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10 Best RV Mattress Toppers In 2022 – Reviews

Lack of rest or improper sleep can affect your health in multiple ways. To prevent health risks from interrupted or uncomfortable night’s sleep, choose an RV Mattress and toppers that never compromise on comfort.

Your mattress and toppers play a major role in providing you with comfort and support while sleeping. And with that, you open a gateway to a variety of mattresses and a challenge to choose the best for your spine and muscles.

The latest in today’s time is the RV Mattresses that is made especially for large to medium-size recreational vehicles (RV). They have the sleeping space smaller in comparison to permanent beds. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get the best mattresses that aren’t low profile.

There are both RV mattress toppers and regular mattress toppers to select for recreational vehicles. To decide easily and have trust in it, we did the entire research to bring the best for you. We verified customer reviews with company services, and hence the list offers you reliable information.

Without investing further time here, read this review to learn more about an RV Mattress. We have a buyer’s guide at the end to help you custom the requirements before you reach the decision of buying one.

Here we present the top 10 Best RV Mattress Toppers in 2021 to tailor-suit your needs for a pleasant night’s sleep.

10 Best RV Mattress Toppers Review

1. LINENSPA Gel Infused Queen Foam Mattress

LINENSPA Gel Infused Queen Foam Mattress

The LINENSPA RV Mattress has sophistication and Gel-infused technology to appeal to multiple types of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back or side, the memory foam mattress topper adapts to the body posture and provides a cozy time with comfort and support in your night’s sleep.

The reason we have put this memory foam mattress topper on #1 in our list of Best RV Mattress Topper is that the mattress is easy on your spine. The Memory Foam mattress topper is known to relieve pressure points and tension from the back muscles, totally making it worth investing all the money. Besides that, you get the ultra-plush foam technology which is dominating the market in recent times.

There are also features to add to the list and bring total justice to the ruling RV Mattress of all time. The design is durable. You can expect it to shape your comfort from the initial days to years with no visible defects.

The fact that this product is made of heat synchronizing gel beds helps sweaty sleepers in long hours of sleep with no disturbances. However, you choose between 3 inches and a 2-inch version of the mattress. The brand brings faith to customers by allowing them to decide on the thickness of their bedding.

Overlooking this model will be foolish as the makers give you a 3-year warranty, which is enough for one of the best RV Mattress topper. It has everything you are looking for in the best RV mattress topper.


  • Seven different sizes are available
  • Composed of heat-regulating cooling gel beds
  • Relieve pressure points, back tension, and sore muscles
  • Aligns the spine with ultimate comfort
  • Durable design
  • 3-year warranty


  • Some customers felt that the RV mattress topper to be too firm

2. LUCID Gel Memory Foam Topper Mattress with Ventilation (Queen Size)

LUCID Gel Memory Foam Topper Mattress with Ventilation

If you are living in hotter climates or you are a person who sweats a lot while sleeping, the LUCID Gel Memory Foam Topper Mattress will be a profitable option to choose. The RV memory foam mattress topper contains a plush gel material that maintains the cooler temperature while you have your night sleep with adequate comfort and support.

To keep the temperature right, the plush gel material at first traps the heat from your body then distributes it throughout the space instead of building up exactly at your sleeping position.

Whether you belong among side sleepers or stomach sleepers, the plush technology works for every sleeping position, as long as you are on the bed and not on the floor. It has unique ventilation that induces better airflow through the RV mattress topper, as well.

Another feature that is worth mentioning about this RV mattress topper is the memory foam. The makers have kept it soft for maximum relaxation during any time you are planning to take a nap. Besides the features, you get a profitable 3-year warranty on the mattress foam topper.

With all these features and advantages, you will pay a price that won’t be too heavy for your bank account. The price of the RV memory foam topper is reasonable and within your budget. Once again, here too, you can select a size of your choice and sleep peacefully with your RV foam mattress.


  • Seven sizes are available
  • Two thickness styles
  • Reasonable price
  • 3-year warranty
  • Better airflow throughout the mattress
  • Gel memory foam topper technology
  • Traps heat to control the temperature


  • Some buyers claimed issues regarding durability

3. Zinus Gel Swirl Memory Foam Air Flow RV Mattress

Zinus Gel Swirl Memory Foam Air Flow RV Mattress

Zinus is one of the top RV mattress topper brands in the market. It has certain features that every customer will love to pay for.

