs are coated with vinyl for durability. Moreover, you can find crutches for teenagers in smaller sizes.


  • Comfortable pair of crutches at an affordable price
  • Fairly lightweight crutches
  • Pivoting cuffs enhances comfort while walking


  • The cuffs wear out when used frequently

3. Ergobaum 7G by Ergoactives

Ergobaum 7G by Ergoactives

Ergobaum is known to help people who face mobility issues with well-designed and meaningful solutions. The crutches are designed to encourage confidence and activity, along with providing comfort and safety.

The Ergobaum crutches are made to improve the health and quality of people’s life. Whether you have a chronic illness or temporary injury, the crutches will help overcome the pain. That’s because it is made with medical-grade material and developed by Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Promoting comfort, mobility, and functionality, the crutches offer an ergonomic design that is practical and elegant. It helps to reduce pain and friction with a patented shock absorber and Ergocap High-Performance tip.

For a comfortable grip, the crutches are equipped with a unique handle design that is both strong and cushioned. Moreover, it does not strain the upper body and your hand.

If you want your hands to remain mobile while using crutches, Ergobaum Crutches offers you many accessories. For instance, you have accessibility to a flashlight. You wouldn’t need to bring your phone out and use the light to walk in a dim-lit area.


  • Advanced and most comfortable forearm crutches
  • Comes with adjustable handles and cuffs
  • Equipped with patented shock absorption system


  • Slightly heavier than most forearm crutches

4. Mobilegs Ultra

Mobilegs Ultra

The patient-friendly design of the forearm crutches will provide you with a high level of performance. Moreover, if you suffer from joint or mobility issues, you should replace your conventional crutches with these forearm crutches.

The best crutches for hip surgery are designed to overcome underarm pain. Old and vulnerable people are going to benefit from the new designs. The slimmer profile of the patient will allow them to move with comfort using crutches. They are designed to lessen the discomfort of the patient.

The comfortable handle enables the patient to use crutches to position his hand in a neutral position. Moreover, you can convert the angle of that handle at your convenience. It provides personal reassurance to the patient.

Lastly, the crutches are designed to prolong the hard touch on the ground. It will allow a smooth motion while walking.


  • Reserve wrists and hands in a neutral position
  • Reduces underarm pain
  • Comfortable handle angle adjustment


  • Slightly expensive

5. The Life Crutch- Universal Crutch

The Life Crutch- Universal Crutch

If you are suffering from short-term mobility, you need hospital crutches or walking crutches to help overcome the injury. The Life Crutch offers you exceptional durability, comfort, and safety. The crutch is designed to promote comfort on armpits and wrists.

The Sure-Foot Articulating Tips can offer stability on unstable ground and uneven surfaces. Also, you can easily walk with the crutch on outdoor surfaces such as dirt, grass, and gravel. The crutch tips provide additional maneuverability to make it much easier to prevent obstacles.

The ergonomic design and positioning of the crutch grip will enable you to keep your wrists and hands in a neutral position. It eliminates arms or wrists pain and any kind of nerve damage. Moreover, the writs braces on the forearm crutches provide extreme comfort and reduce the possibility of any injury.

Besides, the crutch comes with 190 height adjustments for the handle, where the height will vary between 4’6″-6’7″. Thus, the crutch is suitable for youth, men, and women. Also, these durable and lightweight crutches can support the weight-bearing 300 pounds.


  • Comes with 19 handle adjustments for different height users
  • Intended to use for short-term like four weeks
  • Great for improving posture


  • The material lacks durability

6. DMI Crutches

DMI Crutches

The patients recovering from hip replacement surgery require forearm crutches for the speedy recovery of their health. Upon medical advice, the patients are asked to use crutches to support their body and bring a good leg.

DMI crutches include everything that can get you moving with your legs. It offers slip-resistant and durable tips, handgrips, and comfortable crutch pads.

