Best Shower Chair For Elderly

Best Shower Chair For Elderly – Reviews & Guide

With the modern-day installations and the deteriorating health conditions over the generations, the convenience of technical appliances has become necessary. The elderly today are lucky to have experienced the different innovations.

One such innovation bought to the rescue of our elderly is shower chairs. The elderly often feel lethargic or weak and don’t feel like taking baths regularly. Moreover, their body isn’t strong enough to stand under the shower for a more extended period, which is why they now have shower chairs.

Shower chairs are efficient not only for the elderly but also the ones who have long-term disabilities, wears crutches, or have fractured ankle, knee, or other leg injuries. The makers of these chairs have taken good care of the comfort and convenience of the elderly.

Designed with padded seats and armrests, there are many shower chairs or shower seats in the market today. In this blog, we’ve listed the ten best shower chairs for the elderly. You will also learn about the things to keep in mind while getting the best shower chair. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Top Picks of The Best Shower Chairs For The Elderly

1. Drive Medical 12011KD-1

Drive Medical 12011KD-1

Most popular among shower chairs in the industry, designed efficiently and exclusively for seniors, the Drive Medical 12011KD-1 is equipped with several features.

To start with, Drive Medical has attached a tool-free assembly at the back, legs, and arms of the shower chair. This works conveniently for the older person sitting on it. The construction of the chair is built in A-frame, which offers optimum stability to the shower seat.

The chair comes with a blow-molded plastic bench and backrest, offering fantastic durability. You can even adjust the height of the seat by 1/2 inch increments. Drive Medical has provided their manufactured shower chair with a Dual Column of extension legs.

The best feature of this chair that it is reversible, and you can accommodate it in any kind of bathroom. The pinch-free leverage allows you to push pins without even pinching fingers. Made with recycled materials, Drive Medical 12011KD-1 has also kept the environment in mind while equipping its features.


  • The rubber tips of the chair offer a wide base with drainage holes for easy operation
  • The durable padded arms offer a long term usability
  • The blow-molded plastic along with rust-free aluminum offers great support and stability


  • Difficult to assemble

2. Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

The Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat has been designed with the perfect corrosion-free aluminum construction, lightweight. It is a bath chair that can also be regarded as a shower bench. The rust-free construction allows you to adjust the height of the shower seat.

The customizable shower chair seat offers a secure seating area with a backrest to provide extra support to the back with comfort. The height-adjustable aluminum frame allows study adjustments of 1inch increments from 16-21 inch seat height.

Patients are extra comfortable with the armrests equipped with padded arms for extra comfort while on and off the chair. For excellent grip, the padded hand grips minimize the chance of slipping. The feet of the bench secures tightly to the tub with non-slip comfort.

You will find it completely easy to clean this rust-resistant structure of the shower chair. It is also pretty easy to assemble the chair for its lightweight shower seat. It does not require any tools to disassemble the legs, armrests, nor backrest. The chair’s weight is 7.3 pounds, and it can accommodate a weight capacity of 350 lbs.


  • Top-rated shower chair bath seat among the elderly
  • Solid and sturdy performance of the structure with the features
  • Easy to install


  • Poor durability

3. Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat Chair

Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat Chair

Made with a non-slip seat surface and equipped with drainage holes and side handles, the Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat comes with a rubber material slip-resistant construct. The safety measures put into the chair makes it perfectly eligible for seniors to use it as a bath seat chair.

The legs of this chair are constructed with corrosion-free heavy-duty anodized aluminum. The adjustable seat height allows you to increase the from 12.5 inches to an 18-inch seat. The seat is properly manufactured to accommodate a seating capacity of 250 pounds.

The tool-free assembly of the shower stool makes it convenient to accommodate in any bathroom. Therefore, you need not worry about the installation or even the disassembling of the chair. The shower chair also fits well on any bath mat. The size and build of the chair make it usable even inside a small size bathtub.


  • Made of aluminum frame and anti-slip plastic resins
  • Allows you to keep the chair dry and mold-free with the side handle and the drainage holes
  • Adjustable height of the shower seat
  • Supports the weight capacity of up to 250 pounds


  • The chair cannot be rearranged once you are on it
  • The rubber tips of the legs aren’t replaceable

4. Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Shower Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Shower Chair

Vaunn has designed their shower chair with a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame with nonslip rubber tips spreading the user’s weight evenly over a wide area. The Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Shower Chair is a perfect example showcasing safety and stability.

