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Tom’s of Maine: Start the New Year Off Right: Help Those in Need

It’s a new year and even though the economy isn’t getting any better that hasn’t stopped Tom’s of Maine from giving more and more of its time and commitment to the community.

The company has launched Dental Health for All, an initiative that is bringing Americans and local communities together every single day with Tom’s of Maine to help create better access to dental care for families in need.

During the past four years, the program has been able to bring close to 60,000 new annual dental visits and awarded large grants to 25 school- and community-based dental clinics in hopes of increasing and improving patient capacity and help support facility expansion projects.

“It’s hard for a parent to imagine not being able to take their child for a routine dental check-up, but for the nearly half of American families without dental insurance or access to dental care this is an unfortunate reality,” said Kerry Maguire, D.D.S., M.S.P.H. and Tom’s Director of Professional of Advocacy.

“It may seem like an overwhelming problem but Tom’s of Maine truly believes we can work together to make a difference, one small step at a time.”

Tom’s of Maine

All this month, Tom’s of Maine will be donating a portion of its sales for all products towards Dental Health for All and they will also be awarding dental clinics across the country with grants for oral health projects in February.

With every purchase, families are able to enjoy the products they love or even try natural oral care for the first time and have it benefit not just their family, but families that are in dire need of dental health. The money raised goes to several resources including examination equipment to help clinics give their communities the best care possible.

Keys Facts

  • According to the U.S. Surgeon General, 120 million Americans lack dental care.
  • The Tom’s of Maine Dental Health For All program supports community organizations that provide dental care to people who would otherwise go without.
  • Tom’s of Maine will help fund community-based clinics that are working hard to fill the gaps in dental coverage and access.
  • 25 school- and community-based dental clinics have received grants from Tom’s to increase patient capacity and improve or expand their patient services.
  • Nearly 60,000 annual patient visits can now be scheduled.
  • Over 238,000 tubes of free toothpaste have been given to underserved children and adults.
Tom’s of Maine

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