Best Futon Frame Reviews

Best Futon Frame Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

In today’s day and age, sleep is vital, and it is necessary to get the comfortable eight hours we need. Space might also prove a problem in some households. You might need to house an extra guest for the night or need extra space for that one family member. Even for birthdays or catch-up sessions, you might ask, ‘Where are we going to fit so many people?’

A futon can be a one-stop solution to all your problems. A futon can represent a convertible bed, sofa bed, or a simple cotton mattress.  A complete futon set consists of a  duvet and mattress. A Western-style futon has a futon mattress, futon slipcover, and a futon frame. 

A futon mattress sits on a futon frame. Some frames can be converted to a frame futon lounger,  bed, or sofa without having to move the frame from the wall. There are outdoor futon frames, wall hugger futon frames, bunkbed futon frames, and front loading futon frames. 

Best futon frames come in two major constructions, the bifold futon, and the tri-fold. A Bi-fold can come in two separate pieces and accommodate a standard one-piece mattress. A tri-fold futon frame can come from two separate places to make three sections: the seat, the rear, and a lower portion or foot. There are various frames to choose from, and they come in many styles. 

Read on to know how to shop for the best futon frames and things to keep in mind while shopping. 

Our 10 Best Futon Frame Reviews

The following are some of the best futon frames available in the market:

1. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

The KD Frames Studio bifold Futon is an environment-friendly full-size futon frame. This is because the frame doesn’t make use of any chemicals during the production process. The product, however, includes only the futon frame, not the futon mattress.

Since the futon frame is delivered in an unassembled form, you would need to assemble it on your own. It is quite easy to assemble and can be quickly converted into a bed or couch as per the requirement. This is possible because of the bi-fold feature along with the presence of four adjustable positions in the frame.

The beautiful and unfinished texture of the full-size futon frame is made with Tulip Poplar that enhances its aesthetics. It comes under an affordable price range and, at the same, doesn’t get dirty or creased easily. These features allow the frame to easily blend in with any urban décor.

Additionally, the bifold futon frame is quite durable. This is because it has the capacity to support 600 pounds of weight. However, the capacity of 600 pounds would include the weight of the mattress as well, which has to be bought separately.

Dimensions: 10 inches * 74 inches * 54.55 inches


  • Environment-friendly
  • It can be converted into a couch or bed
  • Durable and ability to support heavy-weight
  • Urban décor aesthetics
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy to clean


  • It doesn’t include a futon mattress
  • Need to assemble on your own

2. KD Frames Lounger Futon, Twin

KD Frames Lounger Futon

The KD Frames Lounger Futon serves multiple purposes as it can be easily converted into 13 different positions! Some of the positions and objects in which this futon frame can be converted into include a longer bed, chair, and sofa.

The reason that the futon lounger bed frame can be converted into multiple things is its unique design. The frame has rounded corners that ease the overall functionality of the frame and, at the same time, provide an aesthetic to it. The unfinished Tulip Poplar design also contributes to its urban aesthetic.

In addition to the rounded corners, the KD Frames Lounger Futon provides a sturdy and durable structure that makes it durable. Also, since it’s made in the United States of America, you can be assured that it is among the best futon frames.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the futon frame is that it doesn’t include the futon mattress. Although, when you’ve converted it into the form of a chair, you can place an ordinary cushion on it, and it’ll work almost fine.

Dimensions: 41 inches * 37 inches * 10 inches


  • Unfinished Tulip Poplar
  • It can be converted into multiple furniture
  • Rounded corners
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable price range
  • Durable and sturdy frame


  • It doesn’t include a futon mattress

3. Westfield Wood Futon Frame

Westfield Wood Futon Frame

The Westfield Futon Frame is an eco-friendly futon frame as it is made up of heavy-duty hardwood and sustainable plantations. This sturdy metal frame is crafted in Indonesia that gives it a sophisticated look along with a rich and natural finish.

It is considered to be the best futon frame because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. It looks elegant because of the wooden furnishing that prevents the paint from fading. The curved arms along the wooden slate provide a vintage contrast to the futon frame.

The medium heritage-brown colored futon frame includes a separate seat and back deck. This provides the futon with an additional weight capacity that helps it in maintaining its sturdy nature. Due to this, it can easily blend in with the inquisitive urban décor and, of course, with the wooden décor.

Apart from its ability to match perfectly with the wooden theme, it is a folding futon frame. It can be easily converted into a sofa, lounger, or full-size bed as per the requirement. Most importantly, it has the ability to accommodate full-size futon mattresses.

