Best Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

Best Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink – Reviews 2022

If you have a wheelchair user in your home, then you’re already familiar with the struggle they go through when they try to use a standard bathroom sink.

The ordinary sink is too high for them to comfortably reach the faucet from a seated position. It also lacks room underneath for their legs and for their wheelchair footrest, making it hard to get closer to the sink.

With that said, you can help ease their struggle by installing a wheelchair accessible sink in your bathroom. The best wheelchair accessible bathroom sink comes with the right height and unique design to make it easy for disabled folks to get as close as possible and use it comfortably without a helper.

In the following post, you’ll discover some of the top-rated wheelchair-friendly bathroom sinks you can get on the market today to help you make comparisons and choose the most suitable model for you.

Best wheelchair accessible bathroom sinks:

1. CCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Sink

CCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Sink

Our list of the top-rated handicap accessible sinks starts with this Ccucine rectangle ceramic sink. The modern-looking sink has a contemporary design that makes it a great choice for households with wheelchair users as well as commercial use.

Installing this sink is easy and you can do it on your own without hiring a plumber. It comes with an installation kit featuring all the needed hardware and gasket for hassle-free installing. You just need to ensure you set it at a height that’s easily accessible by someone sitting in a wheelchair.

Because this is a countertop bathroom sink, you can imagine how beautiful it will look above your bathroom vanity. It will become a focal point that breathes new life into your bathroom.

The vessel sink is constructed using high-quality ceramic material, which gives it an overall solid and durable feel. Its ability to resist temperature changes ensures it will retain its original shape and looks for years to come. The crystalline glaze gives the sink a shiny and beautiful finish while giving it the power to resist scratches and marks.

Its size is great for half bathrooms or small bathrooms at homes, restaurants, hotels, villas, etc. Its rectangular shape compensates for the shallow design by offering more sink capacity. The smooth ceramic surface makes the sink easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, this is a great quality all-around solid sink for wheelchair users. It comes with a simple but clean look and looks really beautiful in your newly remodeled bathroom. It is also easy to install. For the price, this beautiful sink is truly a great bargain!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 18.1L” x 10″W x 5″H
  • Premium quality ceramic construction
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Smooth, easy to clean ceramic surface
  • Above counter installation
  • Simple and quick installation

2. Lordear Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Modern Vanity Sink

Lordear Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Modern Vanity Sink

The Lordear rectangle ceramic model is another cute, modern-looking sink that comes at a great price. This sink comes in a European-inspired contemporary classic design, and will instantly add refresh your bathroom with beauty and elegance.

We feature it on our list as one of the best handicap bathroom sinks for wheelchairs because it is designed to last. It boasts premium quality ceramic construction which enables it to last for years and years. it has some weight to it which gives it a durable feel. And the fact that this material offers excellent resistance to acid and water absorption helps further increase its lifespan.

We also like that this sink has a smooth and polished surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Its rounded edge also makes for easy cleanup. It also resists scratches ad stains quite well which gives you an easy and smooth maintenance experience.

Installing this above counter sink in place is super easy as all the necessary hardware plus step-by-step instructions (with diagrams) are included in the box. The sink will make a perfect fit for a 40-inch cabinet.

This Lordear vessel sink will be a great choice for those looking to install a sink that’s both beautiful and practical for people with different needed in the house. It has elegant classic looks and looks, great quality, and is easy to maintain. The price point is great and makes this sink worth every penny!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 16L x 12W x 5.5H (inches)
  • Sturdy and durable ceramic construction
  • Easy-to-clean smooth and polished surface
  • Excellent scratch and stain resistance
  • Super-easy installation
  • Sleek, European-inspired contemporary design

3. AWESON 16″X12″ Rectangular Ceramic Vessel Sink

AWESON 16″X12″ Rectangular Ceramic Vessel Sink

For your bathroom remodel project, this vessel sink is the perfect vessel sink to buy today. The rectangular sink appears on our list of top handicap sinks for bathrooms due to its perfect size and depth, great construction quality, great looks, and fantastic price tag!

The simple-looking vessel sink has no faucet holes or overflow holes included. It is designed for the above-counter installation. And the whole setup process is easy-peasy for everyone. Plus, this sink easily fits almost any space. The lack of an overflow hole in this sink enables it to achieve a slim vertical profile.