To begin with the features, this swirl memory foam topper mattress uses high-density airflow foam and memory foam jointly. These foams along with each other create the perfect, comfortable space for a cool good night’s sleep.

If you are a protector of nature, preferring eco-friendly stuff in your design, this mattress includes green tea extract and castor oil in the ingredient list. The two elements are utilized to remove odors from the mattress topper and promote freshness under any circumstances.

Besides freshness, this gel-infused memory foam mattress topper suffices to be at the top of your bed. In simple words, you might not need a bedsheet to cover the topper.

One factor that the customers love about this mattress is that it belongs to one of the less costly mattresses, despite being the top-notch one in the market. You save money and sleep peacefully after getting the memory foam topper for an RV mattress, sat a fair price. Is there anything greater than this peace?


  • Four sizes are available with four sizes of thickness
  • 5-year warranty
  • Use of gel-infused memory foam and dense airflow support foam
  • Natural ingredients remove the odor
  • Low on cost


  • To some customers, the odor of the mattress was strong and unpleasant

4. Dream Foam Gel Swirl memory foam topper

Dream Foam Gel Swirl memory foam topper

With regular features and a simple approach, this RV Mattress makes can seriously take care of your comfort, even under a tight schedule. It has mostly hassle-free design and complete features with the right toner.

The product contains top-class memory foam which increases your comfort right from the first use you begin with. The open cell technology gives a cooler ambiance without depending on your sleeping position. The airflow is quick with sleeping position and spreading heat from someone else’s as well.


  • Cheap with defined service quality
  • available in seven different weight sizes
  • Best tier memory foam topper
  • Devoid of any harmful chemical
  • Open-cell technology gives a cooler environment


  • The product would be better with a thickness of over two

5. ViscoSoft Pillow Tough Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper – King Size

ViscoSoft Pillow Tough Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper

A comfortable sleeping habit increases the productivity of a person. But, are you witnessing some disturbances that are troubling your recharge time but cannot figure out what the actual issue is? Well, you might need to think of having a new mattress.

The ViscoSoft gel-infused mattress is 3 inches of a memory foam topper mattress with ventilation pores. These porous structures further help in giving you a fresh feeling right after you leave the bed in the morning.

If you are among those people who witness creative dreams with little thrillers and adventure, sleeping sessions might get hot and sweaty. With the help of unique gel memory foam, the ViscoSoft memory foam topper can regulate the temperature into a comfortable one for you.

One thing that the company guarantees on use is the equal weight distribution capability of the RV Mattress. Whether you sleep on your side or stomach or back, the mattress will adjust the weight properly and comfort you.

Moreover, if you have any health issues like arthritis, etc. Viscosoft is the brand you can trust. The gel memory foam best RV mattress toppers are worth shopping for!


  • Improves the spinal cord health
  • prevent muscle pain
  • Great in motion isolation
  • You get a washable cover made of bamboo


  • No short queen size option is available

6. Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress, California King Size Topper

Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress

If you are trying to find a memory foam mattress that allows customers to choose a 4-inches thickness topper, this product is a splendid option to stick by. Besides the thickness, it has other medical benefits to give you a permanent solution to the problems.

Using high-quality viscoelastic material, the makers have designed an RV mattress that adjusts easily to the body contour. No question asked on the comfort of this mattress. As you throw yourself by the end of the day, the memory gel allows you to drown in the memory foam topper mattress with no after effect or worsening joint pains.


  • Absorbs back pain
  • Flexible throughout
  • 4-inch thickness
  • Less sleep disturbance
  • Cures muscle sore
  • 60 x 72 mattress topper
  • The cool cycle polymer design keeps the back air cool and prevents heating


  • Nothing to mention

7. Best Price Mattress with Memory Foam Topper and Infused with Green Tea

Best Price Mattress with Memory Foam Topper

The best price RV mattress marks the second one on the list to offer 4-inch thickness types of RV mattress topper to the buyers. The material of the mattress is polyester with a 1.5-inches thick layer of RV memory foam topper for the mattress and 2.5 inches of high-density base foaming.

The sole motive of the memory foam mattress toppers makers is to comfort you while sleeping. That is why they have made the entire mattress using special Technology to make it motion-proof. However, the makers of mattress topper RV have kept the pricing quite affordable so you don’t check out from their site without placing the order.


