Best Mattress for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

10 Best Mattress for Osteoarthritis Sufferers in 2021

Osteoarthritis is a disease that plagues many families worldwide and gives so many loved ones a difficult time. Characterized by severe joint pain and stiffness, it mostly affects people over 50 and does not have a cure.

A condition such as this one requires utmost care of the body, no matter what the age of the person concerned is. After a long day of dealing with osteoarthritis and with life, your loved one deserves to rest on the best quality mattresses that will make sleep comfortable.

Continue reading to find out about the best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers as well as some crucial matters related to their health.

10 Best Mattress for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Let us now jump into the reviews as well as the pros and cons of some of the most known and best performing mattresses that are said to be great for orthopedic issues, including osteoarthritis.

1. Linenspa 10-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium Feel-Twin Mattress

This mattress from the extremely loved, known, and positively reviewed brand Linenspa is a dream come true for those who have osteoarthritis issues. Its 10-inch hybrid foam with a medium feel ensures a whole night of comfortable sleep.

Get the best of both worlds from this mattress that cleverly combines the powers of innerspring and memory foam. The very stable innerspring provides support for the whole mattress as well as for the user’s body.

Memory foam layer brings on maximum comfort and pressure relief by contouring to the shape of the body of the arthritis sufferer. It further makes sure that the user’s body stays aligned so that they may not develop any odd back pain.

An elderly arthritis sufferer may also be sensitive to other health issues such as allergy. We love this mattress for its hypoallergenic nature. You can feel safe and assured when your loved one is using it to get a good sleep. This 10-inch twin mattress is also available in other thickness and size varieties.

Thanks to its exactly perfect medium feel, it is neither too hard nor too firm. This feature will surely make people with arthritis love it and enjoy some deep and unbothered sleep. This 10-inch Linenspa mattress comes rolled in a box.

Simply unroll it and wait for it to expand. After that, its benefits and plushness can be enjoyed easily.


  • Uses a combination of traditional innerspring and memory foam
  • Safe for people with allergies as it is hypoallergenic
  • Ensures spinal alignment greatly
  • Maximizes comfort and minimizes discomfort
  • Extremely good value for money


  • No support in the mattress side area
  • Not very durable in the long run

2. Ashley Chime 12-Inch Medium Firm Mattress

This 12-inch medium-firm mattress from Ashley chime presents to you all the features people with arthritis could benefit from. Your loved one will only have calm and deep sleep after dealing with osteoarthritis and its downsides all day. Any person suffering from any kind of condition needs sleep that is unbothered and unbroken.

Thanks to this Ashley Chime bed, arthritis sufferers can have deep and undisturbed sleep. The very effective core support foam has brought down motion transfer to a minimum. And the result is that your sleep will be uninterrupted.

Keep pollen, dust mites, and allergic materials at bay with this mattress, as it is hypoallergenic. It will be perfect for adults and the elderly with allergies as well as kids in your house. High-density memory foam on top of layers of transition foam and core make sure that sleep is painless and plush.

For ultimate comfort and pressure relief, there is nothing better than memory foam. The core ensures perfect spinal alignment and that no strain is put on the neck. All of these are covered by a soft stretch-knit cover that facilitates airflow and keeps temperature regulated.

Moreover, this mattress from Ashley Chime can be used on almost any kind of bed and bedframe. So no matter where your loved one sleeps, this mattress will be of great use. Self-maintaining in nature, these mattresses do not need to be flipped at all.


  • Three layers of material for a comfortable experience
  • No back pain or neck pain is experienced
  • The mattress does not need to be flipped
  • Fits almost all kinds of beds and bedframes
  • Hypoallergenic and minimizes the chance of allergy
  • Reduces motion greatly


  • Not much comfortable for side sleepers
  • Sinks in the middle with longer use

3. Modway Jenna 10” Queen Innerspring Mattress with Quilted Pillow Top

Modway Jenna brings you this queen mattress that has an innerspring for the ultimate support and a quilted pillow top to maximize comfort. Its smart design and thoughtful features surely make it suitable for people with arthritis.