When getting a shower seat for your older adult, comfort is a major priority to look into. Vaunn has equipped the shower chair with a backrest offering extra support to the back of the user. Built with a sturdy aluminum frame, the seat is height adjustable with 1-inch increments from a 16 inch to 21-inch height.

Additionally, the chair is equipped with padded armrests along with adjustable height for this feature as well. The shower seat comes with drainage holes to support better water seepage through the holes while showering sitting on it, assisting the fear of slipping.

Along with the padded seat, the chair comes with non-slip feet that keep the bench secure to the tub. Moreover, the chair is rust-resistant and easy to clean. The tool-free assembly of the chair makes it super easy to assemble the chair. The 8.5 pounds weighing chair supports a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.


  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded armrests and backrest


  • The rubber tips may wear off soon due to rough handling

5. Essential Medical Supply Shower and Bath Bench

Essential Medical Supply Shower and Bath Bench

A bath bench to suit your needs, Essential Medical Supply has designed its shower bench with padded removable arms. Showcasing great safety and comfort, the chair features textured seats with drainage holes for better nonslip factors. The anodized aluminum frame of the chair is rust-resistant.

The armrest allows the user to exert pressure while getting the seat on their feet. The textured seat supports a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The large rubber tips have been equipped for the extra safety of the elderly. There are other options as well for those who prefer firm and fixed back. Additionally, the tool-free assembly of the chair makes it more convenient for the caregiver to assemble the chair.

Essential Medical Supply has taken utmost care for the safety and the comfort of the elderly while manufacturing the bath seat with these features.


  • Rubber for extra safety
  • Tool-free assembly makes it easy to install the chair
  • Different options available with back-free stools


  • Poor durability

6. Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Shower Lift Chair

The Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair has constructed chairs keeping in mind the fall-risk problems of the elderly. The seniors can now carefreely stand up from the chair while showering with the nonslip build of the rubber tips of the chair.

The anodized aluminum frame of the chair offers extra support, and the angled legs and rubber tips work best for the safety of the older person sitting on the chair. The materials and parts of the chair are sturdy and durable.

The anti-bacterial polystyrene seat of the chair offers hygienic to use for the elderly person. Moreover, the seat is equipped with drainage holes to drain the showering water effectively without the risk of slipping. You can fit the chair inside a tub or shower effectively without any space problems.

The heavy-duty aluminum frame of the chair helps support the weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Additionally, the chair comes with padded armrests, height-adjustable legs, and a removable backrest. The chair weighs 6 lbs without the back support, while it weighs 8 lbs with the back support.

The chair is designed with portable factors kept in mind. The seat has an adjustable seat height from 16 inches to 21 inches from the ground. It also has a seat height feature with a backrest from 29-34 inches.

The tool-free assembly of the chair makes it convenient for the caregiver to assemble the chair within minutes. It is an easy-to-use tool-free assembly spa bathtub shower lift chair, rust-resistant, and hygienic to use.


  • Comfortable features with padded armrests and removable backrest
  • Lightweight chair for easy portability
  • Durable parts


  • It is expensive

7. Dr. Kay’s Bath and Shower Chair Shower Bench

Dr. Kay’s Bath and Shower Chair Shower Bench

Known for its stability and lightweight, Dr. Kay’s Bath and Shower Seat has made this chair catering to the needs of both safety and comfort. The chair has been constructed to withstand the weight capacity of 250 pounds. The bath seat comes at a maximum height of 2 inches.

Competitors offering the same specifications may compromise with the safety while catering to the comfort. The lightweight feature of this shower stool makes it easy for mobility.

Moreover, Dr. Kay has prioritized the comfort of the elderly, keeping in view the needs of the seniors. Therefore, the chair you purchase from Dr. Kay’s manufactured bath seats is sure to cater to your convenience regarding mobility, safety, and comfort.


