Best Mattress for Arthritis in Lower Back

10 Best Mattress for Arthritis in Lower Back 2021

Arthritis really does a number on your lower back and what makes it worse is sleeping for long hours on a bad mattress. Your condition will decline, and if you constantly use that model, the pain will become your permanent partner.

But you can prevent that from occurring if you purchase the best mattress for arthritis in the lower back. You have to learn a lot before you come to a solid conclusion. We have included the essential sections to make everything very clear to you to finally decide on one product.

To know more, check this article and stay with us to the very end.

10 Best Mattress for Arthritis in Lower Back

Whether you have a medical condition that prevents you from sleeping, a kind of irritation that hampers your slumber, or you want to have a fine sleep, you can always upgrade your mattress. So, to ensure that you can have a goodnight’s sleep, here are our suggestions. 

1. LinenSpa 8-inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium Firm Feel-Queen White Mattress

If you are looking for one of the best mattresses in the market, then we suggest that you go for the feel-queen white mattress from LinenSpa. Are you wondering what makes this product such a big deal? 

Well, first of all, the bedding comes with an 8-inch memory foam layer. The layer is responsible for taking the shape of your body, and thus, granting you top-notch support and comfort when you are lying on it.

Also, another reason for considering it as one of the most promising is its firmness. The bedding is medium-firm, which means that it is not too hard that could make it less comfortable and not too soft that would make it uncomfortable for people with any variety of medical issues. 

Apart from being a superb choice for people with neck pain or any other recurring problems, this is a top-notch choice as a guest bed or for a children’s bed. In addition to that, the item is highly long-lasting. You see, the springs not only enhance the support factor of the mattress but also improve the overall longevity of the model. 

On top of that, the weight of it is quite low. It weighs approximately 55-pounds or 25-kg, which allows you to set it up with relative ease. Couple that up with its tempered steel coils, we can assure you that it is the best mattress for arthritic hips.


  • Affordable costing
  • Going to last for a very long time without fail
  • Suitable for all kinds of people
  • Comes with two layers (contour foam and springs)
  • Due to its weight, you can set it up without any troubles
  • Fantastic build


  • Might be too small for more than one person

2. Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress in Blue

What if we give you an offer that is too difficult to deny? The Queen size bed is an outstanding choice if you are having problems with your current mattress. 

The item comes with a splendid formation. It has a 93% polyester and 7% spandex composition. Hence, it is going to give you one of the most enticing sleeping positions. However, that is not all that the product has up its sleeves. If you take a look, it arrives with an exquisite layer that has gel-infused within it.

Because of this layer, the temperature gets controlled more efficiently and ensures a night of much better sleep. Next, it has a protective layer, which is of higher density and is the foundation of the entire mattress. Thus, the longevity of the bedding is improved.

Lastly, the memory foam contours to your body and certifies comfort and support. When these three layers are mixed with their excellent fabric surface, no matter what kind of pain you have or your sleeping disorder you have, you will have a pleasant experience with this one. 

Moreover, setting it up is such an effortless task. When the thing gets delivered, you unbox it, take it out, and place it over your bed. Also, it is compatible with all kinds of beds (wood, steel, etc.). Hence, if you have this gem with you, you can say bye-bye to arthritis.


  • Guarantee uncomplicated and straightforward installation
  • Comes with three different layers
  • Firm enough to ensure full support to the user’s body
  • Made from the best fabric in the market
  • Compatible with various kinds of frames


  • Not very attractive looking mattress


3. Modway Aveline 8-Inch Gel Infused King-Size Mattress with Memory Foam

Some call the Modway the best mattress for arthritis back pain. There obviously must be some reasons for experts and sufferers of back pain to give this item such a big title. So, let us find out why! 

First of all, the price of the item is incredibly low. So, you can enjoy all the first-class attributes and functionalities it has to offer at an affordable rate. Now, let us figure out what perks and functionalities does this mattress has to offer its users. 

Right off the bat, it comes with a gel-infuse foam layer, which allows efficient temperature transfer. Therefore, that will prevent you from feeling too warm or too cold when you are trying to take a good snooze. Next is the memory foam.

That layer takes the shape of your body and grants the support of any chronic pain sufferer needs. Plus, it comes with such A-grade compatibility that it will make you fall for it almost instantly. How compatible? Well, you can use it with comparatively any kind of frame available in the market. 

Besides that, the mattress comes with a cooling effect. Hence, feeling too hot, no worries as the mattress has got your covered. Pair that up with its exceptional design, which allows you to reduce the pressure from your neck and head. Thus, allowing you that sound sleep, you have always been looking for all this time. 