The futon frame is not only durable but also provides an anti-slip mechanism on the sides to ensure the safety of people. However, you would need to assemble the futon frame on your own.

Also, the Westfield Wooden Futon Frame doesn’t provide anything except the frame. You would need to buy a futon mattress, pillows, and covers separately. Apart from the mattress and pillow, you can buy a variety of covers and mix-match them as per any theme.

Dimensions: 81 inches * 32 inches * 33.5 inches


  • Environment-friendly
  • It can be transformed into a sofa, bed, or lounge
  • Curved arms provide a vintage look
  • Separate seat and back deck
  • Durable and sturdy frame
  • Includes an anti-slip mechanism


  • Need to assemble it on your own
  • Doesn’t provide mattress, pillow, or covers

4. DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frames

DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frames

The DHP Aiden Futon Frame is a full-sized mesh-metal frame. The metal frame construction contributes to the durability and sturdiness of the frame by providing optimal support. Also, it is very easy to assemble.

It is not a basic futon frame as it is designed in a contemporary way as it offers modern rounded arms. In addition to that, it offers a low-seating design that makes it comfortable for children as well as adults to sit on.

The futon frame is quite flexible when it comes to size and placement. Due to its multi-functionality, it can be quickly converted into a sofa, lounge, or a full-size bed. 

It can easily fit in small places in the form of a sofa or lounger. At the same time, it can be placed at the center of the room in the form of a not look odd at all.

The sturdy metal frame is spacious enough to accommodate a standard-size futon mattress. The futon frame provides additional retainer clips at the side. The clips prevent the mattress from sliding from the metal frame.

However, you would need to assemble the metal futon frame on your own. Apart from that, you would also need to buy the mattress and covers separately.

Dimensions: 76.5 inches * 30 inches * 29 inches


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be transformed into a bed, sofa, or lounge
  • Provides retainer clips at sides
  • It can easily fit anywhere


  • Need to buy mattress, pillows, and covers separately
  • Need to assemble it yourself

5. Arden Futon Frame

Arden Futon Frame

The Arden Futon Frame is environment-friendly as it is made up of pure, solid hardwood frame and sustainable plantations. The futon frame undergoes a series of lengthy steps during the finishing process. It ensures that the frame has an even coating of colour that would last for a long time.

The futon frame has been crafted in Indonesia and polished by professional artisans that give it an exquisite look. The frame includes an additional seat and back decks that make it more attractive and provide extra weight capacity.

The frame can be transformed into three different positions: upright in the form of sofa, recliner in the form of a lounger, and bed. This is the reason that the futon frame that is available in a queen size can be easily converted into a standard bed size.

In addition to the flexible size, the futon frame provides sofa-height sitting. All of these features make Arden Futon one of the best wooden futons available on the market.

However, if you want to use this futon with a wooden frame, you would need to buy a separate mattress along with a pillow and covers. Apart from buying the mattress, you would also need the whole mattress on your own.

Dimensions: 80.5 inches * 60 inches * 21.25 inches


  • Environment-friendly
  • Additional seat and back decks
  • Transformed into three forms
  • Space saving
  • The size of the mattress can be adjusted
  • Sofa-height sitting arrangement
  • Colour doesn’t fade away easily


  • Need to be assembled
  • Need to buy separate mattress along with pillow and covers

6. Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed Lounger Frame

Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed Lounger Frame

The Nirvana Futons is the best futon frame that is made up of wood. It is constructed of premium hardwood frame, making it environment-friendly. It is much more durable and cheaper as compared to the futon frames that are made up of pinewood and soft poplar wood.

It is crafted in Indonesia and finished with a clear and natural coat that would protect the solid wood for a long time. The futon frame can be easily converted into a sofa, lounger, or bed, as per the requirements.

The solid wood futon frame, due to its multi-functionality feature, is also known as the tri-fold wooden futon frame. This is possible because the futon is designed in a modern way. It has a space-saving design that allows it to be shaped in thirteen different convertible positions, according to the space available.

One of the best features about this solid wood futon frame is that it has a tilting back! The tilted back allows people to sit comfortably as it provides the perfect sitting angle.

Also, there are flush ends installed at the sides of the frame. They help in eliminating the hiding the protruding ends of the fame. This is a very helpful feature if you have kids or small children around. It’ll prevent them from hurting themselves from the ends of the frame.

These amazing features make Nirvana wooden futons stand out from other basic futon frames.

However, some of the drawbacks of this futon frame include the fact that it needs to be assembled. Moreover, you would need to buy special flexible futon mattresses in order to use the frame in all available positions.