  • Hand washable
  • Polyester mesh material
  • Has a zipper cover
  • Very comfortable
  • relaxes pressure points
  • 4-inch thickness
  • Gel memory foam infused with green tea


  • The topper was hard for some customers

8. Best Price Mattress Trifold Memory Foam Topper with 4-inch thickness

Best Price Mattress Trifold Memory Foam Topper

The features of the Best Price Trifold Memory Foam Topper RV mattress is the different feature that piques the interest in knowing more on them.

To start with the features, the 4-inch thickness of the RV mattress is positive and is enough supportive for anybody’s good night’s sleep. They also add that the 4-inch thickness is of 1.5-inch memory foam at the top layer and 2.5-inches high-density foam layer at the base for additional support. These foams are certified with Certipur-us-Certification memory and are high-density ones for durable use.

However, the RV mattress makes an ideal utilization for overnight guests, sleepover parties, camping, and car trips. The 100% poly-jacquard cover promotes spot cleaning that is hassle-free to go for. It also has a slip-proof button that helps in the easy handling of the topper mattress.


  • 4-inches thick memory foam
  • High-density base and top foam layer
  • An ideal choice for camping or car trips
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to store
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • Some buyers claimed the mattress to be 3.5-inches thick instead of 4-inches

9. WEEKENDER Memory Foam Mattress – Queen size

WEEKENDER Memory Foam Mattress

RV Queen Mattress from WEEKENDER is another Memory Foam mattress you can choose for your comfort. The product is ideal if you wish to refresh a worn-out mattress or soften a medium-firm one without adjusting your comfort and support.

It has ventilated open-cell best memory foam that enhances the airflow and controls the sleeping temperature with optimum breathability. Besides that, the plush technology contours to the body shape, relieving discomfort in pressure points so that you wake up feeling fit every morning. It also helps to align the spine which is great in today’s smart world.

However, the 2-inch thick premium memory foam mattresses come with a 3-year warranty with high-quality standards.


  • Ventilated design memory foam with open-cell technology
  • More airflow with optimum breathability
  • Contours to body structure and regulates heat
  • Relieve pressure
  • 2-inch thick memory foam
  • 3-year warranty


  • The thickness could be more

10. Zinus AZ-GTFT Topper Queen, Short

Zinus AZ-GTFT Topper Queen, Short

Here we have the last one on the list – a memory foam RV mattress with green tea infused for long-lasting freshness. Zinus claims their design to rejuvenate you in sleep. They have a sleep trial that you can avail anytime you want!

Apart from Green Tea, the memory foam has other natural additives like charcoal, and plant oil on the 1.5-inch thick memory foam. The base foam is a high-density gel-infused memory foam that never compromises performance.


  • Memory foam infused with green tea, plant oil.
  • Charcoal in memory foam absorbs moisture
  • 5-year warranty
  • 4-inch thickness


  • Some buyers claimed it to be a little more firm

What To Look For When Buying RV Mattress Toppers

Your comfort and sleep quality are what are typically prioritized when you go out to get yourself a mattress topper. However, to achieve that comfort and soundness in sleep, there are several things you’d need to consider first. The best RV mattress topper would not only be durable and help you sleep better, but it would also be made of quality materials and ideal thickness. 

You’d also need to consider the dimensions of your mattress and the size of your RV itself when going out to get RV mattress toppers. Other than that, there are several more factors to be kept in mind. Let’s check them out.


Mattress toppers come in different types of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and durability. Typically, you will mostly find a feather, latex, memory foam, and gel types of mattress.

1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress topper is a very popular choice as it can easily conform to the shape and position of your body. This helps the memory foam provide you with the most comfortable position to sleep in and reduce body aches and discomfort. 

In a way, the foam “remembers” your optimal postures and positions. The memory foam mattress topper automatically lets you settle comfortably as your entire body would be sufficiently supported despite your sleeping position.

RV Mattress Toppers

While RV memory foam mattress topper can be increasingly comfortable to sleep in, one disadvantage of using it is the foam’s heat retention ability. Due to this, you can often feel unpleasantly warm and hot. However, you can easily solve this issue by getting a cooling gel memory foam mattress topper for your RV instead.