Layers of materials are arranged perfectly to make sure that the whole mattress provides the ultimate performance. Sleep is unbothered and painless when your loved one is using this mattress from Modway Jenna. Individual coils rest between layers of felt liners, and make sure your body is supported.

Due to these coils, motion transfer is also brought down greatly. Atop the felt liner and individual coils sits an egg crate foam that is popularly used in hospitals and clinics. The egg crate foam is exceptionally good at facilitating airflow. Elderly people with arthritis will surely love this Modway Jenna mattress.

On top of it is a responsive foam, and the whole mattress is covered by a quilted polyester cover.

You will experience pressure relief like never before. The 2-inch cover cradles the body and makes sure the user gets an ultimate good night’s sleep. And no matter which type of sleeper you or the user is, this mattress will not create any difficulty at all.

Most mattresses and especially foam mattresses tend to sink or develop dips in the middle with long use. That will surely not be a problem with this Modway Jenna mattress. Its firm and stable innerspring makes it the best mattress for osteoporosis sufferers.


  • Innerspring structure makes sure the body is supported
  • Has a comfortable quilted cover
  • Airflow is facilitated by the layer of egg crate foam
  • Does not develop dips
  • Very suitable for arthritis sufferers and anyone with chronic pain


  • The mattress cannot be flipped
  • Not suitable for overweight people
  • Customer service is not much helpful

4. AmazonBasics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

AmazonBasics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

A lot of you may be surprised to know that the retail giant Amazon has its own line of mattresses. This 12-inch foam mattress is one of their bestsellers and will surely perform beyond your expectations. And this mattress from AmazonBasics has 3 layers to ensure support and comfort.

No matter which sleeping position the user prefers, the memory foam layer will adapt to the unique body of the user. Thanks to the air holes in the middle part of the foam, airflow is facilitated easily. This airflow circulation helps keep temperature regulated and not get heated too much.

The very strong and durable bottom layer makes sure the whole mattress, as well as the user’s body, get the support they need. It is also wavy, so airflow does not get blocked in any way.

Good mattresses almost always come with certifications from necessary parties, and this one by Amazon Basics is no different. This safe and harmless mattress has CertiPUR-US certified foams. Moreover, its top part is made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric.

You can always stay assured about yourself or your loved one sleeping on this mattress. This marvelously good mattress topper also does not cost a ton of money. After taking it out of the box, it takes only 72 hours to expand and to get ready to be used. Any odor it may have will also go away during that period. 


  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex
  • Has 3 distinctive layers to maximize comfort and stability
  • Allows easy airflow and keeps the body cool
  • Suitable for users of all sleeping types
  • Plush memory foam fits the curves of the user’s unique body


  • May give the user a ‘sinking’ feeling
  • The smell does not always go away after opening it and letting it rest for 72 hours

5. Modway Aveline 8-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam – Queen Mattress

Modway is truly a user-loved, highly reviewed, and proven to be a good brand. That is why we must review another mattress from this brand that people with chronic pain will greatly benefit from. We will not hesitate to call it the best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers because of the thoughtful features it has.

The Aveline mattress by Modway is their most positively reviewed mattress. And after taking a look at the features, it is easy to understand why. The three layers in this mattress work together to make sure the person sleeping on it gets the best sleep possible.

Moreover, the bottom layer is responsive memory foam is which is known for its extraordinary ability to make you feel like you are being hugged to sleep. The middle layer is ventilated gel-infused foam that facilitates airflow and makes sure the person using it has a cool sleeping experience.

If you live in a hot area, this will especially be suitable for you. The two foam layers are topped with a soft stretch-knit cover. To sum it all up, this memory foam mattress will keep the user cool and make sure the sleeping experience is comfortable.

So when your loved one is sleeping on it, their spine will be aligned, and pressure points will be relieved.

As this mattress will very likely be used by arthritis sufferers, it is only normal to want to make sure that there is no harmful element in it. Certified by CertiPUR-US, this Modway mattress contains no harmful material and is low on VOC. All of these features come at a surprisingly low cost.