Also, it comes with sizeable dimensions, which allows it to accommodate more than one person at a time. Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy all the perks that this mattress has to offer, especially if you are arthritis sufferers.


  • Contains all the necessary features to ensure you have a satisfactory sleep
  • Sizeable dimensions authorize you to accommodate more than one person
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used by people that have pain in their back


  • The bedding is quite heavy


4. Molbly King Size 10-Inch Mattress with Cooling-Gel, Memory Foam

Molbly’s 10-inch mattress is a work of art! It was engineered to provide relief for people with arthritis. One of the biggest reasons why this model is capable of providing its users with such top-class comfort and solace is the number of layers it has. If you keep on reading, you shall have all the details. 

It comes with 2-inch memory foam. The specialty of this foam is that it silhouettes the shape of your body. Thus, providing backing to all your body parts. Next, it has a 2.5-inch comfort layer. Such a layer is responsible for providing an excellent and pleasant experience to its users. 

Finally, the 5.5-inch high-density layers ensure that the merchandise is going to last for a very long time without requiring any replacement. When we combine all these with its high-end hypoallergenic and soft exterior, you end up with a mattress that can claim the title for the best mattress for arthritis in the lower back. 

Excluding these, the masterpiece has several other things to offer. It was designed for motion isolation. Meaning, when you are moving in sleep, the bedding ensures that you don’t feel any irritation and wake up. Hence, you can enjoy a sound sleep.

Furthermore, there are no intricate procedures that you would have to follow before you set it up. All you need to do is receive the parcel, open it, let it decompress for some time, place it over any frame, and voila, you get bedding that is perfect in almost every way. 


  • Installing the unit in your home is an effortless task
  • Comes with three layers of foams that ensure the best sleeping environment
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Reduces the chances of feeling any discomfort while using the product


  • Not more than one person can sleep on the bed


5. Zinus 12-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep is probably one of the most blissful things in the world. It sure is for us. And, if you want the best slumber, then you need the most comfortable mattress in the business. If you are looking for that, then you have just found it. The Zinus mattress is highly soft on touch.

It has a polygenic cover, which is unbelievably refined when touched. By the way, the polygenic cover ensures to protect you from any allergic reaction. So, it is soft and skin-friendly, which already makes it a great model. Moreover, you also get free delivery and effortless installation. 

Now, let us talk about what is inside this mattress. First, we have to discuss the layers that this merchandise contains. You see, it comes with three layers, one three-inch memory foam, one two-inch comfort foam, and seven-inch high-density foam. 

So, if you have this, then you would have one of the most durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and supportive mattresses at your disposal. Then, the bio-foam construction makes sure that no harm was done to the environment when Zinus was building this mattress. 

Along with all these, the size of the mattress is immense. It is large enough to accommodate two to three people conveniently. Plus, its firm feel enhances the overall support that this product is capable of providing. So, all you have to do is enjoy the night’s sleep with your loved one. 


  • Bio-foam build ensures no harm was done to the environment
  • Contains three layers
  • Soft feel of the product
  • Setting it up is a very effortless task
  • Sizeable enough to accommodate more than one person


  • The product is quite heavy


6. LUCID 3-Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID is a company that is well known for its A-grade mattresses. So, when you are looking for a reliable and exceptional mattress that will ensure a good sleep even if you have arthritis, then you have found the perfect match. It contains a thick layer of memory foam that consists of infused get.

The memory foam guarantees the comfort and support you need to sleep like a log, and the infused gel confirms that the heat is regulated efficiently. With that, the ventilated design permits the air to flow more easily, and therefore, certifies a better sleeping environment. 

Generally, when you get a new mattress, there is a very musky and unpleasant scent. On the flip side, this one doesn’t have that odor. Even if you feel that it has a slight touch of that smell, then keep it in the open for 48-hours, and it will go away. 

As we are talking about its uniqueness, we have to mention a little more about the memory foam. Conventional memory foam can be a tad firm, but not this one. You see, the memory foam of this one is so exceptional that it makes the foam profoundly soft. Therefore, improving the comfort factor. 

Also, it is a king-size mattress. King size is the biggest in the world of beddings. So, if you have this in your arsenal, then you would be able to experience all these benefits with another person. 


  • You would have to follow no intricate procedure to install the unit
  • Removing the smell is quite effortless
  • Provides the best sleeping arrangements
  • Will support your back and release the pressure and stress from your neck and head


  • The cover might cause an allergic reaction to specific individuals


7. Live & Sleep Queen Size 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Live & Sleep Queen Size 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Who said that finding a big mattress at an affordable price and that will provide you all the wondrous pros at the same time is tough? We have one right here! The Queen size mattress is going to have your back for almost everything, especially if you have arthritis.

