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Best Shower Wheelchairs 2022 – Reviews and Guide

Showering for the elderly and disabled who have limited mobility and can’t stand for long is never an easy experience.

The risk of falling or slipping in the shower and getting serious injuries is high. And this is the last thing you want to happen to your aged mom/dad or disabled partner.

A specialized shower wheelchair makes it easy for the folks in your house with special needs to use the shower safely and comfortably. It gives them the power to do it all on their own with pretty little or no help!

Most of these shower chairs are multi-purpose and can work as a regular commode or toilet chair for people with special needs.

That said, we have researched the market for the best shower wheelchair models that are safe and comfortable and seniors and disabled.

We found the following top-of-the-line models that you can order today.

Best Shower Wheelchair:

1. DMI Rolling Shower Chair

DMI Rolling Shower Chair

This shower commode wheel chair opens up our list a quality and comfortable model designed for the elderly, disabled, handicapped, and anyone else who is recovering from injuries and needs assistance in the shower.

The rolling chair comes in a 3-in-1 design and acts as a shower chair, a commode, and a wheelchair that you can use directly over the toilet for safe toileting. It comes with all the necessary installation hardware plus instructions for easy and quick assembly.

It comes equipped with four large wheels (4-inch diameter) which move effortlessly across various floors and carpets—assuring you of safe rolling to and from the bathroom. The rear set of wheels are lockable to help you set the chair in place for added safety.

We also can’t fail to acknowledge the vinyl padded seat which feels quite comfortable and you can sit on it for long hours without feeling tired. Keep in mind that the seat, as well as the PVC backrest, are fully waterproof to let you use the chair in the shower without worrying about damaging it.

Armrests are also part of this chair and will help boost your stability when you’re standing or sitting on this shower chair. The chair has an overall good build quality and feels quite sturdy and durable. It supports users weighing as heavy as 250lb, which clearly displays it as a strong shower chair!

Highlighted Features:

  • 250lb. weight capacity
  • Waterproof seat and backrest
  • Large 4-inch durable locking wheels
  • Comfortable padded vinyl seat
  • Armrests for assisted sitting/standing

2. Platinum Health UltraCommode™ Foldable Commode/Shower Chair

Platinum Health UltraCommode™ Foldable Commode/Shower Chair

The UltraCommode is the ideal chair for caregivers and users looking for a multi-purpose chair that can work in bathing and toileting scenarios. Mark you, this chair was designed by frontline healthcare professionals and is considered a professional-grade model by doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses in the US.

Adjustable seat height is one of the reasons to love this bath chair. This means you can set the seat height to a level that offers you a perfect fit. The seat itself is extra-large (measures 16 x 16 inches) and will comfortably accommodate users with different body sizes.

With medical-grade Polyurethane padding, you can rest assured that this shower chair will offer long-lasting comfort and enable you to enjoy a longer bathing time. What’s more, this material never absorbs water and is easy to clean and disinfect.

You’ll like that the armrests have a pivoting mechanism that helps them easily swing away to give you trouble-free transfers.

The high-quality aluminum construction gives this chair a sturdy and strong feel but also keeps it from rusting when used in the shower. The open-front construction makes cleaning the perennial region easier than ever before.

Folding this chair is also highly possible, and this explains why it’s a top choice for users on the go. Unfolding it is super-easy and takes less than 60 seconds and doesn’t require any tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft-padded seat, back, and arms
  • Swing away arms for easy transfers
  • Easy and fast tool-free assembly
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Includes commode pail with a cover
  • Foldable for easy storage and travel

3. Drive Medical 11114KD-1 Shower Chair

Drive Medical 11114KD-1 Shower Chair

Showering becomes super-easy for the disabled with this shower commode wheel chair from Drive Medical Store. This is the best shower chair for paraplegic, dementia, disabled, the elderly, and generally anyone who can no longer stand in the shower.

We like that this chair is made from heavy-gauge, anodized aluminum metal. This makes the chair durable and rust-free but at the same time keeps its weight low and makes it easy to transport to any destination.