  • Lightweight helps for portability features
  • The stability of the chair complements the safety features of the chair


  • Expensive

8. Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

The Duro-Med sliding transfer bench is a strong example of a transfer bench. Duro-Med has designed the seat of the chair, keeping in mind the flexibility of the user sitting on it. A wide seat with an armrest on one side and a backrest come with a safety belt for protection purposes.

Duro-Med has designed its chair with a padded seat, backrest, armrests, strong four legs, along a safety belt. The safety belt is a unique and great feature to help you stay carefree about the elderly person taking a shower sitting on the chair.

It’s best to work as a support for your seniors as well. Moreover, the shower stool comes with a sturdy belt with a 100 % guarantee. The caregivers are lucky to have this shower stool for the patients as it is easy to install and convenient to use.


  • Drainage holes equipped for easy flow of showering water
  • Adjustable height features
  • Nonslip legs
  • Corrosion-free
  • Safety belt


  • One arm only
  • Expensive

9. Carex Tub Transfer Bench

Carex Tub Transfer Bench

The Carex Tub Transfer Bench has been designed with an adjustable sliding transfer bench with a nonslip textured seat and backrest. The tub or shower you put this in will be more than welcoming, such as a bench inside for the elderly to take a hot, warm shower.

The nonslip surface of the bench helps the caregiver and the user with support and safety features. The seat is designed with drainage holes to prevent slipping and the pooling of water. The build of the chair is corrosion resistant.

The anti-slip tips of the shower seat are great for stability. The aluminum-plastic build is strong enough to support 300 lbs. There are even leg extensions for the adjustable height of the seat.

You can place this transfer bench with its one half inside and the other half outside the tub or shower to offer yourself ample space for a shower or maybe place the entire thing in the shower. The build of the bench is flexible to such usability.


  • Ergonomic design with arms, backrest, and legs
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Easy installation


  • Seat size issues for some
  • Poor durability

10. Medocare Shower Stool

Medocare Shower Stool

The Shower stool made by Medocare comes with a comfortable pad. The stool is detachable for you to be able to clean the stool for maintenance. Moreover, the shower seat comes with a rubber foot ensuring great durability.

The strong build of the stool helps support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the stool has drainage holes to prevent water pooling and slipping. Hence, the shower stool is manufactured with ultimate safety and comfort features.

You can use this stool with sliding legs for your leg rest uses during the shower. The weight of the shower stool is about 7 pounds. The easy assembling of the stool lets you install the stool easily with no extra effort or secondary tools.


  • Comfortable seat
  • High-quality material build
  • Optimum durability


  • Quite expensive

Buyer’s Guide

You’ve acquainted quite well with the top picks of the best shower chairs for the elderly. However, there are still other options available in the market to suit your needs. Here are the things you need to look for in the best shower seat for your relative or parents.

Quality Of The Chair

The one to be seated on the chair will be using it almost regularly. You need to make sure that the chair you are purchasing is built of the best quality in the market. The optimum and high-grade material-built chair will be more durable and support your elderly person for a long time.

Comfort Of The Bath Seat

A shower chair is most likely to be used every day since showering is a regular activity. Although few prefer to skip baths, however, when they do, they must relax on the seat of the chair. Therefore, the comfort of the bath seat is a crucial part of the chair that you purchase.

A high-quality ergonomic chair is designed with a padded seat with a contoured shape to give you the best shower chair experience. Also, ensure that the bath seat has drainage holes for easy flow of water.

Even the size of the seat is an important feature to check before you bring home a shower seat. A narrow seat may be irritable and uncomfortable for some older people. A non-slip structure would best facilitate such needs of a patient.

Arm and Backrest

The arm, seat, and backrest are the key parts of any good shower chair. Arms and backrests that are padded add to the patient’s safety concerns and comfort. You must make sure that the shower chair is sturdy enough to hold the patient as they lean back.

A detachable arm and backrest will be a bonus if you are looking for a portable shower chair. Seat and backrest with padded arms would fulfill the features of comfort and safety, backed by a sturdy build of the whole bath seat.


Most of you look for more features in the products that you buy. Well, there are certainly the best shower chairs out there offering you suitable features. The best shower chair comes with adjustable legs so that you can adjust the seat height.