The lightweight and convenient aluminum crutches are easy to carry and adjustable. With just one push button, you can adjust the crutches in height, varying from 44-52 inches. Also, it is designed to fit adults ranging from 5’2″- 5′-10″.

Besides, the best crutches for hip surgery can offer long-lasting recovery to patients suffering from injuries and surgeries. Moreover, it can offer total support to patients with weight-bearing up to 250 pounds.


  • Convenient push button to adjust the height
  • Made with lightweight and durable aluminum
  • Equipped with durable tips, crutch pads, and hand grips


  • Ideal for only tall users

7. Medline MDS805160 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805160 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Another addition of Forearm crutches from Medline will support your leg forward and your overall weight. The crutches are made of telescopic parts that come with an external lock and internal bushings, allowing you to walk silently.

The contoured arm cuffs are made durable with tapering and vinyl-coating. Additionally, the crutches let you easily walk up and down the stairs. The body of the crutch has black components which hide away the scratches and signs of tear.

People with hip replacement issues benefit from the lightweight and durable pair of crutches. The crutches can support up to 250 lbs. of weight and adjustable to a height of 6’6″.


  • Made with high-strength aluminum tubing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Suitable to use on stairs


  • Cuffs are somewhat difficult to adjust

8. Dynamo Sport Swings Lightweight Crutches

Dynamo Sport Swings Lightweight Crutches

Hip replacement surgery means your leg would need support and balance to move forward. The hips, knee, arm, and foot injury can result in serious consequences if not properly cared for. Besides, if you are a physically active person, it becomes difficult for you to stay at the same place for a long time.

The two crutches from Medline come with an articulating frame to keep your big foot flat on the ground with a solid grip. The wider the foot, the more grip you will have.

The best part of crutches is that they won’t slip forward. The links are framed to work together, and you can easily remove the SwingLinks. Therefore, it prevents falling or slipping using crutches.

If you use the crutch, it will immediately help in relieving pressure on fingers and wrists. The crutches come with a flexible and palm-down handgrip. Moreover, the handgrip is wider compared to the traditional crutch. Thus, it moves the pressure away from wrists and fingers.


  • Equipped with palm-down handgrip
  • Non-slippery crutches
  • Excellent grip for physically active adults


  • Armpits are somewhat hard

9. in-Motion Forearm Crutches

in-Motion Forearm Crutches

What makes the best crutches for hip surgery durable and long-lasting? The high-quality materials and heavy-duty construction, right? In-Motion Forearm crutches are made for heavy-duty use and have a weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds. It comes with new and re-designed cylinder sleeves to enhance durability and strength from tip to the crutch’s handle.

The patented Spring Assist technology will return the kinetic energy and absorb impact to promote the patient’s ambulation. The technology enables the springs to work quieter in comparison to traditional crutch springs. Also, the forearm crutch padding will help divert pressure and reduce friction from the underarm.

The ergonomic design of the handle help diminishes post fatigues after using crutches. The arm-support wrist brace wraps around the forearms and reduces the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome by not directly impacting the wrists.

Apart from providing comfort on shoulders, underarm, and wrists, it helps improve posture and allows you to walk naturally. It keeps your body erect as you walk or move up and down the stairs to aid in a speedy and proper recovery.


  • Helpful for patients going under physical therapy
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Remains stable on the indoor and outdoor spaces


  • Have issues with the handle grip

10. Crutches – Latest Generation Ergobaum by Ergoactives

Crutches – Latest Generation Ergobaum by Ergoactives

The technology has advanced to make the crutches more mobile and comfortable. The Egobaum crutches are made to offer elegance, comfort, performance, and safety. It offers to provide speedy recovery by overcoming secondary injuries.

The Eqgobaum crutches are equipped with return energy, shock absorption, and cushioned ride. Moreover, each crutch is made keeping in mind the comfort and rest of the patient by the Orthopaedic Surgeon.

The unique features of the two crutches involve shock absorbers. It reduces the impact by taking away all the pain related to walking. Apart from that, the Spring Loaded shock absorber patented technology provides additional balance, Safety Features, and Ergocap Tip.