  • Two layers of memory foam – responsive base foam and ventilated foam
  • Contains no harmful elements and is eco-friendly
  • Does not harm spine and pressure points
  • Great for summer and hot weather areas
  • Good value and low price


  • Not very durable in the long run
  • Sinks in the middle with long usage

6. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam (12-Inch)

For those of you who want a touch of luxury without sacrificing the features that are medically beneficial for your loved one, this mattress from Classic Brands is just what we recommend. From its material to its design, features, and the thoughtfulness of the whole thing makes us admire it so much.

This 3-layer foam mattress makes clever use of the latest technology to secure the maximum comfort of the user. The high-density bottom base provides support for the user’s body. And the comfort foam in the middle layer reduces heat so that the sleeping experience does not get too hot.

On top of these, there is gel-infused memory foam for a soft sleeping experience. Trademarked Cool Gel technology draws away excess body temperature while the user sleeps. This technology also reduces pressure points and has been proven to provide great orthopedic support.

You can be sure that whether it is for you or your loved one, this is the best mattress for aching joints. And you will also love the fact that all three foams are certified by CertiPUR-US and include no harmful material at all. With its hypoallergenic nature, it is extremely suitable for elderly arthritis sufferers.

Moreover, this Classic Brands mattress is an expert at cradling your body and ensures the reduction of motion transfer.  

One of the unique features this mattress has is its waterfall edge cover that provides edge support like no other. This feature makes sure that, unlike many mattresses, you get the same hugging feeling and deep sleeping experience even when you are sleeping on one side of the mattress.


  • A perfect combination of 3 foam layers
  • All foams are certified and include no harmful element
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for the elderly
  • Severely reduces motion transfer
  • Proven to provide great orthopedic support


  • Not very suitable for overweight people
  • Sinks with longer use

7. Sweetnight Breeze 12-Inch Queen Size Mattress – Medium Firm

This foam mattress from Sweetnight Breeze is something we recommend for those who do not mind spending a little more on mattresses and want the best possible features. With its thoughtful features and durable materials, it is sure to become a favorite of you or your loved one.

Suitable for a wide type of bedframes and even for floor use, this queen size mattress offers a plush medium-firm feel. Its 3-layered zone system is surely an update from your current mattress.

No matter what sleeping position the user has, this mattress will be loved because of the supportive yet comfortable sleeping experience it helps achieve.

An expert at pressure relief, this Sweetnight mattress is a godsend for people with arthritis. If you are looking for a good mattress for someone you love who has chronic pain, you will surely love it. Those who sleep with a partner will admire it as it can minimize the transfer of motion.

Designed to have maximum breathability, the gel-infused memory foam facilitates temperature regulation and make the user feel like he is being hugged to sleep. It also has the marvelous ability to slowly adjust to the user’s body characteristics and essentially customize itself.

With the variety of firmness options to pick from, choosing something for you or your loved one is extremely easy.


  • Contains no harmful material
  • Can be used with all types of beds and bedframes
  • Suitable for people with any type of sleeping pattern
  • Has a wide range of firmness options for every kind of user
  • Supports the body and ensures a comfortable sleep


  • Price is too high for most people
  • Not too durable in the long run

8. LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Medium Firm Feel

Lucid is one of the top-ranked and most reviewed brands in the world of mattresses. And for this 10-inch mattress with gel memory foam, we have so many good things to say. If you are looking for a classic crowd-favorite mattress that has been tested and does not cost too much, Lucid is your solution.

This no-nonsense foam mattress has only 2 layers but makes sure that you get the exact performance you need. At 7.5 inches, the base foam is thicker than the base of most mattresses. The 2.5-inch ventilated memory foam on top of it has the power to relieve pressure points.

Moreover, the medium-firm feeling of the base foam combined with the ventilating power from the top foam make a mattress that ensures deep sleep like none other. A very unique thing about this mattress is its fabric. The TENCEL blend fabric is known to maintain healthy levels of moisture and facilitate regular temperature.

As you are looking for a mattress for your elderly family member, this fabric will surely be something that they will love. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic in nature, which means it can be used by everyone.