Having a chair whose seat height is adjustable is crucial. It is important that once the patient sits on the chair for their shower, their feet should be flat on the ground for safety and comfort purposes. However, other people need it otherwise.

To suit the needs of both, you have the feature of adjustable height or adjustable legs of the chair to have the comfortable bath sitting in your bath seat.


Some manufacturers design shower chairs for seniors with a commode shape by customizing the shower chair with an opening convenient for a toilet seat. This enables the user to place the chair effortlessly.

Such a dual functionality bestows relief upon the user and the caregiver by eliminating extra transfer work. This feature helps makes bathroom chores easy for patients with limited mobility.

Patients can use a shower stool or bath seat that does not have the commode feature if they are fine with the solid seat. A bath seat with extra comfort and one that supports a backrest would work best for such users.


Any chair fulfills the purpose of a chair only if it has comfortable back support to it. A shower chair that has a backrest would help the user and the caregiver as well. Back support offers the utmost comfort to the user.

Having such features equipped in your shower chair is surely a bonus. Most of the shower chairs out there come with recumbent features of a reclining backrest or rising leg rest.

Shower Chair For Elderly

However, some chairs come with a steady backrest offering limited comfort to the back on the bath seat.


A shower seat or a shower chair, or a shower bench offers mobility for the caregivers and the users’ ease of use. Shower chairs in the market come in variable sizes and construction, hence different weights as well. Most of them are shipped along with their locking casters to ensure effortless mobility.

Lightweight and portable shower chairs are also out in the market for those who do not have any problem porting the chair in and out of the tub or shower.


The size of the shower chair that you purchase depends on the size of your bath or shower room. If the tub or shower space is large enough, you have nothing to worry about. However, it is important to know that all chairs or bath seats do not come in the same size.

Standard size bathrooms or bathtubs need bariatric or basic-sized shower seats to complement your shower or bath with ample remaining space. Small bathrooms would best accommodate a compact shower chair. This would save good enough space for the caregiver to move about.

It is crucial to learn the dimensions of the shower or bath you will place the shower chair in. This helps to a great extent determine the size of the shower chair, which is ideal for your needs.


When your concern is building the shower seat that you provide your older person, you must be careful about the specifications. The material of the shower chair, the seat, backrest, and the leg rest, if it has any, needs prior knowledge to assure its usability.

Cost may vary according to the material you purchase. Aluminum-constructed shower chairs offer good quality construction. Plastic material chairs are common for their quality as well.

Aluminum-built shower chairs cost more than those made of PVC piping or plastic. However, your requirements are your foremost priority in this case.

Aesthetics have a major role to play here. However, both the materials offer good support to the weight of the user. When you are looking for a shower seat with a backrest, those with mesh back provide more comfort.

There is also the option of snugger materials for those who prefer sitting on sturdy and firm surfaces.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is the most important factor to keep in check when buying a shower chair. The best shower chair would be the one that supports the weight of the user easily. It would be best to go for the shower chairs that can withstand the possible weight of an elderly person.

Shower chairs showcasing a weight capacity of 250-400 pounds are usually the most effective and evidently common. Shower chairs are available in a wide array of sizes.

Weight Capacity

The minimal body mass of the elderly would require a standard size shower seat, while those with heavier mass should consider getting a bariatric model. This way, all users get facilitated with excellent stability.

The padded seat of the stool offers extra comfort. The stable and strong build of the stool offers optimum stability needed when you are in the shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I know if I need a shower chair?

The doctor or the caregiver often recommends it when to take up a shower chair for your elderly. Often, some seniors cannot stand for too long. There might be other times when the older adult may themselves be able to operate that chair.

When you feel that you may need the assistance of a shower chair, talk to your caregiver to get the best suggestions.

2. Will I need to make any renovations to accommodate my shower chair?

No, you do not need any such renovation. Shower chairs are meant to avoid any costly renovations made to your bathroom, tub, or shower.

3. Are shower chairs portable?

Most shower seats out in the market are portable. Several of them come with wheels, while some are lightweight to help you with mobility purposes.

Such portable shower chairs are most helpful when two people are sharing the bathroom.

