What To Do With Old Futon Mattress

What To Do With Old Futon Mattress?

Do you have an old futon mattress and don’t what to do with it? Before you think of throwing it away to clear the way for a new one, have you given in to the thought of what else you can do it? If you have no clue what to do with the aged mattress, read this quick post to get some cool ideas on what you can do with your old futon mattress.

Repurpose it for your kids’ use

If you like getting handy around your home, you might consider repurposing your old futon mattress to create something more useful for your kiddos.

For instance, you can use it to create an outdoor seat that your children can use when playing outside. Or you can use it as a substitute trampoline for your kids to jump around on.

Repurpose it for your kids’ use

You might also consider using the old mattress to make a panic mat for your kids.

Another idea is to give it away to your kids just the way it is. Believe it or not, your young ones have wild imaginations and might just find some good use of it during their playtime. Just ensure you clean it before giving it to them.

Make use of its components

This one is also for the DIYers…as you can easily tell by just looking at it, the futon mattress is made of several components. If you disassembled the aged mattress, you’d be able to set apart these components and use them as part of something new.

Old Futon Mattress

If you’re a carpenter, you might find the metals, wooden slats, and springs of your old futon mattress helpful for your future furniture projects.

And if you’re a seamstress, how about using the cover and fiber of the old mattress to sew another cloth?

Use it to create art

If you’re the creative type, you can use the old futon as a canvas for your next art project. You can choose to use the mattress as a whole or take it apart first. If you have no ideas about turning the old mattress into a great piece of art, don’t hesitate to use the internet to get some clues.

Did you know what you could get rewarded for turning your old futon mattress into a great piece of art? As part of their effort to promote reuse and recycling, the concerned organizations are always sponsoring design competitions with sustainable themes.

Old Futon Mattress

You might want to look for such sponsorships and try your luck. The local diaries and the internet are a good place to start.

Sell it at secondhand stores

If you’re in the mood to make a few bucks, you might also consider selling your old futon mattress. Yes, someone might be looking to buy just the same thing you want to get rid of.

We suggest that you first clean your futon mattress to make it appealing to the buyers. You can choose to personally sell the mattress to a close friend or a well-known person. Or, you can sell in via the internet, using the second hand selling stores.

Sell old futon mattress

If you go with the latter option, make sure you take clear photos of your mattress, put up clear information regarding the mattress specifications, paying methods, and ensure smooth communication with potential buyers.

Donate it to charity

What if your mattress can still find some use? Instead of throwing it away, won’t it be nice of you to give it away? Someone else might still find some use in it or have an idea of how to recycle it.

You can let your friends, relatives, and close neighbors know your intention of giving away your mattress, and you might be surprised it quickly finds a new owner in this circle.

Donate old futon mattress

Alternatively, you can donate the mattress to organizations such as the salvation army, recycling centers, shelters, churches, or pet rescue centers.

As long as you’re giving away your mattress for free, you’ll never lack someone who desperately needs it.

How to dispose your old futon mattress?

If you are not interested in reusing your old futon mattress, then you’ll be left with no option but to discard it. In this case, you should learn how to dispose of it correctly, so you don’t overburden your surroundings with more waste.

Give your municipal solid management department a call to find out when they intend to pick up large waste around your area. Next, wait until the scheduled day arrives and set your futon mattress outside.

Dispose old futon mattress

In case they don’t have a scheduled pickup day for large waste, you might consider personally transport your mattress to the nearest county or municipal dump.


There you have it! We have just given you some cool things you can do with your old futon mattress around your home. If you’re not the handy type and don’t want to repurpose the old mattress, you can sell or donate it to charity. If your only option is to dispose it, make sure you do it correctly to ensure you keep your environment clean and green!

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