Cushioned seat is another reason to like this chair. It helps ease pressure on the bottom of the user and lets you sit comfortably for an extended amount of time.

Still, on the seat, it features an open front design which makes personal hygiene easy and convenient for you. When this chair is not in use, you can easily remove the commode bucket as well as the backrest for easy storage. The removable parts will also make cleanup a breeze!

Keep in mind that the wheels that come with this chair are pretty large (at 3-inch diameter) and are skid and rust-resistant, promoting easy transfer to and from the bathroom. The chair can easily go from the bed to the shower. It can also be easily positioned over the toilet, making it one of the most versatile shower chairs available.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Padded vinyl toilet seat for comfort
  • Removable 12-quart commode bucket
  • Large 3-inch skid-free, rust-free casters
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Easy assembly with brass push-button

4. HomCom Durable Waterproof Shower Accessible Chair

HomCom Durable Waterproof Shower Accessible Chair

This HomCom rolling chair is reasonably priced and serves multiple purposes that include a toilet chair, a bedside, and a disabled chair for shower. It is well made and has a durable feel. It is strong enough to handle users up to 330lbs which means it can safely accommodate a wide range of users.

The chair is constructed using a robust and durable aluminum frame for increased strength and longevity. Due to the lightweight properties of aluminum, this chair feels pretty light. Add to its foldable design and it becomes one of the most portable bathroom chairs that you can easily pack for storage and transport to any place.

Your comfort is guaranteed in this chair with the padded seat cushion and backrest. The padding at the seat center detaches effortlessly for easy cleaning. And the bucket underneath is also detachable to make cleanup easy and complete.

The plastic parts of the chair have a smooth feel and are easy to clean or wipe down after use for easy sanitization.

Because it is designed with the shower environment in mind, this chair is waterproof to ensure you can use it for long without worrying about water and moisture damaging it. The 4 big caster wheels added to the chair are also waterproof and feature rear brakes to let you safely and hassle-freely roll under the shower

Highlighted Features:

  • Study and durable aluminum frame
  • Padded cushion seat and backrest
  • 4 waterproof wheels with rear brakes
  • Detachable bucket for easy cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean smooth plastic parts
  • Lightweight for easy transport/storage

5. HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair

HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair

If you’re looking for the best shower wheelchair with footrest, this Healthline model is for you. featuring a high-quality design, this chair lets you easily move your loved ones or patients in and out of the shower.

But it is not just a shower chair. It works great as a commode chair and easily fits over a standard toilet. It also works as a bedside. In simpler words, this is a shower/bedside/commode chair that will help you make multiple transfers.

Because this chair is equipped with large durable wheels, it easily rolls through different types of flooring and carpets. The wheels are waterproof to enable them to easily move in the shower.

This chair boasts a waterproof backrest and aluminum frame which make it easy to maintain and enable it to last longer. The seat and backrest are also padded to offer your disabled partner comfort and enable them to enjoy longer showering periods.

Footrest and armrests that come with this chair offer the user extra comfort. The armrest, in particular, enables you to sit or stand from this chair.

The aluminum frame makes this chair durable and strong enough to safely hold users with up to 300 lbs. body weight. But it also makes it lightweight enough to move around or carry on the go. The easily removable commode bucket makes cleanup easy for this bath chair.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Large durable wheels with locking brakes
  • Includes a footrest for added comfort
  • Padded, height-adjustable armrests
  • Fully waterproof seat and back
  • Removable commode pail for easy cleaning

6. Mefeir 4-in-1 Multifunctional Portable Heavy Duty Bath Chair

Mefeir 4-in-1 Multifunctional Portable Heavy Duty Bath Chair

This heavy-duty chair also made it to our list as the perfect choice for serving multiple purposes. You can use it as a bath chair, commode chair, a wheel chair, or as an ordinary sofa chair. You can also use it in various places such as the toilet, bedroom, or in the ward.

One of the reasons you should get this shower wheelchair today is that it is height adjustable. The buttons on its legs will let you adjust the height of the chair from 19 to 23 inches and customize it to fit your unique needs.