Not only is it among the good mattresses for arthritis, but it can also be used for numerous other issues such as spinal alignment problems, etc. You want to know why? Well, it is installed with several innovative features. One of them is the foam used inside the mattress. 

It has a 2.5-inch exquisite quality Visco-Elastic foam with air-infused. So, if you want to feel like you are in a 5-star hotel, then installing this mattress would be the first step. Moreover, it comes with a breathable and soft exterior, which enhances the pleasure you feel while using this thing. 

In addition to these, the mattress contains a thick high-density base, that provides support for this item. This layer improves the longevity and durability of the item by a lot as well. Other than that, it is mid-firm, which means that it is not too soft, nor is it hard. Therefore, you can have the best sleep if you use it. 


  • Provides the required firmness for people with and without pain to have a pleasant experience
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Extremely comfortable build
  • There are no complicated procedures that you would have to follow to set up the unit
  • Sizeable enough to support more than one person


  • Doesn’t have a cover that is suitable for people with sensitive skin


8. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Well, just as the name suggests, the motto of sleep innovation is to provide their customers with items that will let them have that sound sleep they always desired. And if you can get this mattress, then we can guarantee you the finest snooze ever. 

One thing that sets a mattress apart from its competition is its profound longevity. Sleep innovation has promised that it is going to last for a minimum of 3,650 nights. By this, you know that the model would be able to give you the best sleep with disruption for these many nights and days.

Nevertheless, its durability and long-lasting features aren’t the only things that make it a must-have. It is a mid-firm mattress! Such an attribute ensures that you have a sound sleep and supports your body while you are sleeping. So, when you wake up, you feel fresh and energized rather than feeling cranky and in pain. 

Along with a bad back, do you suffer from sensitive skin as well? No worries, the mattress has a solution for that as well. It has a hypoallergenic design, which prevents an allergic reaction. This prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night due to allergies. 

By the way, the mattress contains three stashes of foam layers. The first is the 2.5-inch memory foam, which intensifies the support and reduces the chances of any discomfort.

Next is the 2.5-inch comfort layer, which improves the longevity of the product. Lastly, it has a 9-inch base layer that guarantees an enduring and long-lasting construction.


  • Comes with three foam layers
  • Can be used by people with sensitive skin
  • Durable formation
  • Affordable pricing


  • The product is quite heavy


9. Amolife Store Platform Bed Queen or Deluxe Bed Frame and Mattress

Well, not everyone can spend heaps of cash on a simple mattress. On the other hand, if you can, then we suggest that you get Amolife’s Frame/Mattress. Yes, you read that right! The model is a mattress slash frame, which means there is almost zero hassle while setting it up.

First of all, we have to say that the product looks gorgeous! It has a smooth and elegant finish, which will go well with any room’s décor. The high-quality leather ends give this that enticing look. Nonetheless, enough about the looks, let’s see what else this thing has got in store for us.

We will be talking about foams now. It consists of top-class construction, which ensures that you will be able to have a peaceful slumber. Plus, due to its sizable dimensions, it can accommodate more than one person.

You will come across tons of mattresses, but with this one, you would be able to have a sound sleep at night. Are you wondering why? You see, it comes with a design that prevents it from making any noise. So, no more annoying squeaky noise disturbing your beauty sleep.


  • Contains all the necessary features to ensure that you have a fun and pleasant experience
  • The product is a mattress as well as a frame
  • There is no need to put extra effort while setting it up in your home
  • Has such good looks that it would look good in almost any decor
  • Setting up takes approximately 30 minutes


  • Expensive when it comes to prices


10. Signature Sleep Memoir 8-inch White Memory Foam

The prices of mattresses can be kind of expensive. So, if money is a problem, then we have the perfect solution just for you. Do you want to know why? For that, we suggest that you keep on reading as you might find the item that you have been looking for all this time.

And the thing is created from no harmful things, which means that it contains zero or no harmful chemicals such as PBDEs, etc. Therefore, there is zero or almost zero danger of using this model. Also, it is a fire retardant. So, there is no risk of the bed catching fire (until there is a serious fire).

Next, the insides of the mattress are perfect! It contains two layers that have different purposes. The first layer is of 2-inches of memory foam, and the next one is of 6-inches of high-density foam.

Its memory foam takes the shape of your body, which is why it assures effective and comfortable support to your back. And the high-density foam certifies that the unit lives for a long time and can withstand high stress. Hence, if you want a good sleep at night, then we recommend this mattress.

