How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding

How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

Air mattresses are vulnerable to slipping or sliding when you get in or out of bed or when you toss or move around in your sleep. This can become quite uncomfortable for you and disrupt your sleep (nobody really wants that).

So, is there a way you can still your aero bed so that it stays in place throughout the night? Yes! Below, we’ve compiled a couple of easy to implement techniques that other air bed owners have employed before to keep the air mattress in place.

The best way to keep your air mattress from sliding:

best way to keep your air mattress from sliding

Use a slip-resistant pad

The most effective way you can keep your air bed in place the whole night is by lining it with a slip-resistant pad. The pad will act as an adhesive that holds the mattress in place when you pressure it with your body weight.

The market has these pads in multiple sizes, so getting one that matches your specific bed size will be easy. Also, you can trim the pad as per your needs.

Use a slip-resistant pad

Quick Tip: If you prefer a more permanent solution, consider gluing the non-slip pad underneath your mattress on the edges of your air bed. This will save you from having to look for a non-slip pad every time you want to keep your mattress in place.

Use a carpet or area rug

If you don’t have a non-slip pad within reach, you can also use the carpet or area rug in your home to still your air bed. You simply put your mattress on top of the carpet or rug. Just like a non-slip pad, the carpet/area rug will offer a grippy surface that will hold your air mattress in place, eliminating those annoying mattress movements.

Use a carpet

Elevate the mattress

Another hack that helps prevent your air bed from sliding and slipping involves elevating it off the floor. One way you can do this is by placing your mattress on a platform frame.

If you want to enjoy an extra-cushy sleeping haven, consider using a box spring (with or without the standard bed frame).

Elevate the mattress

An added benefit of elevating your mattress is that it will also help shield you from drafts and makes it feel more comfortable. It is best to inflate with builtin pump.

Get an air mattress with a gripping mechanism

If you plan to buy a new air mattress, you should consider getting one that comes with some form of floor grip-ability to ensure it doesn’t shift when you move around in your sleep.

air mattress with a gripping mechanism

The manufacturers are now adding grips at the bottom of these mattresses to help create traction with any surface you put the bed on, thus eliminating slickness.


An air mattress can turn out to be one of the most comfortable beds you’ll ever spend your night on. Knowing how to set it so that it doesn’t shift or slip off its position when you turn or toss in bed will give you an even comfier sleeping experience. Implement the measures we’ve just discussed in this guide to ensure your air bed stays in place and gives you an undisrupted night’s sleep.

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