A padded seat and an ergonomic backrest (with a wider and thicker design) help promote user comfort and let you enjoy long periods in the shower.

This is a shower commode chair with wheels, so pushing it around will be easy for you. Each of the 4 wheels is armed with a brake which allows you to secure it in place for safety reasons, say when you’re showering.

With the chair’s main frame designed using aluminum alloy, this chair is made to last while offering superior strength to hold users as heavy as 350lbs!

Unlike most of the chairs featured on this list, this chair offers you a couple of extras to make it even more convenient for you to use. These include a side pocket that gives you storage space for items like a magazine or your favorite book a hook for holding the toilet paper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable shower chair height
  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Holds 350lbs weight capacity
  • Ergonomic backrest for superior comfort
  • 4 durable caster wheels with brakes
  • Side pocket acts as storage space

7. Showerbuddy Lightweight Foldable Roll-in SB7e Shower & Bath Chair

Showerbuddy Lightweight Foldable Roll-in SB7e Shower & Bath Chair

The shower & bath chair from Showerbuddy is a good choice if you’re looking for a portable chair that you can travel with to any destination. It is also highly functional and will prove to be your greatest asset in your daily care routine for that partner or parent with limited mobility in your house

Assembly is tool-free for this bath chair, so anyone can do it easily and in just a few minutes. Besides, you can also easily disassemble the chair and fold it into a more compact size for easy storage or transportation.

Suitable for the elderly and disabled with limited mobility, this shower chair enables you to enjoy bathing in a more relaxed and comfortable position.

The wheelchair seat padding is made from high-quality, thick, and waterproof memory foam material. This enables it to grant you ultimate comfort and you can spend long hours on the seat without feeling fatigued.

This is also one of the top shower chairs with wheels. it has 4-inch large, durable that roll easily across carpets and various types of floors. The wheels rust resistance and are skid-free for safe use in the shower. And you can always lock them in place to keep your chair from moving.

Apart from showering, you can also use this Showerbuddy for toileting. you can do it via the included commode bucket or by sliding out the bucket and fitting the chair over your toilet. The chair itself is designed to fit most standard toilets, so this part should be easy for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Height adjustable chair (20.86” to 22.84”)
  • Tool-free assembly and fold-down
  • Adjustable/removable footrests
  • Padded seat and mesh backrest
  • 265lb maximum user weight capacity
  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel frame
  • Durable, large 4-inch locking casters

8. MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL Shower Chair

MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL Shower Chair

This is a high-quality chair with exceptional strength and durability as seen in its ability to support a maximum weight of 600lbs. The chair is incredibly easy to put together will not take much of your time. It is simply plugged and play assembly and the included directions will make the whole process easy and quick for you.

Like most of the other models featured above, this is also a multi-use chair that works as a shower chair, commode chair, and bedside. It is a shower commode chair with wheels that are extra-large (5-inches big!), so it will easily fit in your wheelchair-accessible bathroom. It also rolls smoothly on different floors, including wood floors, and has brakes to keep it in place.

Thanks to the swing away arms, transferring your elderly parent or a disabled loved one becomes an easy task for you. The footrest, too, has a pull-out design and slides out effortlessly to offer extra support and comfort to the disabled user.

Backrest mesh material is simply an open weave and is not rough on sensitive skin. It is also easily removable for easy cleaning. Cleanup for the entire chair is also super-easy.

One-quart slide-out commode pail is attached to this chair to make a potty chair for the seniors and other users with limited mobility. The high back lets a caregiver easily push/pull this chair around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 600lb. weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty 5-inch caster wheels
  • Removable fast-drying mesh back
  • Self-storing sliding footrest
  • Includes dual drop arms
  • 10-quart slide-out commode pail

9. Giantex 3 in 1 Lightweight Shower Commode Wheelchair

Giantex 3 in 1 Lightweight Shower Commode Wheelchair

The Giantex 3 in 1 is the best shower chair commode wheelchair you can get for your elderly mom or dad or a disabled partner. it is constructed from aluminum allows for an extremely sturdy and durable feel and is super-easy to put together for everyone.