If your current sink is too shallow, this model will offer you increased depth and do away with the issue of water splashing out of the bowl.

Regarding the construction, this beautiful bathroom sink is made using high-quality ceramic. It is then finished with a smooth and glossy polish for a truly refined appearance. You’ll appreciate how this smooth finish resists stains, scratches, and those ugly makes to make maintenance a breeze for you.

Cleanup part is also easy for this sink, thanks to its smooth and glossy finish. The rounded corners not only enhance the looks of this sink but also allow water to roll down the drain perfectly for an easy cleaning experience.

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair-friendly sink to install in your home or RV/camper, this rectangular ceramic vessel sink will be a great choice. It has got impressive quality and looks, and the pricing is just on point.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 15-3/4″ W X 11-7/8″ D X 4-3/4″ H
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Made from high-quality white ceramic
  • Above counter installation sink type
  • Sink design features no faucet or overflow holes

4. Miligore 19″ x 15″ Rectangular White Ceramic Vessel Sink

Miligore 19″ x 15″ Rectangular White Ceramic Vessel Sink

Miligore is a premium brand with a reputation for producing professional-grade fixtures that rank high for style and durability. Their rectangular vessel sink features in our list of handicap accessible sinks for its sleek looks and high-quality design—all at a fantastic price point.

This rectangle shape bowl of a sink is made from high-grade ceramic material with excellent impact resistance to minimize chances of cracking and chipping. On top of this, the sink is coated with vitreous china—giving it a smooth and shiny surface with high stain and scratch resistance.

Cleaning this sink will also be easy, thanks to this stain-free shiny surface. This makes the sink ready to withstand everyday use, repel discoloration and ugly markings, and maintain its luster year after year.

Looks are another reason you would want to install this sink in your house. Its sleek and contemporary design means it will add high style to your bathroom. Add to the fact that it comes meticulously finished with flawless precision and pre-drilled with a perfectly-centered, beveled drain hole, and it will become one of the most elegant sinks you’ve ever had in your bathroom.

You’ll have an easy time installing this sink in your bathroom. It comes with standard-sized 1¾-inch diameter) drain hole which allows you to use a standard non—overflow type drain. You can choose to mount it above-counter or partially recessed into your countertop.

Miligore is an outstanding value sink for wheelchair users. It is made of premium porcelain material and comes at a budget-friendly price, offering you excellent value compared to all the other identical models in the same price category.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 19″ Length x 15″ Width x 5″ Height
  • Sleek and contemporary bowl design
  • Durable porcelain ceramic construction
  • Stain and scratch resistant surfaces
  • Simple and fast installation

5. GhomeG 19″x15″ Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink

GhomeG 19″x15″ Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink

This vanity vessel sink is another best wheelchair accessible bathroom sink. It is made from high-grade ceramic porcelain material at extremely high temperatures to maximize impact resistance, making it one of the most durable sinks you can get today.

It features a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb water, acids, or other liquids, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The surface feels smooth and has a shiny finish that offers excellent resistance against scratches, heat, and stains

The white smooth surface combines with the rectangular bowl shape to give this sink a sleek appearance. The elegance and style of this sink will no doubt add a clean and beautiful look to your bathroom.

You’ll be able to install this sink easily and quickly, thanks to the included instructions that are easy to understand. The sink is made for above-counter installation which is much easier compared to other installation methods. It has a standard size drainage opening, so you can use any standard-sized non-overflow drain type.

You can’t get enough of the great pricing that comes with this sink which is way below the quality it is made with and the great looks it comes with. it comes well packed and is easy to install. The fair pricing on this vanity vessel sink is simply hard to beat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 19″ L x 15″ W x 5.5” H
  • Made of high-quality smooth ceramic
  • Stylish and elegant white sink surface
  • Easy to clean non-porous surface
  • Stain and scratch-resistant surface

6. ELIMAXS Unique Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

ELIMAXS Unique Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

The Elimaxs rectangle ceramic bathroom vessel sink also appears on our list of top handicap bathroom sinks for wheelchairs. This model comes in a sink and faucet combo and is a great choice for completing your bathroom for users with different needs.