Also, the weight of the merchandise is very low. Because of the lightweight feature of the product, you can set the mattress without any issue. Plus, it is compatible with all kinds of frames. Hence, you can practically use this mattress for all types of purposes.

We are quite excited to tell you that this item is environmentally friendly. It has a very low VOC emission and was made with materials that never harm the environment. Besides, it has wide measurements, which is why it can accommodate more than one person at a time.


  • Made from materials that do not cause any harm to the environment
  • The merchandise is going to keep on serving you for a long time
  • The product is long-lasting and durable
  • Contains all the necessary features to ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant sleeping environment


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin


Buying Guide for Newbies

Buying a mattress is a very big commitment. Not only is it expensive, but you have to sleep on it for long hours every night. A bad mattress would cause you pain in your lower back, especially if you have arthritis. Here a few factors that will help you choose the right one for you:

Type of Mattress

There are a few types of mattresses that have been made available according to everyone’s needs. Foam, latex, innerspring, airbed, and hybrid are great options for those who are suffering from arthritis. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, here’s our best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Mattress for Arthritis in Lower Back

Build Material

It is better to choose a mattress that is a little pricier but is made up of excellent quality materials. The durability of these good materials is unmatched, and they outperform those that contain average quality components.

Sagging is prevented, and indentations are also resisted with high-quality materials. Therefore, your comfort is ensured.

Regulation of Temperature

You would be able to find mattresses in stores that can hold on to heat or dispel it from the surface of the thing. This is purely dependent on the design and the components it has been made of.

If you prefer a cooling airflow, then you might want to pick a mattress that is foam. But if you are someone who likes to be warm and cozy throughout the night should give latex, innerspring, and hybrid products a try. The regulation of temperature is the strongest in these three models.

Level of Firmness

This particular factor depends mainly on the weight of the sleeper. Those who weigh a lot should choose a model that is quite firm and is able to give their frame better support. The people who weigh less pick out mattresses that are quite soft as they can sink and be comfortable with the overall contouring.

But mind you, you may suffer from a strained spinal cord, and if it is extremely firm, a buildup of pressure occurs. Hence, you have to be cautious when selecting a model if you have arthritis.


When you lie on top of your mattress, it has to adjust to the shape of your body. If you weigh more, a model with a good contour will make sure your body sinks well and that you can relax properly. Your spinal alignment would be better, and this way, your pain related to sleeping will decrease.

Pressure Relief

This has to be the most crucial thing that you have to keep an eye on while looking out for a mattress, especially for those who suffer from arthritis. And this factor determines whether or not pressure is released from parts of the body that apply more force as they are heavier to the model.

So, you have to certify that the product has excellent pressure relief. You should also know that this factor is also connected to the contouring as it comes in aid for uniformly distributing body weight throughout the surface of the model.

Ease of Movement

We always shift positions while we are on our bed. This factor determines how easily you are able to do that. The ones that are soft and have a memory foam with a high density usually cause people to move slowly as they don’t respond quickly when there is a change in pressure. 

Ease of Movement

But on the contrary, coils and latex ones respond almost immediately to any difference in pressure. People with arthritis should choose latex ones as they respond quickly.

Edge Support

This is the measure of the sturdiness of the perimeter of the bed and how it feels. If you have any aches or joint problems, you should keep an eye on mattresses that have a strong perimeter, as you will be able to sit on the edge properly and therefore get up or get on much more easily.

And this is also a good feature for those who sleep close to the edge as they will not topple over.


We always would advise you to invest in a mattress that is made of great quality materials. While cheaper ones would be easier on your wallet, but there is a fat chance that you might have to replace it very soon as they are likely to be created with cheaper components.

If you buy a more expensive one, it will last you longer and will also remain comfortable for a greater time period. This is essential when you have joint pains and arthritis.

How Do You Relieve Lower Back Pain from a Mattress?

These are the few things that you can do to relieve lower back pain:

Opt for a Balanced Mattress

You might get aches if you sleep on a mattress that is extremely soft or very hard. To relieve back pain, be sure that your mattress is in a good balance with soft and hard. It is necessary for you to buy this if you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Always Use Pillows

If you are a back sleeper, you should keep a pillow below your knees and if you are a side sleeper, then keep that in the middle of your knees. Stomach sleepers have to use more pillows.

You should keep a slim one under your head and the other one below the lower abdomen and hips. The pillow placements would keep your spine aligned correctly.

Use a Mattress Topper and a Base

A mattress topper would help in pressure relief and will help in spinal alignment. The adjustable base under the mattress would be an appropriate measure to relieve pressure.