To ensure safety, standard, and performance, it has been certified by CertiPUR-US. Lucid can offer premium quality mattresses at a fraction of the price as they come directly from the retailer after being vigorously tested for quality.


  • Premium quality and material but at a lower price
  • Certified and tested to be safe
  • Hypoallergenic and thus especially suitable for the elderly
  • Base foam is thicker and provides more support
  • Available in a wide variety of size and firmness options


  • Develops sinking feeling with longer use
  • Needs frequent care; otherwise, tends to develop mold

9. Molblly 10-inch Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Designed and manufactured to be as breathable as possible, this Molblly mattress is the ultimate choice for people with chronic pain and any orthopedic issue overall. Its features will surely make you convinced to choose it for you and your loved ones.

And if you were looking for a multi-layer mattress that will be suitable for you and your loved ones, then your search ends here. The bottom base is a 5.5-inches foam that is sturdy and supports the whole mattress.

Also, the middle layer is called the comfort base, and we must agree that it does provide much of the extreme comfort the user will feel.

The top layer of the mattress is what the user experiences the most and thus is often most scrutinized. And the top layer is made of memory foam and has cooling gel infusion for temperature regulation. This makes it an especially suitable option for elderly people with any kind of health issue.

Continuous airflow helps keep body temperature normal and makes sleeping experiences more soothing for people with arthritis. Pressure relief is one of the few specialties of Molblly mattresses. That is why we recommend it for people with chronic pain as it contours to the shape of your body and does not sink ever.

Suitable for everyone, the hypoallergenic fabric is skin-friendly and makes sure that no skin irritation occurs. If you are someone who likes to maintain cleanliness regularly, you will love that the cover is washable. For you or your family member with aches and pains, this mattress will overall be highly satisfactory. 


  • Has 3 layers for maximum comfort
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex
  • Top layer is memory foam infused with cooling gel
  • Hypoallergenic fabric and is also washable


  • May have an odd smell

10. Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress with Gel Memory Foam

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress with Gel Memory Foam

Last but not least, let us introduce a mattress that is a crowd favorite, firm in a perfectly balanced way, has all the features you want, and is also beneficial for health.

At 8.5 inches thick, it probably has the thickest bottom base you have ever seen in a mattress. This very thick and strong bottom layer supports the top two foam layers and ensures uniform performance. Together, they give the feel of a luxurious hotel bed and is also medically good for the user.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art construction and breathable materials, this mattress will give the user the most stress-free sleep ever. The use of premium foam makes sure that this mattress performs better than most other mattresses. You or your loved one will surely enjoy dream-filled and worry-free sleep after a long day.

We cannot recommend this mattress enough for arthritis sufferers as it is not only eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. These two features together make sure that no skin irritation or negative reaction is faced while also continuously ensuring good sleep.

Whoever sleeps on this will surely not have to toss and turn at all because they will experience great pressure relief. Good for all kinds of sleepers, this Live and Sleep mattress also works on most kinds of beds and futons. Someone with osteoarthritis and their body will surely love and thank this mattress.


  • Uses plush and premium material instead of cheap foam
  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly nature makes it perfect for everyone
  • Tossing and turning is not experienced
  • Extremely thick bottom base ensures no sinking feeling
  • Very good value for the price


  • Negative or unresponsive customer service
  • Seams come off quite quickly

What to Look for before Buying

When buying a mattress for your family member who has osteoarthritis and is very likely an elderly person, some very serious things need to be considered.

And when it comes to matters of health, you and your loved ones deserve only the best items that ensure maximum comfort and no distress. Continue reading our comprehensive guide to find out more.


The common types of mattresses are latex mattresses, foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. Latex mattress is on the pricier side, and you will not find a lot of brands that sell it.

Foam mattresses only have foam layers, and hybrid mattresses have foam layers and innerspring. Hybrid mattresses with both innerspring and memory foam is a good option to consider.


A person with any kind of orthopedic issue needs support from his or her mattress during sleeping hours, and arthritis sufferers are no different. Support for the whole body, including relevant pressure points, needs to be absolutely present. Without the necessary support, even healthy people develop aches and pains.