Featuring a strong and durable tempered high-grade porcelain construction, this vessel sink is made to last. Moreover, it features a heat-baked white glaze finish that gives it a smooth and shiny appearance while increasing its toughness and enabling it to offer maximum resistance to stains and scratches.

Though it comes in a rectangular shape, its corners are rounded and not pointed like in some poorly made models out there. This enables water to effortlessly drain in the sink. The round corners are unlike pointed square corners in that they make the sink safe for you to use, without risking elbow injuries.

Slight curving of the sides as they go towards the base of the sink help create an illusion of more counter space in your bathroom. It is also pretty deep and roomy, so it will prevent water from over-splashing in your bathroom and creating a mess every time you use it.

Similar to the other models we’ve featured on this list, this sink is also super to install in your bathroom. It is also easy to clean, thanks to its smooth and shiny finish with great anti-stain and scratches properties.

All things considered, this Elimax vessel sink is a great value for your money. It is well made and has sleek and stylish looks. It includes a drain at no additional cost, putting it a step ahead of sinks that require you to purchase the drain separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 19 L x 13.5 W x 5.75 D inches
  • Made of top-grade tempered ceramic material
  • High stain resistance
  • Rectangle-shaped modern style sink
  • Easy to clean and maintain surface
  • Includes free chrome pop up drain

7. Logmey 19″x15″ Modern Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Logmey 19″x15″ Modern Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

You also can’t go wrong with this Logmey rectangle ceramic bathroom vessel sink for handicap accessible sinks. This unit has a sleek, European-inspired modern contemporary classic design and will make your bathroom full of artistic feeling.

Premium quality ceramic construction is one of the top reasons you should choose this sink for your bathroom. The sink has a heft to it which signals good quality. The ceramic material has undergone high heat treatment to increase its toughness and minimize its chances of cracking.

As you can easily guess, the vanity vessel sink is made for the above-counter installation. It fits the standard 1-3/4″ for struggle-free installation. Everything needed to set it up in your bathroom is included in the box.

You’ll also appreciate that the sink is coated with a smooth and glossy finish with extremely high water absorption and acid resistance. The surface is highly resistant to scratches and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Unlike other bathroom sinks that discolor after a few months of use, this Logmey is designed to maintain its original, brand new bright white color for years to come. This is achieved by thickening and smoothening the ceramic surface for a shine that looks brand new forever.

Logmey rectangle bathroom sink is one of the best sinks you can install in your bathroom vanity to cater to wheelchair users in your house. This sink doesn’t cost you a lot of money, yet it offers you great quality, stylish and elegant looks, and a smooth surface that’s easy for you to maintain. For a sink that gives you value for money, this sink is hard to beat!

Highlighted Features:

  • Sink size: 19″ Length x 15″ Width x 5.5″ Deep
  • Stain and scratch-resistant finish
  • Sleek modern contemporary design
  • Premium quality ceramic construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Above counter installation

8. Sarlai Modern Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Sarlai Modern Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Sarlai is the perfect definition of a true vessel sink—highly fictional and elegant looking! This makes it a great choice if you’re renovating your bathroom to make it friendly to folks in a wheelchair. The piece will work well in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Featuring a wallet-friendly price, this sink is designed for ultimate longevity. It is made from premium quality ceramic treated at high temperatures to resist cracking. It has the perfect thickness, not too thick and not too thin, and will maintain a warp-free shape use after use.

You’ll like how wide this sink is which grants your more surface area for activities like washing your face, ensuring water doesn’t get to the counters as is the case with small bathroom sinks. It also features the perfect depth to keep water from over-splashing.

Also worth mentioning is how the inside of the sink slopes towards the middle of the sink. This goes a long way in facilitating easy water drainage and minimizing the chances of water coming out of your faucet splash.

This vessel sink is easy to install because it comes with a set of clear pictorial instructions to guide you through the whole process. If you have some remodeling/installation skills, the whole process should be even easier for you and will be a matter of minutes.

keep in mind that it works with the standard 1.75-inch drain, so you should have no problems setting it up. Because the drain isn’t included, you’ll have a chance to choose one that matches your faucet or your unique preferences.

A smooth, polished surface gives this sink a lasting shine. Add to the fact that this surface s non-porous and it will stay stain and scratch-free for years and make cleanup and maintenance a breeze for you.