Lastly, the walker is designed to offer comfort and full recovery immediately. The crutches are fully adjustable and come with a weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds. All in all, the crutches aim to bring your good leg back to the floor.


  • Adjustable crutches using height variability
  • Reduce the outside impact
  • Can use the crutch with one hand


  • Knee rest could be optional

What To Look For Before Buying A Crutches For Hip Surgery?

It can be a nerve-wracking task to pick suitable crutches. Moreover, the crutches should be durable and strong enough to keep your body straight. Sometimes, even the highly-rated crutches won’t last long or not work for everyone.

So, it’s essential to consider few things before surfing through the market. Therefore, we have compiled the list of factors you would want to know before purchasing the right pair of crutches.


The most important factor is height. The top-rated crutches usually come with height locking and adjustable mechanism. However, some models are taller compared to other models. Therefore, always check the height from the labels provided by the manufacturers.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Each model can support the different weight capacity. Some crutches won’t sustain the user’s weight that exceeds the range of 200 lbs. Furthermore, some others can support 350 words of weight capacity. Ask your manufacturers to disclose the information to you before purchasing the crutches.

Crutches For Hip Surgery

Forearm Or Underarm crutches

The Forearm crutches offer more comfort to walk with as compared to under arms crutches. However, underarm crutches are easy to use.


You should be able to adjust the crutches. It’s not enough to lower or raise the height. You would find some models that are advanced and adjustable handles. With adjustments, you can enhance comfort.


The price varies from model to model. The cheap crutches will not be durable and offer no comfort. Simultaneously, you would not want to spend hundred dollars until you are well-versed with the features.


You need to search for functional crutches that can absorb small shocks. For that, you should look for crutches that offer padding on handgrips and cuffs. Moreover, the foam padding can also be worked out by utilizing the spring-loaded tips, but those might be slightly expensive.

Crutch Accessories

It would be better that you practice using crutches that include many accessories. The accessories offer a durable and comfortable experience. The under pad arms and handgrips are designed to provide stability.

Crutches For Hip Surgery

The crutches can also cause chafing against your body while walking for long distances. Therefore, you need to look for crutches that come with high-quality pads to reduce the effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions left in your mind regarding the best crutches for hip surgery, that will be cleared out in this section.

1. Do You Need Crutches After Hip Surgery?

Crutches assist in walking after a hip surgery. People use crutches after surgery in the initial weeks. It supports the weight and ensures a speedy recovery.

2. How Do You Poop After Hip Surgery?

After hip surgery, it becomes difficult to poop while sitting on the toilet seat. However, you can poop by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Do not sit on the toilet seat until you feel your legs are at the back of the chair.
  • Now, move your operated leg forward.
  • Now, bend both the knees and lower yourself gently on the toilet or chair using a sink, armrests, or countertop for support.

3. How Long Does It Take To Walk Normally After Hip Surgery?

In a process to walk confidently on stable and unstable grounds after hip replacement surgery, the recovery time varies from person to person. After the hip surgery, you will need assistance to walk normally for few weeks.

After three days, walking will become much easier with slight help and practice with crutches. Following the doctor’s instructions, you will walk and perform everyday activities after 10-12 weeks after hip replacement.

Final Thoughts

If you wish for a speedy recovery from hip replacement, you need to find a good and reliable pair of crutches. The right size of the forearm or underarm crutches come with soft contact surfaces, and cushioning can reduce the possibility of pain or soreness while walking on the floor or stairs. 

If you are worried about the range, whether you should buy crutches, go for expensive or cheap crutches. Even cheap crutches are reasonable to buy if they are comfortable enough. Moreover, the tall, well-cushioned, light weight, and well-made crutches should be good enough for everyone.

So, choose one among the best crutches for hip surgery from the above-mentioned products and enjoy your outdoor trip with ease and comfort.

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