Best Mattress for Trundle bed

9 Best Mattress for Trundle Bed 2022

A trundle bed is a blessing in (space-efficient) disguise. Be it to save some space in your room or for an emergency when some guests arrive and stay overnight – these beds are beneficial.

Of course, to make full use of your bed, you need a great mattress. But with a sea of brands out there, finding yourself the best mattress for trundle bed is not easy (probably why you’re here in the first place).

Additionally, it’s not just the number of brands that make it baffling; you also have to choose the material that your mattress uses. And as you can see, it’s necessary to do your research before going out and buying one. Let us help you with that.

9 Best Mattress for Trundle Bed

The appeal for trundle beds is obvious. They are quite affordable, and they save a lot of space. So, stick around and find out which mattress would be the best for you and your bed.

1. Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid-Mattress

When it comes to mattresses, there’s a debate that has been going on for a while. It’s the debate between a spring mattress and a memory foam mattress. And it has a lot of valid points to consider.

We won’t be getting deep into it, but the seemingly fun and bouncy spring mattress has its drawbacks. The biggest one being how comparatively quicker it ages. But it’s not to say that memory foams are flawless. They cause issues like heat entrapment.

What’s great about our first mattress is that it has the best of both worlds. First, it has the support of a spring mattress that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sinking in a river. On the other hand, it also has the comfort and durability of memory foam.

If you’re getting something as hefty as a mattress, moving it around or bringing it home can turn into a headache. This one comes in a compressed and compact form to save you from misery. Once you open it up and let it decompress, it gets back to the full size.

Something great about this mattress is the way the materials inside it. The top has soft memory foam on it. After that, there’s another layer of foam to ensure further comfort. Only after that do we have the springs.


  • Memory foam improves comfort
  • Innerspring makes it firm
  • Comes in compact packaging
  • Coils are very quiet
  • Affordable


  • Memory foam can trap heat
  • Some users complained about the cover’s quality

2. Milliard Tri Folding Mattress

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress

If you’re using a trundle bed, then you probably are the kind of person that appreciates portability and storage efficiency. Be it in the retail package or storage method — the whole experience is bound to be better with that.

The next product we’ve got for you on our list excels at that. As the name tri-folding suggests, you can fold this into a third of its original size. There’s not a whole lot of mattresses that can do that.

Along with the portability, the comfort that this mattress provides has turned it into an instant success. The foam used in it is plush and high in density, and it also preserved the softness. Hence, it doesn’t turn into a pit when you lie on it without sacrificing the softness.

Another praiseworthy thing about this mattress is its cover. It comes with a soft to the touch, durable bamboo cover. You can remove it quickly and wash it whenever needed. What’s even better is that it is machine washable, ensuring convenience for cleaning.

There is something that you should keep in mind, though. The foam that this mattress uses isn’t memory foam. However, the foam used in this 4-inch mattress is still pretty impressive.


  • Portable design
  • Washable bamboo cover
  • Foam is plush and comfortable
  • You can use it for various purposes
  • There’s also a slight bounce to it


  • Doesn’t use memory foam
  • Might be too firm for some people

3. Best Price 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

One of the best things about memory foams for trundle beds is the way they perfectly contour the shape of your body. Moreover, it relieves the stress from your body’s pressure points, regardless of your sleeping position. 

The third mattress on this list does not only have that in its arsenal, however. Firstly, we have three layers to talk about. On the first layer, it has memory foam to help you get comfortable and relieve your stress. The unconventional part starts in the second layer.

Right underneath the top layer, it has a soft layer of ventilated foam. An issue with memory foam is that it traps the heat of your body in it. Comfort takes a hit this way.

In this case, the ventilated foam allows the mattress to breathe, which in turn helps it dissipate the heat efficiently and help you sleep better. It does not end at that; it also has a layer of high-density foam underneath all that.

You should keep in mind that some users found a hefty amount of fiberglass in it when they removed the cover, which can be harmful. So, before you take off its cover, make sure you have taken a bit of a precaution, just to be sure.


  • High-quality memory foam
  • Optimized airflow with a ventilated layer
  • Relieves pressure points and provides comfort
  • Firm base helps with the weight distribution
  • Great quality cover


  • Removing the cover often lets out fiberglass
  • Memory foam can still be slightly hot

4. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to mattresses for trundle beds, prices can be a big issue. Many great ones provide excellent materials and a great experience, but they have a price tag so huge that it might be well over your budget.

In the affordable price segment, however, there can be a lot of bad apples. These make it harder to choose a product. With our next mattress, we have found that it provides a fantastic experience for its price. Let’s find out all about it.

This mattress is 7 inches in thickness, and it uses memory foam as its material. It uses a foam construction with multiple layers – meaning that this helps reduce the amount of movement that is transferred throughout the mattress.