Again, this is a beautiful, well-made sink that features an affordable price point. It has the perfect size to make a statement in your bathroom while being highly functional. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a quality product at a fair cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exact dimensions: 16″ W x 12″ W x4.5″ D
  • Durable ceramic construction
  • Easy to install above counter design
  • Meets US & Canada high-quality standards
  • Features standard 1.75-inch drain opening
  • Smooth, non-porous, and polished surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain surface

9. Kraus C-KCV-121-1002CH White Rectangular Ceramic Sink

Kraus C-KCV-121-1002CH White Rectangular Ceramic Sink

Kraus is a respected brand in the sinks industry and it would be unfair to wind up your list of the best handicap accessible sinks without featuring one of their products. Their white rectangular ceramic sink comes as an all-in-one bundle featuring a vessel sink, pop-up drain, and a vessel faucet!

The beautiful rectangular sink and the faucet combo will complete any home décor. Its glossy white finish will perfectly match your bidet while breathing the fresh air of elegance in your bathroom.

Its outer edges are more rectangular and straight to help keep your little stuff such as earing from getting lost under the edges as it always happens with angled edges. The sink size is perfect and you can use this sink without worrying about water splashing your bathroom countertop.

Regarding the quality, this sink combo has a good build quality and the super-heavy feel confirms this. the sink itself is constricted using high-grade ceramic material treated at high temperatures for maximum toughness and durability.

Like in the other ceramic sinks featured on this guide, this Kraus product has its surface glazed with a smooth, high-gloss finish which resists stains and scratches pretty well and makes cleaning/maintenance an easy job. Even better, the sink surface is completely non-porous and does take in water, acid, and other liquids—ensuring a fade-free performance.

The included metal faucet is made from solid brass for increased durability. The popup drain, too, features durable brass construction and comes in the same finish as the faucet.

This ADA-compliant sink is designed for above-counter construction. All mounting hardware and hot/cold water hoses are included in the package for hassle-free and quick installation.

You’ll be pleased by this Kraus sink for your bathroom remodeling project. It is made of quality, easy to install, easy to clean, and looks great. It includes a faucet and a matching pop-up drain. And the pricing is on point!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 18.75″ L x 14.25″ W x 5.25″ H
  • 100% ADA compliant sink
  • Solid and durable ceramic construction
  • Solid brass faucet construction
  • Easy to clean smooth and polished surface
  • Stains/scratches/bacteria resistant surface
  • Faucet and pop-up drain included

10. Kohler K-2660-1-0 Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Kohler K-2660-1-0 Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Finally, we have this large-sized rectangular bathroom sink for people in a wheelchair. This sink is made of quality and features fantastic looks that will completely transform the looks of your bathroom. The sink comes nicely and carefully packaged and the pricing is great for its quality.

Kohler uses the sturdy and durable vitreous china for the construction of this sink. For starters, this is the enhanced coating applied to a ceramic right after the firing process. It makes the porcelain denser, tougher, and shinier.

If you’re looking for a countertop vessel sink that installs without giving up the depth and still achieves a sleek look, you’ll also find this Kohler a cool choice. It comes with a curved bottom that ensures half the depth sits above the counter and the other half below the counter. This ensures you set it in such a way that it doesn’t appear tall above the counter or flat-bottom short sink that causes over splash.

Installing the sink is easy for you and the sink easily drops onto a countertop with the correct cutout. The manufacturer includes easy-to-follow instructions plus the necessary hardware in the box for easy and quick setup.

And if you have a messy partner or kids in your house, you’ll never have to worry about this sink looking all messy as its smooth and shiny china glazed surface cleans up effortlessly. It resistance stains and marks well and a quick cleaning will give it a brand new, shiny appearance.

Overall, this Kohler sink is a gorgeous, high-quality product at a great price. It is easy to install and comes in a sleek-looking design. Its shiny and smooth surface allows for easy clean-up. If you’re looking for a large, budget-friendly sink for wheel chair users that gives you value for money, you won’t go wrong with this model.

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 25.512 x 20.472 x 9.843 inches
  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Drop-in or vessel installation
  • Durable vitreous china construction
  • Available in square, oval, and rectangular options
  • Includes a single faucet hole

Wheelchair accessible bathroom sink buying guide

Finding the best wheelchair accessible bathroom sink that fits your needs can take a lot of time and research as you go through various models and analyze them.