When it comes to functionality, this wheelchair is pretty versatile and serves 3 purposes which include a bath wheelchair, commode/toilet wheelchair, and a bedside.

Its arms and seat are optimized with a high-density sponge and soft leather to make it comfortable to sit on for long hours. You’ll like this chair is also height adjustable through 5 levels which makes it suitable for different people.

The 4 caster wheels that come with this chair are durable and facilitate easy pushing across various types of floors or on the carpet. They’re skid-proof and will not slip when using this chair in the shower. And the fact that they’ve got brakes means you can lock them in to secure your chair in place.

You’ll not have a hard time cleaning this chair because its commode pail detaches easily for easy and complete cleaning.

Additional features added to this wheelchair by Giantex to ensure maximum user convenience include a toilet paper holder and a safety belt. Don’t forget that the chair has a foot pedal that you can easily fold/unfold as per your preferences.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and durable aluminum alloy frame
  • 5-level height adjustable chair
  • Can support users up to 220lbs
  • Removable commode pail for easy cleanup
  • Super-comfy high-density seat cushion
  • 4 large caster wheels with brakes

10. Fields Outdoor Supplies Rolling Shower Chair

Fields Outdoor Supplies Rolling Shower Chair

Last, but not the least one, we have this shower commode chair with wheels. It has high maneuverability and will help those with limited mobility easily get in and out of the shower. It will make taking a shower a more enjoyable and safer experience for your aged parents or disabled partner.

Putting the chair together is a pretty easy process and the easy-to-follow printed instructions will guide you through. It has a pretty small design to enable it to fit through bathroom doors and get into the shower. It also features up to 4 locking caster wheels, making it highly mobile and easy to maneuver just anywhere.

In terms of construction, this rolling shower chair is made using solid and sturdy medical-grade PVC plastic for high durability. The chair is so strong that it will safely accommodate users weighing up to 300lbs.

With a padded seat, this chair will also feel comfortable for the disabled. The backrest is made of anti-microbial mesh. A seatbelt is included in the chair to make it safer for the seniors. And the fact that the commode pail is easily removable makes this easy to clean. Besides serving as a shower chair, this rolling chair will also work as a toilet chair.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300lbs max. user weight
  • Sturdy, medical-grade PVC construction
  • Removable commode pail
  • Seatbelt for user safety
  • Soft padded seat
  • Includes 4 lockable caster wheels
  • Drop arms and footrests slide in for easy access

What to look for before buying?

A handful of factors must come into play when it comes to choosing the best shower wheelchair for you or a disabled user in your home. Before you spend your money on any shower wheelchair make sure it meets the following crucial considerations.


One of the features to focus on in a shower wheelchair is its overall dimensions. The perfect chair should come in a size that fits your bathroom/shower door.

The size of the chair should also be large enough to comfortably accommodate the user. And in case you’ll be using the chair for toileting, the seat should also be able to fit standard toilets without any issues. Width adjustable seats easily pass through the narrowest openings.

Shower Wheelchair

You’ll also need to consider a wheelchair height that’s comfortable for you to use. Where possible, look for models with adjustable height so that you can customize them according to your body height and make them more comfortable to use.


The materials used for the wheelchair for use in the shower should not only be durable but also waterproof to protect your new investment from getting damaged by water.

Most of the top-rated chairs we have featured on our list above are made of durable and rust-resistant materials such as plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Plastic bath chairs are completely rust-free and most of them are affordably priced.

Shower Wheelchair

Aluminum shower wheelchairs are more durable than plastic chairs and reasonably priced. And their lightweight aspect makes them highly portable.

For the ultimate durability, go for the stainless steel chairs.

The upholstery and seat padding, too, should be waterproof and easy to clean.


Safety is an important factor when looking for a shower wheelchair. You want to make sure you get a model that’s highly optimized for maximum user safety.

If you get a bath chair with wheels, make sure they’re lockable to prevent the chair from moving when showering. Also, make sure the wheel tires are anti-skid to prevent them from slipping when bathing.