The usage of this foam also makes sure that your body will be comfortable all around without any pressure. This mattress uses a layer of 1-inch thick gel foam to make sure that the foam doesn’t trap any of the heat and make you uncomfortable.

To reduce the heat that the memory foam might trap in itself, this is helpful. So, you can sleep without any discomfort or annoyance on this one. Moreover, Olee used a 2.5 inches thick convoluted foam. That improves the ventilation in the mattress.


  • I-Gel foam dissipates heat
  • Good quality Jacquard cover
  • Plushy feeling with memory foam
  • Improved ventilation with convoluted foam
  • Easy shipping with compressed packaging


  • No layers that can improve firmness
  • Thickness isn’t uniform in a few cases

5. LUCID Memory Foam

Sometimes, you’re looking for a mattress for trundle beds for your children, and the thickness needs to be minimal. Not only that, if you’re someone with any sort of lower back pain, then you might also want to opt for something that is more firm and is not too plush.

First of all, this mattress uses memory foam on the topmost layer. Hence, it ensures that it’s not too hard on your body’s pressure points, depending on how you sleep. And the way it nicely forms around your body without making you feel like you’re dipping too much is excellent.

However, we did talk about something firm for you or your child’s bed. This is where the unconventional part comes in. With a 4” dense base foam that is bamboo charcoal infused, this mattress provides you with the firmness you want. But it’s not too firm either.

The noteworthy thing about this mattress is that it ensures an excellent base for your body. With many other mattresses, your body can be uncomfortable with how it dips in really deep.

Additionally, if you have a problem with your back, something too plush can be a deal-breaker. The fact that this mattress isn’t too high also makes it easier for children to climb on it.


  • Great for people with lower back pain
  • Very durable
  • Quality of the cover is excellent
  • Usable for both adults and children
  • Comfortably firm without being too hard


  • Not for people who want something plush
  • Taller and heavier adults might be uncomfortable

6. Modway Aveline Memory Mattress

Modway Aveline Memory Mattress

Our next product comes from a reputable brand. Their mattresses have received so many great reviews from users throughout the years. These products are some of the most affordable ones that will give you the experience of a high-end product.

A big highlight for this product is the gel-infused memory foam. This product uses some great quality foam that will provide you with the comfort you’ve been yearning for. But that’s not all that it has in store for you.

One problem that many people don’t like about memory foams is the lack of heat dissipation. It can make you sweaty, uncomfortable, and ruin your sleep for good. What makes this product different is its foam. Compared to most memory foams, this mattress tends to provide a more relaxed sleep.

The high-density poly foam in this mattress adds some firmness to the mattress to tackle that. This way, you wouldn’t feel like the usual too soft feeling of memory foam that doesn’t have much stability. Instead, it provides better support for your back.

For side sleepers, this mattress will be quite comfortable to sleep on. In the case of back sleepers, it might be a little hard to move around due to the softness. Additionally, the motion transfer is very minimal on it.


  • Improved stability with dense polyfoam
  • Traditional plush memory foam
  • Great for side sleepers
  • Doesn’t transfer too much motion
  • Heating issues are relatively lower


  • Slightly uncomfortable for back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers might not like the softness

7. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam

A whole lot can change depending on how you sleep and the position of your body.  For instance, if you’re someone who enjoys sleeping on the sides, your shoulders will be the contact point to your mattress.

This means that you will want something that won’t be hard on your shoulders (or what your pressure point is). The next product for trundle beds is from Classic Brands. It is excellent at reducing your body’s strain with its medium-firm gel-infused memory foam without being too hard.

A known issue with spring mattresses is that they degrade relatively quickly. Dust mites are one of the reasons for that. When it comes to memory foam, however, that is not the case. Memory foams last much longer and are more durable.

These foams are naturally resistant to mold, dust mites, and allergens. With this mattress, you can be free of worries. It also ensures maximum ventilation and breathability with the gel infusion to make it feel cool and cozy.

Now, let’s talk about the cover. This mattress comes with a polyester cover, which isn’t exactly of the best quality. But it does its job reasonably well. To sum it up, this is a remarkable product coming at a very low price. It also reduces the traditional issues with memory foam.


  • Has a compressed quality box packaging
  • Affordable price tag
  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Not too plush
  • Great for both kids and adults


  • Slightly smelly
  • Cover isn’t the best in quality

8. Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress

Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a 4-inch thick mattress for trundle beds, the chances are that you are not looking for something very plush. These mattresses can fit easily on most beds and are great for various usages. This next mattress is of those firm ones.

The first thing users would probably expect if they’re buying a 4-inch mattress is portability. And this mattress shines at that. You can easily fold it up in a smaller form factor. This improves the ease of storage and portability, in case there is a need for that.

