Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress To Make It Firmer

Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress To Make It Firmer

Mattress flipping is a helpful practice that makes your mattress feel firmer for a good night sleep. Flipping also helps keep your mattress from wearing unevenly, helping preserve its lifespan.

A pillow-top mattress, however, isn’t designed like the traditional mattresses as it features a softer, pillow-like. If you own this kind of mattress, you might be wondering whether you can flip it as well to help guard its lifespan.

Should You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress?

The short answer is no.

A typical pillow top mattress comes designed with a puffy, padded (pillow-like) top layer and a traditional mattress beneath. The top puffy layer is intended to stay at the top at all times, preventing you from flipping your mattress.


See, if you were to flip this type of mattress, you’d simply be putting the softer, comfier layer to the bottom and force it to support everything. And you’ll be forced to lie on the harder, less comfortable support layer.

Flip A Pillow Top Mattress

In other words, you’ll be subjecting each side of your pillow top mattress to a job it wasn’t originally designed for.

However, there are exceptions…

While we strongly recommend against flipping a mattress, there’s one special case where flipping is 100% recommended; the case of mattresses featuring a pillow-top design on both sides.

If you check the underlying side of your mattress and see that it also has a padded, pillow-like top, you can go ahead and turn it over without any problems.

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Other Ways to Make Your Pillow Top Mattress Firmer

We have ruled out flipping as a maintenance method for one-sided pillow top mattress. Luckily, we have listed other helpful methods you can employ to your mattress to ensure it feels firmer and lasts longer. These include:

Pillow Top Mattress Firmer

Get a mattress topper

The market has all types of toppers for you to choose from, including soft and firmer toppers. You can get yourself one of these toppers to help make your mattress feel firmer and uniform. If you want to make your mattress, consider getting a memory foam topper as it offers great firmness.

A mattress topper

Turn the mattress

This is especially helpful if you have a king-sized mattress as its length and width dimensions are almost the same. Turn the mattress 90 degrees will help prevent unevenness and add a little more life to your bed.

Check your mattress support system

You should also ensure your mattress sits on a flat, even surface if you want it to last long. If you use box springs, ensure the wood slates have a spacing of around 2-3 inches. A spacing of more than 4 inches will cause your mattress to sag quite fast.

Mattress Firmer

Pro Tip: You can test if you have a faulty support system by placing it on a clean floor for a few nights. If you notice any difference, then you have a problematic support system and need to fix it asap.

Fix the sagging areas

You can also prevent uneven wearing of your mattress by fixing the sagging parts. An easy method involves placing rolled-up/folded towels to help increase the level of support. In case you have a bed with a zipper to give you access to its internal components, consider removing the sagging portions and replace them if you wish.

Fix the sagging areas Mattress

Just flip it

Hey! If you have tried everything and none seems to work, just flip it. It’s okay to bend the rules a bit. But when you do, you want to take additional measures—like adding a mattress topper—to ensure you don’t compromise your comfort by sleeping on the solid side of the mattress.

flip Mattress

Get yourself a new mattress

The truth about mattresses is that they don’t last forever. All the methods we have offered you above are just some temporary fixes, and your mattress will eventually take the final bow. If the above methods don’t seem to change anything, get a brand new bed.

To flip or not to flip?

You can flip your pillow top mattress if it features the pillow top design on both sides. However, you should not flip it if it has only one pillow-top side. If you have a one-sided mattress, follow the alternative methods we have discussed in this guide to make it feel firmer and extend its lifespan.

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