Exercises for Arthritis in Lower Back

Exercises for Arthritis in Lower Back – Must Try

A person with arthritis suffers a lot from muscle pain in their body, especially in their joints, back area, and limbs. The lower back is the most common area for developing arthritis. There are various reasons why this happens. It depends very much on the lifestyle of the person.

But do not worry. There are many kinds of exercises for arthritis in lower back that can make your pain go away quickly. Doing such exercises daily will also help you prevent getting arthritis in your back, or anywhere else for that matter.

Exercises That Are Good for Arthritis in Lower Back

If you suffer from arthritis, you should not assume that it’s temporary. Sometimes, arthritis is long term or permanent. Immediate treatment is important if you want to escape this problem. The below exercises should help you solve this –

1. Posture

The posture of your body when you remain in a particular position for hours is something you need to look out for. Arthritis can happen when you sleep on the wrong type of uncomfortable bed, or if your sleeping posture is harmful to your body. Another place where you need to fix your posture is at your workplace.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk for long hours, then you need to have a good posture. Your tasks will most likely involve only paper work or computer related work. So, you will be seated on a chair, leaning towards a table in front of you.


That very chair and table should be changed to something comfortable that goes with your height and comfort level. Once you have your work area set to something ergonomic, you need to reset your work posture. Make sure to keep the sole of your feet set on the floor completely.

When sitting, make sure your spine is completely aligned and straight, even if the position has to remain for hours. Your eyes must be on an equal level to your computer screen as you work.

And when you are handling paperwork, make sure you sit very close to the desk, enough for the edge of the desk to touch your chest as you are writing.

2. Walking

Walking, jogging, sprinting, and every other form of using your legs for movement are the best types of exercise to get rid of arthritic pain. If you did such exercises every day, as well as between work hours, they will prevent lower back pain.

The only requirements are that you need to choose the right walking gear and the right place to walk. Walking gear involves stretchable or loose clothes and comfortable shoes, so that you can walk for hours. As long as the soles of the shoes are soft and bouncy, your feet will be protected.


This comfort in your feet will go all the way up to your spine, and prevent your back from hurting. If you are jogging, then make sure you pick routes with flat grounds and open space, such as concrete pavements in parks.

3. Meditational Exercises

Meditational exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi etc. are pretty good choices to keep your body flexible. They also let your limbs get the right amount of stretching needed in an entire day, which your office desk work can’t provide.

Such exercises should be done early in the morning, when everything is quiet and the atmosphere is cool.

Meditational Exercises

Movements in these kinds of exercises are very slow and gentle, unlike the aggressive and forceful workout routines people do in gyms. The time it takes for one movement in meditational exercises lets your muscle relax, even when your body is moving.

4. Side Stretching

There are various kinds of stretches a person can do to get rid of arthritic pain in their lower back. Side stretches are one of the quick and easy types. Any sort of weight can be used for this exercise, as long as it is light. A side stretch usually involves standing in an open area.

You must stand still and take a weight in one hand. With that hand, stretch your arm all the way down along your body. Then, bring the weight back up while going back to your standing position. Do the same step with another weight in your other hand.

Side Stretching

Make sure to keep the other hand free from holding any weights as you do this. Weights should only be held with one hand at a time. Continue this exercise on each side for about 10 times. If you want, you can also perform side stretches without holding weights.

5. ‘W’ Stretching

To do the ‘W’ stretch, you need to stand up and raise your arms to each side. The arms should be slightly folded, while letting your elbows stick out. This structure of your arms will look like the letter ‘W’ from afar.

Now, move both of your shoulders backwards. Your arms will move backward with them, of course. Hold it in that position for three counts before releasing the hold and relaxing back to the ‘W’ structure in an aligned posture. Do it again repeatedly. You can stop after doing it about 10 times.

Final Words

The exercises discussed above are good enough to fix your lower back pain. They are simple enough for you to do every day. Whether you work out before you begin your day or in between your daily tasks, you need to know the various exercises for arthritis in lower back.

Other than that, you can also treat your muscle pain at the end of the day with the best mattress for arthritic hips when you go to sleep. After a long day of work, stress, and exercising, you still need to have a good night’s sleep on a good bed with good sleeping posture.

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