Below, we have outlined the most important factors that will help you easily wade through numerous sinks and quickly find the perfect bathroom sink for your home.

Sink materials

One of the aspects to look for in your new sink is the materials used to design it. There are different types of materials used for bathroom sinks and each has its set of downsides and upsides.

The most common ones include:


Generally, sinks meant for the bathroom are made using ceramics which include porcelain, fireclay, or vitreous china. The porcelain and vitreous china refer to the same thing. But fireclay is a bit different and refers to a ceramic baked at higher temperatures, making it more heat resistant and durable.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

This material has a few benefits. They produce naturally beautiful sinks with excellent resistance to stains, bacteria, and mildew. They’re also pretty easy to clean. And they come at a more affordable price point compared to other materials.

Stainless steel

Sinks made using stainless steel are extremely sturdy and durable. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Not to forget, they offer you good value for money. These sinks are best suited for use in commercial facilities, where they encounter everyday frequent use.


As you already know, marble has got great looks and is sure to transform the looks of your bathroom. But it has one major downside; its porous nature makes it absorb water and other liquids and develop stains easily. This makes the cleanup and maintenance a challenge for you.

Size of your bathroom

Another important thing to consider when choosing a wheelchair accessible sink is the size of your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, you should look for a compact sink measuring around 12 inches to help you save as much space as possible. For a large bathroom, however, you can go for large sinks with a length of up to 40 inches or more.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

The absolute best way to be sure about the perfect size of the sink to buy is to get dimensions of the area you intend to install your sink and use these measurements to get a corresponding sink size.

Installation method

When it comes to choosing a wheelchair-friendly bathroom sink, the installation method is also an important consideration.

You want to get a sink that lets you install it in such a way that it leaves space underneath for your wheelchair footrest as well as your feet to fit in.

That said, wall-mounted sinks are the best for meeting this demand because they leave enough legroom below. Plus, you can mount them at a suitable height that you can reach easily.

If a wall-mount sink isn’t practical for you, then the alternative should be a vanity sink. These sinks are usually installed in the vanity at a height that a wheelchair user will easily reach the sink and the faucet.

You’ll also need to ensure the space underneath your vanity is enough to accommodate the wheelchair users’ knees.

As you might have already noticed, our list of top bathroom sinks for wheelchair users above has mostly focused on the vanity sink models.

Faucet considerations

A bathroom sink and a faucet go hand in hand; it’s almost impossible to use one without the other in your bathroom.

However, most sinks don’t come bundled with a faucet. And that’s okay because you get a chance to choose your own preferred faucet. But you need to check a few things in the sink design and its relation to the faucet.

First, you need to check the faucet hole. As much as possible, we advise you to go for sinks with standard-sized holes (i.e., 1 3/8-inches as it’s extremely popular and readily available). The 1 ½-inch and 2-inch holes hang right behind the standard hole in popularity.

Secondly, you should take note of the hole location. You’ll find different sink models with their holes placed at the center, on the right, or even on the left.

If you’re right-handed, then a right-side faucet is for you. For the lefties, the left side faucet hole will work for you. The center faucet hole will work for pretty much everyone.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

TIP: In case you get a sink that comes with its own faucet, you should check its size to see if it is ideal for wheelchair users. Too high faucets (from 9 inches and above) aren’t practical for a wheelchair user. The good thing is you can still get the sink if you like it and replace the faucet with the one of your choice.

TIP II: The type of faucet you choose for your wheelchair accessible bathroom sink should be easy to use. It can be a push-button, electronic sensor, or touch operated. It should also be easily operated by just one hand. And it should turn on or off easily without exerting a lot of force.


Don’t focus too much on the functionality of the sink that you forget about the looks.

The bathroom sinks come in all shapes and color variations, making it easy to find something that suits your taste or the taste of the disabled user in your home.

From our list above, you can easily that most of these models come in a gorgeous white color scheme with a glossy finish. these sinks tend to blend pretty well with the rest of your bathroom while introducing a breath of elegance and beauty in there.

