How To Inflate Air Mattress With Built in Pump Without Electricity

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Built in Pump Without Electricity?

An air mattress offers you a convenient way to catch the Zzz’s when out there camping. You can also count on it to provide your friend with a place to lay head when they spend the night in your home.

These mattresses usually come with a built-in pump and need electrical power to inflate them and make them ready for use.

That said, you might need to inflate the mattress for use but yourself in the middle of a power outage or don’t have access to electricity. This brings in the million-dollar question—how can you inflate your air mattress without electricity?

Inflating Your Air Mattress Without Electricity

The easiest way to inflate your aero bed with a built-in pump without electricity involves bypassing the built-in pump and using a manual pump or a battery-operated pump. Sounds just great, right?

First things first: On a camping trip? Before you can start using that manual pump, how about checking if the campground you are in offers electrical outlets? If you find an outlet, you just saved yourself the hassle of manually pumping air into your air mattress.

Inflating Your Air Mattress Without Electricity

If you can’t find an electrical outlet, you can use a manual pump, e.g., a bike pump, as explained in the quick steps below.

Step 1. Place your mattress on a flat surface. Ensure there are no sharp objects that might end up puncturing it.

Step 2. Locate the air valve; it’s usually located on the side of the mattress. Then, open it and insert the air pump securely into it.

Step 3. With the pump correctly secured to the valve, you can now start pumping with your manual pump until your mattress gets fully inflated. This should take around 15-20 minutes.

Step 4. When done, remove the air pump from the valve. Make sure you put back the valve cover to stop air from leaking.

Other Methods Of Inflating Your Air Mattress Without Electricity

Besides using a manual pump, you can employ other proven methods to properly inflate your air mattress when you can’t access electrical power.

Let’s have a quick look at these alternatives.

Use the garbage bag

You heard it right! If you have no access to electricity, you can use a garbage bag to inflate your air mattress to capacity. To get this job done, you might want to use a heavy-duty trash bag that won’t easily pop under your weight.

To use the trash bag, open it up and down to enable it to catch as much air as possible. Next, gather up the open end of your bag to retain the trapped air inside. Bring the bag to your mattress air valve and hold the open end around it. Squeeze the bag to force the out of the bag and into your mattress.

Repeat this process until your mattress becomes inflated to capacity.

Use a battery-operated pump

Battery-operated pumps can come to your rescue in case you’re in a remote area with no access to electricity. These pumps usually run on regular or rechargeable batteries and wil get the job done, just like an electric pump.

Because they come in various sizes, you’ll get the chance to choose one that lets you quickly inflate the specific size of your air mattress.

Use a battery-operated pump

If you use a pump powered by regular batteries, make sure you bring along an extra set of batteries in case the batteries inside the pump die in the middle of pumping.

Use your car

If you plan to go camping with your vehicle, then bringing along a car socket pump will help you easily inflate your aero bed.

These highly portable pumps are more affordable than battery-operated models. They come designed for plugging into your car’s auxiliary power socket (usually known as the cigarette lighter) and outputs 12VDC.

The only limitation that might stop you from using this method is that you’ll need to camp next to your vehicle for it to work. Otherwise, you’ll need to bring the mattress near your car to inflate and then carry it a good distance when fully inflated to your camping area.

Use your breath

If everything else fails, your last resort is to your breath to inflate your bed? Is that even possible? That’s the question you might be asking yourself right now.  But it will still work, only that it will take longer (and will be pretty hard if you’re inflating a full-size mattress).

Use your breath

The old-fashioned pumping method involves taking a deep breath, put your mouth around the mattress air hole, and exhaling the air into the mattress. Repeat this until your mattress gets full and firm.


Don’t let lack of electricity power stop you from enjoying a good night’s sleep while far from the comfort of your home mattresses. We have just given you handy methods you can use to conveniently inflate your air mattress without electricity in case of a power outage or when on a camping trip.

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