4. What is the safest shower chair?

You have just read through a buyer’s guide that has listed the top picks of the best shower chairs in the market. However, whenever you choose a shower chair, check the quality, the material, safety measures, the features that it supports, padded seat, drainage holes, backrest, and all the features explained in the buyer’s guide.

There are even varieties of shower stools and transfer benches in the market that offer dual functionalities to your convenience.

5. How do you shower with a shower chair?

SHowering with a shower chair is pretty simple when you have a caregiver to help the older adult. H0wever, it also depends on the caregiver. When the senior is the only person taking care of themselves, it might be an issue with all the mobility of the shower seat and the disassembling.

a. Place The Shower Chair In The Tub Or Shower Stall

The shower chair helps quite well when it is in the tub or shower stall. Position the shower seat in a way that ensures it is stable. There should be no way the chair has the possibility of sliding, wobbling, or leaning. Reposition it until it is completely stable.

The four rubber feet of the chair should be touching the floor of the tub or shower at equal levels. To make it stable, you can also place an anti-slip mat below the chair legs. This way, there is extra safety that the person sitting on it does not slip or tip on the floor. A flat mat and slip-resistant would be the best for placing the shower or tub stall.

b. Remove Obstructions

If you have any extras around the shower stall, like a shower caddy overhead, make sure you reposition it to the other side where you won’t have much contact with it while showering. This is because you don’t know if those suction cups loosen and the caddy comes down.

From bottles to soap dishes, remove any kind of obstruction in the patient’s way to remain precautious.

c. Alter The Chair’s Height

It is always important that you get a chair that has height-adjustable legs. Before the patient steps into the shower, it is to be ensured that the chair is leveled up to the suitable position for the patient.

The position of the chair should be maintained at a level that is not too low to the ground nor too high from it. The patient must be able to lay their feet flat on the floor while having the shower.

d. Sit In The Center Of The Chair

When your elderly parent or grandparent is set to take a bath, help them get on the chair. It is important that they position themselves right in the center of the shower seat and not towards the edge.

This is important so that they do not slip from the chair while taking a shower. As a caregiver, it would be most helpful to help the patient move from point A to point B, where they are to take their bath.

6. How can I make my elderly shower Safe?

Bathroom floors are tricky, and the surrounding as well when you have aged. Therefore, it is important to take some precautionary measures to make the bathroom safe for the elderly.

Safety Tip 1: Use Anti-slip mats and tiles on the floor

The use of anti-slip mats on the floor prevents slipping on the slippery floor with soap water spread throughout. You could use such mats at the entrance, in front of the toilet, or next to the basin.

Non-slip adhesive tapes are helpful as well. Applying adhesives on the basin prevents hand slippage, and people with weak muscles can hold them there to balance themselves.

Safety Tip 2: Install Grab Bars and Bath Seat

Installing grab bars and bath seats makes the shower stall a haven for the elderly. Grab bars below the shower and beside the toilet lets the elderly person support thel=mselves on them while showering and standing or sitting on the shower seat or the toilet.

Safety Tip 3: Install Adjustable Seats For Your Toilets

People who are aged find it conveniently easy when their seats are adjusted to their height. A preferable height will be 16-17 inches that would let the person lay his feet flat on the floor while showering or on the toilet.

To help them out in this scenario, you could install brackets and locking clamps to the commode. This would stabilize the seat and will avoid imbalance of the one sitting on the bath seat or the toilet.

Final Verdict

Shower chairs or bath seats have become important today because elderly persons need support while going to the shower. The caregivers help them out quite well. However, a shower chair or bath seat is always a bonus.

After reading through the top picks of the best shower chairs in the market and the buyer’s guide, you must have acquainted yourself well with the features of a good bath seat.

The DriveMedical premium chairs have gained popularity over time for the convenience factors they fulfill and the fact that they’ve taken care of safety and comfort while designing their chairs.

Padded seats, padded armrests on both sides, backrests, and rubber feet with a strong aluminum frame building would be the best choice for a shower chair.

You can also go for a transfer bench or shower stool by Carex or Medocare that has also gained popularity for comfort or safety.

Above all, Make sure your bath seat complies with the features that you read through in this blog to help make you the best choice of shower chair for your parents, grandparents, or your close one who is an aged person.

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