When it comes to shape, you’ll also have a variety of options including rectangular, round, and oval. Which of these shapes will you pick? Let your preferences speak for you.


The bathroom sinks for wheelchair users are evenly balanced on the price ladder and run from low-end models that will cost you less than $100 to high-end models that cost you well over $1000.

The high-end doesn’t always mean the best quality. Likewise, getting an inexpensive model to save some bucks you might end up with a poorly made unit that doesn’t last.

The trick here is to compare the quality and the price. The two should balance so that you’re sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Aspects such as size will also affect the cost. Bigger models will cost you more than the smaller sinks.

Other features:

  • Height adjustability: Planning to install a bathroom for use by different wheelchair users? If yes, you should consider looking for a height-adjustable model. Such sinks require to be mounted on a track and allow you to bring their height up or down relative to your wheelchair, making them much easier to use.
  • ADA compliant badge: if you’re looking for wheelchair-accessible sinks for hospital or commercial facilities like movie theaters, malls, hotels, etc, where the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires that you install an ADA-complaint restroom, then it goes without saying that you’ll need to make sure the sink you choose has the ADA certification.
  • Brand: There’s no point in spending your hard-earned cash in a junk of a sink that doesn’t offer you value for your money.The easiest way to avoid poorly made sinks is to buy your sink from reputable manufacturers in the industry who have a track record for manufacturing high-quality sinks that serve both functional and durability needs pretty well.

How high does a handicap sink need to be?

A handicap sink for adults should have a height of not more than 34 inches from the ground to the top sink rim as outlined in the ADA guidelines. For children in a wheelchair, the maximum height for the sink above the floor should be 29 inches.

The reason for setting these height guidelines is to make it easy for a person seated in a wheelchair to easily access the sink as well as the faucet for hygiene activates such as washing the face, brushing teeth, or shaving.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to stick to the above-specified heights when setting up a bathroom sink for a wheelchair user. They are just guidelines and the ideal height should depend on the individual sink user. Just make sure you keep within the set guidelines.

Also, remember that height is one aspect of a bathroom sink that obeys ADA guidelines. There are additional aspects—including knee clearance and sink depth—that you need to keep in mind when installing the sink to make sure it’s 100% ADA compliant. More about this topic coming up. Keep this tab open!

Safety tips for using wheelchair accessible sink in your bathroom

Having a wheelchair accessible sink installed in your bathroom is one thing. Putting in place the necessary precaution measures will help ensure you or the wheelchair user in your house uses the wheelchair safely.

Below, we have shared with you some helpful tips that you should put in place to ensure safe use of the wheelchair in your bathroom.

Put grab bars in place

Grab rails give the wheelchair users something to hold onto for balance when using the sink. You can install these rails on the right or left side of your sink, or you can set them below the front edge. Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the space meant for your knees under the sink.

The good thing about grab rails is that they’re not limited to sinks and you can install them in other areas of your bedroom where balance is needed, e.g. in the toilet, near the bathtub, or at the shower exit.

Use no-slip floor mats

You should also consider removing any non-slip rug under your bathroom floor and replacing it with a non-skid one. This will go a long way in eliminating the possibility of the wheelchair accidentally sliding and falling.

Additionally, you might want to tape down the mat to further minimize the possibility of flipping. Make sure your bathroom flooring is non-slip as well. If it is too slippery, you should consider applying a non-slip spray to keep accidents at bay.

Widen your bathroom entrance

Chances are high that your bathroom door wasn’t designed with a wheelchair in mind. Thus, it might not be wide enough to let a wheelchair easily pass through it and this can be another form of a safety hazard for the disabled.

If this is the case for you, you’ll need to widen the door so that it gives easy passage of the wheelchair, walkers, and other assistive walking devices used by the aged or handicapped user(s) using the bathroom.

Install a night light

It is easy for folks in a wheelchair to get lost in darkness. That’s why installing a nightlight in your bathroom is another precaution you should consider. A well illuminating room will help you avoid knocking the sink, tub, or even tipping over.

We advise you to consider installing LED nightlights since they illuminate your bathroom without blinding the wheelchair user as he/she moves out of the bathroom. If possible, consider installing nightlights along the hallway as well.

Drainpipe structure

How does your sink drainpipe look like? If it goes too deep underneath, then it might affect the sink accessibly by a wheelchair user.