2. Gel Memory Foam

The gel memory foam mattress topper is quite similar to the regular memory foam topper. In this, however, there is an added perk of not getting uncomfortably warm as the gel memory foam mattress topper doesn’t retain heat and the regular one. RV memory foam mattress topper can have cooling gel beads of the gel memory foam topper that help stabilize the mattress’s temperature and prevent it from rising too much. 

Gel Memory Foam topper

This is because there are better airflow and breathability than the non-gel memory foam mattress toppers, making it an ideal choice for summers.

The gel memory foam mattress toppers are incredibly useful and cozy, but they do come pricier than their alternatives.

3. Latex Topper

For people highly prone to allergies and such, later mattress toppers can be a suitable option. That is because the latex mattress toppers are made of environmentally friendly materials with hypoallergenic properties. It has become a preferable option for environmentally conscious sleepers as well. 

The later mattress topper is also a good choice for using it in an RV or for other camping opportunities.

4. Eggshell Foam

Eggshell foam or egg crate foam is a foam mattress topper with raised soft bumps that resemble an egg crate or carton. These soft bumps conform to your body’s shape and posture when you sleep to provide you with the best comfort, support, and pressure relief on pressure points. This ensures a good quality night’s sleep that helps you feel refreshed and energetic. 

Eggshell Foam topper

The soft raised parts of the mattress topper also help relieve pain and ache in the lower back area and reduce stress on your pressure points, too. This type of mattress and mattress topper is so effective at relieving bedsores that they are often prescribed by physicians in nursing homes, too. 

5. Down Mattress Topper

Some of these mattresses may be great throughout the year but often in cold winters, a little extra warmth. There are down alternative or wool mattress toppers that are specifically made for winter use. This kind of topper increases heat retention and traps it so that you can be comfortably warm in the cold weather. 

The material of down alternative topper or wool-filled toppers is usually very soft and plush and can be filled with hypoallergenic microfiber filling. 

Different types of cover material are used as a cover for the topper, and cotton and microfibre covers are usually more durable than other materials.

6. Feather 

Feather mattress toppers are among the softest and most supportive types of toppers you can get for yourself. They are ideal if you keep them soft, cloudlike, and cozy feel above everything else. And while traveling tired and worn down after daytime camping activities, laying down on a mattress with a feather topper in your RV would definitely feel like relaxing.

However, one thing to keep in mind when thinking of getting a feather mattress topper is allergies. These mattress toppers do not come with hypoallergenic properties, unlike some others, and can cause respiratory irritation and trigger allergies. 


The fit and the dimensions of the mattress are also very important to consider before you get mattress toppers for your RV mattress. You have to remember that RV mattress can often come in smaller sizes and dimensions to fit the RV bed frames, so their topper would also need to be adequately sized. 

RV Mattress Toppers

A regular mattress topper might be too big for your RV mattress, so always measure the mattress before purchasing a topper for it. This way, you can appropriately put them together and not face inconvenience due to the size and fit difference.


How durable your mattress topper is will depend on the material used and the quality of the construction. However, mattress toppers are just an added layer, so it will be futile to expect that they would last as long as your mattresses. They are not built to outlast your mattresses. But if used well, then mattress toppers can last you for more than five years. Different materials also provide different strengths and durability. 

Latex RV mattress toppers can often be found to be more durable than foam or feather ones. But this is not always true. Featherbed toppers and memory foams have very close competition. Check for quality materials and waterproofing of the topper along with its sealed and tight stitches. Such factors can affect the durability of the RV mattress topper.


Your budget and affordability also play into your ultimate choice for an RV bunk mattress topper. There are many quality, durable, and some of the best RV mattress topper that can be found that are easy to afford and are not obscenely expensive. 

The higher prices don’t always assure high quality, so you should be careful and consider all your choices before deciding on one. However, if you want a nicely padded and comfortable RV mattress topper for your mattress, then investing a little in the mattress topper would be good. After all, you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep.


Some mattress toppers are made to relieve bed sores and or to cater to a more specific set of users. So depending on the purpose for which you require the mattress topper, you can adequately choose the best one to suit your needs. 

There are mattress toppers that are made with hypoallergenic properties and some mattress that come with patterns of padding to help relieve back pain and pressure on joints. Some mattress toppers are made for heavier users, so that should be considered as well. Some mattress toppers are also made keeping in mind the needs of older people, so in a lot of nursing homes, physicians often prescribe eggshell foam mattress toppers. 

