How To Get Rid Of Beer Breath

How To Get Rid Of Beer Breath? Only The Effective Ways

Taking time to have a beer or two is a great way of passing the time with your friends while taking time off your busy schedule.

Unfortunately, taking too much of beer will affect your judgment, inhibitions, and balance- making it unsafe not only for you but also for those you’re with.

Even worse;

It results in an annoying, embarrassing breath that you don’t want to show up to job the next day with.

So, how do you get rid of this breath?

Below, we take a look at some proven methods of eliminating or lessening beer breath.


One of the simplest ways of taking away beer breath involves brushing your teeth. And when brushing your teeth, don’t forget to clean your tongue as well.

The tongue harbors a lot of bacteria, which, if mixed with the smell of alcohol, it worsens your breath.

Taking time to brush your teeth will lessen beer breath.


If you brush your teeth using a strong toothpaste containing menthol, you’ll get even better results.

And while still on it, consider flossing your teeth as well after drinking throughout the night. This is because the foods you might have taken while drinking easily stick on your teeth and will contribute to awful beer breath.


To keep off beer breath, you’ll need to complete the experts’ recommended FBI process- i.e., Floss, Brush, irrigation.

Am assuming you’ve some quality fresh scented mouthwash at your home which you simply need to add to your oral irrigator or water flosser.

Then swish the solution thoroughly in your mouth for around 20-30 seconds for the best results.



Drinking coffee or lots of water can also help eliminate the beer breath.

As you know, the alcohol in beer dehydrates your body which causes a dry mouth (and bad breath). Drinking water will, therefore, replenish your body hydration, promote salivation, and eventually lessen the beer breath.

Coffee’s strong smell, on the other hand, can cover the awful smell associated with booze. However, I recommend you to take coffee the morning after drinking.


Remember that coffee falls in the depressants and stimulants category and taking it while drinking makes you feel less drunk, and you might end up taking more booze than you can handle.


This is the most common method used by people who want to get rid f beer breath effortlessly.

Chewing gum not only replaces the beer breath with a fresh scent but also causes you to salivate (a proven way of reducing the breath).


For the best results, consider taking sour flavored gums. This will promote excess salivation which bears better results at reducing the alcohol breath.

Chewing a powerful menthol flavored gum further helps cover up the foul beer smell.


Because garlic and onion are among the most aromatic foods known to humankind, taking them can easily override the beer breath. That is, they’ll stick in your mouth for hours, eliminating the bad breath.

You don’t have to take the onion or garlic cloves directly. You can take foods containing these foods- e.g., garlic bread, garlic fries.


Also, adding red onions to burger, sandwich, salad after drinking also works wonders.

NOTE: taking raw onion or garlic isn’t always recommended. While this could be the most effective way of eliminating beer breath, the smell can become too strong for you to bear.

Also, if you’re trying to smell alcohol-free so as to attend an event or meeting, this might not be the best option for you, keeping in mind the garlic smell isn’t always pleasing.


Surprising, right?

Beer not only affects your breath. It also dings its way through your body pores, resulting in a boozy scent from your entire body.

Takin a shower the night or morning after a round of drinks will help take away the beer smell.

Using strongly scented soaps, conditioners, and shampoos will go a long way in eliminating or reducing the scent.


If you drink regularly, you already know that different drinks come with different odors.

Imagine what would happen if you mix various types of beers in one night?

This will result in something worse than the already awful beer breath. Just stick to one type of alcohol in a night to lessen the alcohol breath.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of that awful and embarrassing beer breath right now, this post will be of great help. Putting the above tips into practice will help lessen this breath or even eliminate it for good fast and efficiently.

Which of the above tips would you like to use to get rid of beer breath?

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