Are Bigger Wheels Better on a Rollator

Are Bigger Wheels Better on a Rollator?

Rollators with bigger wheels are also regarded as outdoor walkers or wheeled walkers. It’s because the bigger wheels can easily pass obstacles, allowing it to perform better in outdoor spaces. Bigger wheels also provide better stability and comfortability, especially in rough terrain. So anyone who uses the rollators frequently outdoors should go for the bigger wheel option.

One can also enjoy easy maneuverability and control due to the bigger wheels. The rollators with 12 or 14 inches size have shown excellent performance in managing rocks, curbs, gravel, or wooden trails. However, bigger wheels aren’t suitable for indoor use with smooth and flat surfaces. But you can still choose slightly bigger wheels, around 8 inches, to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. 

Since it’s about using the rollator effectively, we’ll investigate the optimal size of the wheel and what factors you should combine to get the maximum performance.

Different Wheel Options for Rollators

When it comes to rollators or rolling walkers, you can avail of three-wheel or four-wheel rollators. The three-wheel rollators are great for people with minor mobility issues because they’re easy to maneuver. 

Different Wheel Options for Rollators

But for stability and support, the four-wheel rollators make the best choice. If someone needs support while walking long distances or travel frequently, it’s better to use four-wheel rollators with bigger wheels.

Different Wheel Sizes of a Rollator & How They Matter

The performance of the rollator is directly related to its wheel sizes. The rollator with wheels smaller than 8″ can hardly overcome the thresholds in outdoor uses. A small calculation says the maximum height of an obstacle that a rollator wheel can climb corresponds to 15% of its outer diameter. So the 6 or 8-inch wheels can only manage an obstacle of around 1 to 1.25 inches when pushed.

Different Wheel Sizes of a Rollator & How They Matter

On the other hand, 12 or 14 inches rollator wheels can manage to climb obstacles of around 5 inches in height. You’ll get these bigger wheels in some heavy-duty outdoor rollators. So it’s pretty clear that bigger front and rear wheels can help the rollator easily manage gravel, rocks, or curbs.

Why Using Bigger Wheels is a Must for Outdoor Use

When choosing the wheel size for your rollator, you need to decide where you will use it primarily. Many people opt for this device to use outdoors. With mobility being affected, these people don’t want to sit back at home. They want to reap the benefits of healthy walking. Many even seem to engage in daily activities using a rollator.

Why Using Bigger Wheels is a Must for Outdoor Use

Handles Large Obstacles

For these outdoor enthusiasts, it’s a must to use a rollator with bigger wheels. The wheel size has to be more than 8 inches in diameter. As we’ve already said, we recommend using 14″ rear wheels and 10-12″ caster wheels for outdoor enthusiasts. They can handle comparatively large obstacles that come by during offroading.

Ensures Safety

The bigger wheels are also combined with an aluminum frame and pneumatic tires to ensure safety during outdoor use. Moreover, the bigger wheels offset the shock of uneven ground, making it a safe option for the users.

Smooth Riding

The bigger wheels have much fewer revolutions per minute than the smaller wheels. As a result, the rollator goes through less vibration, making the walking experience much smoother while enhancing the walking speed.


Using the rollator with larger wheels is also comfortable as they’ll require less physical strength. The larger front wheels also make it easier to maneuver while roaming around outdoor mazes. People enjoy walking with bigger wheel rollators on the street, malls, paved trails, and other similar spaces.

Can You Use Bigger Wheels on a Rollator for Indoor Use

If you’ve got a rollator to use indoors mostly, you won’t probably choose bigger wheels. Although they provide more stability, they can be difficult to maneuver in narrow passages. 

Indoors also have even and smooth surfaces. So the smaller wheels are more suitable for those surfaces as they come with a tighter turning radius. These small wheel rollators offer better maneuverability while using them indoors.

Can You Use Bigger Wheels on a Rollator for Indoor Use

So if you want to roam inside your home and across the hallway or passages, you should choose comparative smaller wheels, especially the front caster wheels.

Bigger Wheels are Better if…

So far, we’ve seen why bigger wheels are better on rollators. But a few more things need to be combined with the bigger wheels. 

Firstly, the wheel material. The rubber is considered a premium quality material that can ensure superior durability, grip, and softness. There are also polyurethane or PU wheels available out there. Although they mimic rubber’s softness and texture, they’ve less grip and are a bit harder as well.

Bigger Wheels are Better

Also, you’ve to combine it with heavy-duty steel legs, a sturdy aluminum frame, and pneumatic & synthetic rubber tires to enjoy most of its benefits. Remember, your rollator is supposed to provide a decent balance and support, so it can’t just be floaty! 

To find out what are some other factors that one should consider while selecting the rollator, check this article from CrediHealth, a site run by a team of health experts.

Final Words

The bigger wheel rollators can support more weight capacity, and people who are a little healthy can also use them with ease for outdoor activities. Although they’re considered mobility aids, they’re more than that. 

A high-end rollator with bigger wheels can make your offroading adventures more enjoyable and improve the quality of life to a great extent. Although the bigger wheel models could be a little expensive, they’re definitely worth considering.

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