Fix Your Diet and Workout

Believe it or not, if you keep a cleaner diet, your pain will reduce. A good habit and an adequate amount of exercise would decrease inflammation in your joints. Try to take in lots of vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat.

Avoid fizzy drinks, sugar, and junk fried food. For exercising, yoga and walking are great options.

Arthritis sufferers will feel the difference in just a few days.

What Is the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

In our opinion, Molbly King Size 10-Inch Mattress with cooling-gel memory foam is the best. People who have arthritis and lower back pain are going to fall in love with this once they start using this one.

This contours the body precisely, and body weight is spread out evenly all around the mattress. Therefore, you will sink in once you get in bed.

Comfort was the first and prime thing on the company’s mind once they created this model. They fitted in three layers so that you can settle in nicely and have a goodnight’s sleep. Even if you take a power nap, you will be well-rested and will not wake up with lower back pain.

Your spinal alignment will be just right, and you won’t end up with a bad spine. Another good thing about this one is that when you are sleeping beside a restless sleeper, their rapid movements won’t disrupt your sleep at all as it has motion isolation.

The amazing thing about it is that it is durable and will stick with you for a long period.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Arthritis?

Now when someone asks us this question, we can give them two definite answers; one is the very popular memory foam, and the other one is latex. Let’s dive a little deeper.

1. Memory Foam

These types of models are getting fame for good reasons. They provide proper pressure relief and can do contouring nicely. Both of the factors are crucial for those who have arthritis. It will release pressure from areas of your body, and your weight will be distributed properly and equally along the surface.

The foam doesn’t really move about a lot, so you will be able to sleep peacefully even if you have a sleeper that frequently shifts beside you.

Memory foams tend to lock in heat. While this might be good for those who like to be warm, but it is not good news for those who tend to get hot too quickly. So, you can get a gel memory foam or a plant-based one. Memory foam infused with copper and graphite can also be an option if you want cool airflow.

2. Latex

This one is very similar to memory foam as it gives off the same feeling. But the plus point about this is that it wins the race almost whenever it comes to durability. Latex is also eco-friendly and is made up if from renewable resources such as rubber trees. Memory foams arise from non-renewable items.

The downside to latex is that it is costlier than memory foam. Though it is a bit better than memory foam in some ways, its cost stops it from being widely available.

There is not a speck of doubt that latex is a very good choice for people with arthritis, but avert your eyes when you spot a blended or synthetic model. They have to be replaced frequently as they start to sag quite quickly.

Can a Bad Mattress Cause Lower Back Pain?

Yes, it is quite possible! In fact, one of the main causes of lower back pain is a bad mattress. That is why selecting a proper model is so important.

When It’s Too Soft

When you wake up on a mattress that is too soft, there is a high chance that you will have a stiff neck or may experience aches in your back. You will be in a very bad mood because of that throughout the whole day.

What you need is a good amount of support when you are lying down, and your spine should be in a neutral state during that time. A soft mattress is unable to do that, and that is the reason why you get aches on your back.

When It’s Too Hard

You would often find some parts go your body to be numb when you have a mattress that is entirely too firm. Your neck, shoulder, and back will ache very much, and you will wake up tired.

Firstly, your body will not be allowed to release pressure and therefore hurt after some time. Secondly, too much stress will fall upon your spine and joints as the model will not be able to contour and sink in your body correctly.

Lastly, you will feel fatigued because your body will be sore, and you probably spent the night in your sleep shifting to find a comfortable position.

Get a firm mattress but just be sure that it’s not very hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best mattresses for arthritis:

You should sleep on either your side and your back, and your hips and knees should be curved to about 90 degrees.

  • What type of temperature regulation in the mattress is good for arthritis?

If your mattress can lock in heat, then that will be beneficial for you as it will allow your muscles to relax. Cool airflow would minimize inflammation. So, you could pick either one and be fine.

  • Which mattress should I choose for senior citizens with arthritis?

LinenSpa’s 8-inch memory foam is a very good option for senior citizens as it provides enough support to the back and as well as the hips. The mattress is also queen size, so it is a good size for people to sleep comfortably in.

You have to choose one that is somewhere in the middle. One that is too hard will not release pressure, and the very soft one won’t be able to support your body weight.

  • What type of mattress is good for the elderly?

You will get away with springs on your mattress when you are younger. But as you grow older and your body ages, just choose between memory foam and latex.

Final Words

We really want you to have the best mattress for arthritis in the lower back as we want your pain to go away.

Do not take too long to choose an appropriate model for yourself. Every day your aching will only increase if you continue to use a bad mattress. We hope that your health improves as soon as possible.

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