Seat belts and anti-tip add-ons will also add to the overall safety of the wheelchair.

Other features:

  • Toileting features: a versatile chair plays both the role of a bath chair as well as a toilet chair will make life even easier for aged parents or disabled users. Look for a chair with a commode feature and the ability to fit over your home toilet for an easy toileting experience for the user.
  • Portability: If you or the intended bath chair user travels a lot, consider a lightweight shower wheelchair that folds down for easy storage and transportation.
  • Weight capacity: make sure the bathroom chair can safely support your body weight. We suggest getting a chair that holds more weight than your specific bodyweight for ultimate safety.
  • Budget: shower chairs’ cost ranges from a hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. Stick to a price range that matches your budget.

How do you shower if you’re in a wheelchair?

There’s no new knowledge needed to use a shower when you’re in a wheelchair. You just need to wheel into the shower, position yourself under the shower, and once the water running, you can give yourself a pleasurable bath from a comfortable sitting position.

HOWEVER, you’ll need to put a few measures in place to ensure you use your new wheelchair correctly…

First, you’ll need to make sure you lock the caster wheels when in the shower. You don’t want them to start moving when you’re showering and cause accidents that end up hurting you.

Some wheelchairs designed for showers come with arms that fold down. These will provide you better access to areas of your body and make showering easier.

Most of these shower chairs also come with an opening on the seat. While this is designed to serve as a toilet seat opening, it also has another function which is to give the user easy access to their private areas, so they can shower on their own without the help of a caregiver.

Making your shower wheelchair-friendly can also improve the showering experience for the wheelchair user. For instance, you can introduce a height-adjustable showerhead or handheld one for easy use. Storage shelves placed within reach of the wheelchair user will go a long way too.

Consider introducing grab bars place at the correct height to offer the wheelchair user something to hold for balance and safety when using the shower.

IMPORTANT: The ONLY people who should use a shower wheelchair without any supervision or help from a caregiver are those capable of comfortably bathing themselves. If this isn’t the case, then you will still need the help of a caregiver for safe showering.


1. Are there wheelchairs for showers?

There are wheelchairs designed for shower use. In our list above, we have just reviewed up to 10 such products on the market today with varying sets of features and designs to help you choose the most suitable one for you.

2. Can wheelchairs be used in shower?

Wheelchairs can be used in the shower if they’re specially designed for use in the shower. A wheelchair for use in the shower should have a waterproof build quality to withstand water. its wheels should easily move under the shower. And it should have comfortable cushioning and a backrest to allow for a comfortable and relaxed bathing experience for seniors and disabled users.

3. What is a shower wheel chair?

A shower wheelchair is a piece of assistive equipment specially made to help individuals with limited mobility easily wheel their way to the shower and enjoy bathing on their own with the help of a caregiver while giving them back their privacy.

4. What is the width of a shower wheelchair?

The width for most shower wheelchairs is around 22 inches. However, some models are wider than this and this makes it easy to find the specific width you’re looking for.

5. Can you use a commode chair as a shower chair?

You can only use a commode chair as a shower chair if it is designed to serve both purposes. Most of the shower chairs we have featured in this guide double as commode chairs.

6. Can wheelchairs get wet?

A typical wheelchair can get wet because it is not designed for use in the shower or simply wet environments. But a shower wheelchair will not get wet because the padding and upholstery used on the seat, backrest, and arms of the wheelchair are made using waterproof materials

6. Do wheelchairs rust if you shower with them?

Wheelchairs for shower won’t rust because they’re made using rust-resistant metals like aluminum and stainless steel and plastic parts that are not vulnerable to rusting.

Final Verdict

That’s it about the shower wheelchair. This piece of equipment will make it easy for people with limited mobility to navigate the bathroom and do shower activities without additional help. With multiple options available, you should be able to find a model that meets your unique needs and preferences. Having provided you with helpful buying tips and some of the best quality, safest, and most comfortable models available on the market today, we are confident that you’ll have a smooth choosing the best shower wheelchair that matches your needs or the needs of the aged and handicapped folks in your home.

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