While this product is one of the firm ones, it is not so firm that it’ll ruin your comfort. Of course, these beds are not for everyone because many people might prefer soft and plush mattresses.

But for the ones that prefer a medium-firm mattress that still doesn’t lose its softness and cozy feeling, this one will do the trick. Especially if you’re someone with back pain, then this is a blessing for you.

It’s because your back needs some support from the mattress. But softer ones don’t have the firmness necessary to help keep your back straight. Thus, having this product from Fortnight is much more comfortable.


  • Provides support for your back
  • Doesn’t contain harmful elements like TDCPP of TCEP
  • Quicksand feeling of memory foam isn’t present
  • Great for smaller beds
  • Easily foldable and portable


  • Not an impressive cover
  • Quality of the foam isn’t as impressive

9. Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

It’s hard to beat the comfort of foam mattresses contouring around your body nicely and providing you with a feeling of warmth. A good night’s sleep gets so much better when you have got one of those. Let’s find out what we have in the bucket for you next.

The last (but certainly not the least) product we have is a fantastic mattress from Zinus. If you have done your research, you probably have heard their name already. Thousands of customers praise their green tea and charcoal-infused memory foam for trundle beds.

This infusion makes sure that the mattress stays fresh over time and does not give off any odor. The layer of well-ventilated foam that elevates it even further. It also helps with the issue of heat entrapment and enables you to sleep better.

CertiPUR certifies this mattress; so, you can be free of worries about the quality. They also use their own EcoFoam and BioFoam, which are exceptional in quality. These are free of any harmful or toxic materials and are friendlier to the environment.

On the lowest layer of this foam is a high-density base support foam. And on the top, we have high-quality memory foam. These layers ensure both softness and stability, especially for back sleepers. It’s pretty good for side sleepers as well.


  • Soft poly terry cover
  • CertiPUR US certified
  • Green tea and charcoal-infused foam
  • Stays odor-free and fresh for a long time
  • Great price-to-performance ratio


  • Some users reported a slight smell
  • Taking the cover off might release fiberglass

What to Look for Before Buying?

It can be intimidating to decide which mattress is the best for trundle beds, what with all the jargon. But if you keep the fundamentals in your mind before going ahead and buying yourself a mattress, you should be fine. Just make sure that you’ve got the measurements right.

Foam or Spring

As you’ve read above, the dilemma between whether to choose foam or spring mattresses is one that a lot of people face. If we try to divide them into a few mainstream categories, we’ve got foams, springs, and hybrids.

In regards to foams, you can find polyurethane, memory foam, or latex. Innersprings use springs. Some mattresses have a mix of both, and those are called hybrids. As innerspring mattresses are known to deteriorate slightly faster, hybrids try to tackle that with memory foam on top.

Mattress for Trundle Bed

Although, to some people, memory foam feels too soft. They’re also known to hold quite a bit of heat. Some foam mattresses use layers of gel to resolve this. So, choose your mattress depending on how firm they are, how they feel, and how long the materials last. 


Here’s another dilemma. You would want your mattress to last a long time, and it has to be dense to fulfill that wish. But as it becomes denser, it starts to sacrifice comfort. You need to find something that finds a middle ground between durability and comfort.

In this aspect, memory foams and hybrids are remarkable. They have the proper density to not feel too hard on you, but they’re not too soft either. Besides, memory foam is less prone to being affected by allergens and dust mites. With this, their durability is improved further.

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Sleeping Positions

How you sleep can have a lot of effect on how suitable a mattress is for you. For instance, in case you are a side sleeper, you put your body’s weight on your hips and shoulders, mostly. Hence, medium-soft or medium-firm mattresses would be great for you. Too firm can make it painful, and also soft can make you feel like drowning.

In the case of back sleepers, too much softness can cause complications. They’re better off with a medium-firm or firm mattress. Lastly, we have the stomach sleepers. They put more pressure on their lumbar spine. Thus, they would do better with a relatively firm mattress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a trundle bed be added to any bed?

Most trundle beds should fit under your bed, but not all of them do. Make sure you have the correct measurements when you go and buy one.

  • Do you need a special mattress for trundle beds?

No, you don’t. But the measurement is important. Usually, mattresses for these beds aren’t any thicker than 8”.

  • Is a trundle bed a good idea?

It depends on you, but these beds usually are great for saving space and having an extra bed when the need arises.

  • What is the best mattress for trundle bed?

It’s up to your taste. Read the guide above to find out if you want foam, spring, hybrid mattresses, or something else.

  • Why are spring mattresses bad?

They aren’t bad, per se. But they tend to have a slightly shorter lifespan than mattresses with foams.


These were our favorite picks for the best mattress for trundle bed. Find out which size your bed needs and choose one from our list. And then sleep like a log on your newly found piece of heaven.

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