Plus, it can turn out to be a safety hazard in that the handicapped user can easily knock it with their feet and get injured. The solution here is to install a drainpipe that’s not too long that it gets into the way of the wheelchair user.


1. What makes an ADA-compliant bathroom sink?

For a bathroom sink to be ADA compliant, it must meet the set ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines for height, knee clearance, and depth to make it easy to use for the disabled. The exact requirements are as outlined below:

  • Height: the sink must be mounted no higher than 34 inches from the ground level.
  • Knee clearance: for a bathroom sink to be ADA compliant, it should offer a clearance of 27 x 30 inches underneath the sink for the wheelchair user’s knees.
  • Depth: there should be around 11 – 25 inches worth of knee underneath the sink to comfortably accommodate the knees.

Besides, the above guidelines, a 100% ADA compliant sink should also have a clear and unobstructed floor space below the sink. And all the pipes resting under the sink should be insulated.

2. What is wheelchair accessible bathroom sink?

A wheelchair accessible bathroom sink is specially designed to fit the needs of the disabled, aged, and users with limited mobility. Typically, a wheelchair accessible sink must meet the minimum ADA requirements for height, depth, and clearance to make them wheelchair friendly. However, some manufacturers tend to exceed the ADA requirements to make their sink models even safer and more comfortable to use for wheelchair users.

3. Is a vanity sink ADA compliant?

A vanity sink is ADA compliant if it meets the ADA guidelines for bathroom sinks. The wheelchair accessible bathroom vanity dimensions are as follows:

  • The height shouldn’t exceed a height of 34 inches from the floor to the cabinet top for a drop-in or undermount model.
  • The knee clearance should be below 27 inches and
  • the depth shouldn’t exceed 6 inches.
  • The sink itself should be installed within 3 inches from the front of the overhanging top edge of cabinet.

4. Which sink option provides the greatest leg clearance for users of wheelchairs?

A wall mount sink provides the greatest leg clearance for users of wheelchairs. This type of sink has a minimum knee clearance of 27 inches, allowing you a wheelchair to get closer to both the sink and faucet.

5. Do ADA bathroom doors swing in or out?

Ideally, the ADA bathroom doors should swing outward. However, the ADA guidelines published in 2010 allow for the door to swing inward if the space allows (i.e., if there’s clear floor space) beyond the door swing when you open it. This ensures that a handicapped user in a wheelchair can enter the bathroom, shut the door, and easily maneuver.

6. Does every bathroom have to be ADA compliant?

Private residences don’t need to have an ADA-compliant bathroom. It is upon you to decide whether to make your bathroom ADA-compliant if you have a wheelchair user or people with disabilities or mobility issues.

ADA, however, requires that every public building should meet the ADA guidelines for sink bathrooms. The most common places where you’re sure to find an ADA-compliant bathroom are commercial facilities—these include supermarkets, movie theaters, malls, hotels, etc.

Assisted living facilities and hospitals tend to accommodate large numbers of handicapped users and must have ADA compliant bathrooms. In most cases, you’ll find these facilities featuring bathroom sinks with adjustable features to cater to users with varying needs.

7. Are pedestal sinks wheelchair accessible?

Pedestal sinks are wheelchair accessible as they have a pedestal base that gives you easy access from under the sink and on both sides of the pedestal. For you to use a pedestal sink as a handicapped person, however, it must be ADA compliant. To start with, the base must be slim enough to enable you to get as close as possible to the sink. The bowl height, too, should leave sufficient clearance for the wheelchair but it shouldn’t sit too high that the wheelchair user struggles to reach it. ADA specifies that a pedestal sinks for the disabled to be at least 27 inches from the ground level but not more than 34 inches high. As for the depth, it should be at least 6.5 inches deep.

Final Verdict

Installing a wheelchair accessible bathroom sink in your home can go a long way in improving the quality of life for people with special needs. Take your time to research the different sink models available to ensure you get one that suits your unique needs and expectations. We have shared crucial tips in this guide to help with the shopping process. The top 10 best wheelchair accessible bathroom sink models we have featured in this guide will offer you some top options you can order today for your loved one, aged parents, or anyone else who uses a wheelchair in your house.

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