When traveling in an RV, it is best to go with an RV mattress topper that would help you relax and get comfortable while also catering to your positions and needs. The toppers in our review work great when traveling. But you must know the right way to compress your mattress and topper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on RV toppers for mattresses

1. Can you put a regular queen mattress in an RV?

A standard queen-size mattress might be too big for an RV bed frame. Hence, most of the time, you would need to get an RV size mattress to fit it in, as the queen-sized mattress might hand over the edges. If the mattress doesn’t properly fit with the size of the bed platform, making it uncomfortable for you to lay down as well. 

regular queen mattress in an RV

Although there probably won’t be much difference in the feel and material of both the mattress, it is essentially the mattress size where they greatly differ. 

If your RV bed frame or platform is big enough to fit an RV queen mattress, it would be possible to use it. Otherwise, typically RV bed frames are smaller in width and size than regular queen bed frames.

2. What is the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress?

There is not much difference in the mattress’s construction per se, as the RV mattresses can have the same material and firmness as the regular mattresses. However, they do come in a smaller size than regular mattresses. They also tend to be more lightweight than regular mattresses. As they weigh less, they can often be thinner than regular mattresses, which is why mattress toppers would be an ideal solution. 

The RV mattresses are usually made to fit within a compact RV and take up as little space as possible, so their width is smaller than regular-sized mattresses. Unless your RV is compatible with regular-sized mattresses, you need to get an RV mattress specifically to fit it in.

3. Are our mattress toppers worth the money?

How worthy you find a mattress topper, be it for your regular mattresses or for your RV mattresses, depending on personal inclinations. In most cases, mattress toppers can be incredibly beneficial and useful. They have been known to relieve bed sores and provide more comfort during sleep even for side sleepers. 

They also tend to make the bed foster and cozier, especially if your mattress is uncomfortable firm. They also add a layer of protection and add padding to your mattress. All in all, RV mattress toppers can be worth your money if you want to invest in achieving better sleep quality and comfort.

4. Which is better – a 2 inch or 3-inch mattress topper?

Usually, the firmness and the density of the mattress can determine its thickness. A 2-inch RV mattress topper can provide adequate comfort and softness for a firm mattress. Although, they can be a little firm and denser than a 3 inch one. A 2-inch mattress would be fine for people who weigh light as well, as it would not be as useful for people who weigh over 170 pounds. 

They would need a thicker RV mattress topper, 3 inches and more, for adequate comfort and softness. A 3-inch RV mattress topper is also a convenient choice for many who are unsure of what thickness to go with for the topper. 

It would also be an ideal choice if your mattress is quite old or has lost its softness, in which case, extra thickness from the topper would be needed to provide you with better support.

5. How do I keep my mattress topper from sliding?

Some RV mattress toppers come with fastening that you can secure to the mattress. However, many affordable toppers don’t, and it could get tricky trying to properly secure your topper to the mattress to prevent the mattress topper from sliding.

Fastening it to your mattress can take some extra tools, but it would be worth the effort as it would prevent the topper from sliding inconveniently during the night.

You can use a non-skid mat and place it between your mattress and the RV mattress topper to keep it in place and prevent unnecessary sliding.

Alternatively, you can also use the dual-sided carpet take to secure the topper and the mattress together. Or you could also go with velcro touch fasteners to secure the sides of the RV mattress topper with the mattress.

You can even make your anchor bands and stitch them to the topper and then fasten them to the mattress. DIY anchor bands for the memory foam topper or other toppers can easily be made and are quite useful.

If nothing else, then safety pins and duct tape can also help you secure the RV mattress topper in its right place.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the factors that you would have to keep in mind choosing the best RV mattress topper from among our top picks should be a piece of a cake.

While there are several suitable choices for you, the LINENSPA RV Mattress topper has topped our list of the best RV mattress topper. Not only is this RV mattress topper incredibly soft and cozy, but it is also compatible with different kinds of sleepers and their various positions. While this RV mattress topper provides optimal comfort, it is also useful in relieving bed sores and back pain.

Now that you have the best RV mattress toppers to choose from, you can happily and comfortably cushion your RV mattress and enjoy a sound and peaceful night in your RV.

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