Mattress for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

For people with osteoarthritis, that effect will be much greater, and the discomfort felt will be much severe. To ensure that you choose a mattress with support, you can check mattresses in the store, ask your doctor or some other patients with similar conditions for a suggestion.

Nothing Too Soft

We all want soft and cushy mattresses that do not cause any pain or distress. And no one certainly wants to wake up in the morning from body pain caused by a stiff mattress. That being said, you have to know when to stop with the softness.

Both for people who are perfectly healthy, and people who have orthopedic conditions, mattresses that are too soft are a big no. So how to understand if your mattress is too soft? The big indicator is what users refer to as a ‘sinking’ feeling.

Mattresses that are too soft give the user such a feeling and often makes movement difficult.

For osteoarthritis sufferers, this will create a problem and cause severe discomfort. If you see any mention of a ‘sinking’ feeling, it very likely means the mattress is too soft.

Mind the Temperature

Temperature adjustment is an important fact to consider while shopping for a mattress. And for osteoarthritis sufferers who are very likely elderly people, this cannot be neglected. If the mattress cannot regulate temperature properly, the user will very likely wake up feeling too hot or sweaty.

For someone living in a hot area, a cooling mattress will make sleeping experiences much more soothing. We recommend innerspring mattresses, egg crate foams, and gel-infused memory foam mattresses for better temperature regulation purposes.

Innerspring mattresses and egg crate foams both facilitate airflow with their design and, in turn, make sure that neither the mattress nor the user gets too hot. On the other hand, cooling gel-infused mattresses absorb or draw the heat from the body of the user and make him or her have a cooler sleep.

Check for Edge Support

This part is often overlooked by a lot of people. As people with osteoarthritis are mostly much older people, getting in and out of bed can often be difficult for them. Mattresses that do not have edge support will make this even harder. Always make sure you purchase a mattress that has edge support for easy access.

‘That Hugging Feeling’

A lot of users refer to this phenomenon as a ‘hugging’ feeling. Mattresses that hug you to sleep also use science in the process. Memory foam is what causes this to happen. As it learns about the body shape and fits the specific curves of the body, the user feels like he or she is being hugged to sleep.

These memory foam mattresses are great for de-stressing at the end of the day and making sure the whole sleep is unbothered.

Motion Reduction

For those who sleep with a partner, constant motion because of moving and tossing is often an issue. A memory foam mattress that is not too soft works best in this case. Because if you do get a memory foam mattress but it’s too soft, the motion reduction is not likely to go away.

Should I Get a Memory Foam Mattress?

After reading all the points above, you may think that a memory foam mattress is the way to go. Before deciding that, some things need to be kept in mind. A memory foam mattress that is too firm will not serve your purpose and will instead make the user more uncomfortable.

Cooling gel-infused mattresses are always a good option for temperature regulation. And if you are in doubt, get a hybrid mattress that uses memory foam in one of the layers and is neither too firm nor too soft.

Skin-Friendly Materials

Irritation caused by a mattress is not too uncommon and can happen to anyone. It is generally caused by the skin of the body negatively reacting to the fabric.

Always, always buy a hypoallergenic mattress when you are shopping for the elderly and the children. Their skin reacts more sensitively to foreign materials and is likely to cause irritation.

How Does Sleeping Position Affect Joint Pain?

Sleeping position is something that is often overlooked by a lot of people when it comes to causing joint pain. Odd sleeping positions will put stress on your limbs and cause you severe joint pain. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this might happen.

All Curled up

People across the world have odd sleeping positions, and they sleep in those positions, mostly because of how comfortable it might feel to them. But with age, following these positions for too long becomes a problem. Sleeping all curled up is such an issue.

It will put pressure on almost all the necessary parts of your body, and spinal alignment will be absent. Your neck will either be too bent or too raised. And your back will face severe strains. Curled up sleep position will hurt several organs at least and in turn cause severe joint pain.

Lying on Your Front

No matter what the age of the person is, this position is sure to put a strain on him or her. Neck and shoulder face the most strain when a person is sleeping in this position. The head has to be turned in order to breathe properly, and that’s why the pressure occurs.

Arms Should Be at the Side

When sleeping, the hands should be at the side to make sure the joints feel no pressure. Those who sleep with their arms thrown out behind the head put pressure on the neck and back area. Joint pain caused by this is severe and often makes daily functioning difficult.

Sleeping on the Side

Sleeping on the side is absolutely fine as long as the person manages to keep the body straight and not go into the fetal position. Pregnant women with hip pain shouldn’t do it though.

This position is known to put the spine, knees, neck, and arms into distress. Someone suffering from orthopedic issues surely must not sleep in this position. They will have to spend very uncomfortable days and consequent sleepless nights if they do.

Sleeping on the Back

Sleeping on the back also is problematic for some people. If the person has back problems, sleeping on the back will only make things worse for them. This position is known to worsen lower back and hip problems and make any inflammation issue worse.

A soft pillow under your knees can make sleeping on the back unproblematic and painless. This is even advised by doctors and therapists and is told to de-stress your back and hip greatly.

Tip: Don’t Get a Bad Pillow, get a pillow for forward head posture.

A bad pillow is not part of a sleeping position. But do remember that a bad pillow will contribute to a bad sleeping position.

If you are using a pillow that is either too firm or too soft, your neck will be put in a disadvantageous position. Pressure on your neck will lead to joint pain and severe back pain that is likely to cause trouble all day.

What Kind of Mattress Is Best for Arthritis and Joint Pain?

After reading about so many mattresses with so many features from the top brands, it is normal to feel a little confused about what kind of mattress is best for arthritis and joint pain. Below, we have summed up some of the important factors of a mattress that is best for arthritis and joint pain.

Perfectly Balanced

A mattress that is perfectly balanced between firmness and softness is good for arthritis and joint pain. Too much softness or too much firmness both are bad for arthritis and joint pain. And too much softness gives a sinking feeling, while too much firmness will put pressure on the joints.

Hybrid and Memory Foam

A hybrid mattress is one that has both innerspring and foam. Innersprings facilitate airflow while memory foam contours to the body. A hybrid mattress that has gel-infused memory foam will work extremely well for someone with arthritis and joint pain.

As memory foam is an extremely plush material, the feeling and comfort they provide are loved by the users. A hybrid mattress is something doctors often recommend, and many arthritis patients swear by. It is said to give the perfect mix of support and relief. 

Support and Relief for the Body

The best mattress will support your body while also providing pressure relief. A mattress that is good makes sure the user feels no pressure during sleep time. It also relieves the user of any pressure experienced, which often escalates during night time.

Temperature Regulation

A good mattress should be great at regulating temperature and making sure the user does not feel too hot during sleeping time. A mattress that has cooling gel-infused memory foam is an expert at drawing heat from the body and keeping the user feel fresh.

Mattress for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Innerspring mattresses and egg crate mattresses also can regulate temperature. Their design allows airflow facilitation and, in turn, helps keep the temperature normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best mattresses for osteoarthritis:

  • Is a firm mattress better for arthritis?

A firm mattress is, for sure, better for arthritis. But it is crucial to choose the firmness level wisely as a too-firm mattress is not actually good for pressure relief.

  • Will osteoarthritis be worse at night?

Most, but not all, osteoarthritis users say that it hurts more and gets worse during the night.

This may happen because of sleeping issues, mattress problems, sleeping position problems, etc. It is also said to happen because the level of anti-inflammatory hormone that tries to subdue pain is actually lower during the night time.

  • What type of mattress is best for osteoarthritis?

A mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm, can regulate temperature, and conforms to the body is perfect for osteoarthritis.

Purple mattress is a top-rated and feature-packed mattress. It is known to be neither too soft nor too firm, which is perfect for arthritis. And it has a special grid design that can ensure pressure relief very well. All in all, it is a good mattress for anyone with arthritis.

Final Words

After reading this very detailed article, we hope you have learned all about the best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers as well as several other very necessary matters. We hope you can choose a perfect mattress that helps you or your loved one get a soothing sleep.

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