Dimensions: 76 inches * 29.5 inches * 36.75 inches


  • Environment-friendly
  • Long lasting due to natural coat
  • Tri-fold futon frame
  • Titling back
  • Space-saving design
  • Flush-ends at the sides
  • Durable and cheaper as compared to other futon frames


  • Need to buy a separate foldable futon mattress
  • Need to assemble it on your own

7. Westfield Complete Futon Set – Espresso Finish

Westfield Complete Futon Set – Espresso Finish

The Premium Rich Espresso Frame is not just a basic futon frame in the market. It is an eco-friendly, full-size futon frame with a mattress that is made up of heavy-duty wood. The heavy construction makes it durable and increases its quality when compared to basic metal frames.

The futon frame looks much more attractive as compared to others. This is because of the finishing process done by expert artisans that makes sure that the color of the frame, seat, and back decks doesn’t fade easily.

The full-size futon frame with a mattress can be easily converted into a sofa, lounger, or standard-size bed. Moreover, the slightly curved design of the arms along with sofa-height sitting elevates the futon set to a higher level.

The futon mattress included in the set is made in the USA and provides medium-to-firm support. It’s made up of four layers of high-density foam along with multiple layers of polycotton. The mattress is covered with microfiber that prevents the contents present in the mattress from mixing.

However, the futon frameset with a mattress doesn’t include pillows in it. You would need to them separately.

Dimensions: 81 inches * 32 inches * 33.5 inches


  • The mattress is available along with the futon frame
  • Environment-friendly
  • Transformed into three positions
  • Provides seat and back decks
  • Sofa-height seating
  • The mattress is covered with microfiber for protection


  • Expensive as compared to other futon frames that don’t provide a mattress
  • Need to buy pillows separately
  • Need to assemble it on your own

8. Brentwood Tray Arm Full Size Wood Futon Frame and Storage Drawers

Brentwood Tray Arm Full Size Wood Futon Frame and Storage Drawers

The Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame is a hardwood futon frame. It is environment-friendly because it makes use only of sustainable plantations and hardwood. The colour of the frame doesn’t fade away over a long time because of the lengthy finishing process it went through.

Unlike many futon frames, the Brentwood futon frame provides various additional features. For example, it provides two futon drawers at the base! it’s a great feature as it provides extra space to store things and, at the same time, doesn’t consume any additional space in the house.

It is the best futon frame available in the market as it can be changed into three different positions such as upright position. The positions are that of a sofa, bed, and lounger. All of them provide sofa-height sitting, making it quite comfortable for both children as well as adults.

The exterior of the futon frame has been finished in such a way that it is highly pleasing to the eyes. The futon frame has been crafted in Indonesia. Heritage finish is applied on the frame by expert artisans that provide it with a royal look.

In addition to the frame, the decks placed at the back along with drawers are finished with more care. This would make the additional features provided along with the futon frame stand out from the rest.

However, you would need to assemble the futon frame and drawers on your own once it’s delivered to your place. Moreover, you would also need to buy pillows and covers for the futon frame separately.

All the brilliant additional features, along with the high-end finishing provided in the futon frame, would result in its price rising. Therefore, it might be expensive as compared to other futon frames that don’t provide futon drawers.

Dimensions of Futon Frame: 81 inches * 37 inches * 35.5 inches

Dimensions of Drawers: 36.75 inches * 20.5 inches * 9.75 inches


  • Environment-friendly
  • Includes two drawers
  • It can be transformed into a bed, sofa, and lounger
  • High-end finishing
  • Long lasting color
  • Looks aesthetic


  • Need to buy mattress, pillow, and covers separately
  • It might be expensive as compared to other futon frames

9. Kodiak Aspen Full-size Futon Frame, Reclaim Mocha Finish

Kodiak Aspen Full-Size Futons

The Kodiak Aspen Futon Frame is one of the classic wooden futons with a frame. It is made by constructing hardwood grown in the solid plantation. The full-size futon frame is very easy and quick to assemble. You can assemble it without taking the help of any fancy tool or equipment.

This is one of the best futon frames available in the market because of its unique and versatile color and features. The reclaimed mocha finish allows it to blend in with any urban décor or wooden décor with ease.

Moreover, it is specially designed to save space. Therefore, you can place it anywhere in your house without making it look cramped. Speaking of design, the multi-functional frame can be converted into a full-size bed at any point in time!

The futon frame provides a sitting with a sofa-height. This type of sitting is said to be the most popular height sitting because it’s neither too low nor too high. It allows children as well as adults to comfortably sit on it.

However, the only drawback about this futon frame is that it doesn’t include a mattress. You would need to buy it separately.

Dimensions: 76 inches * 37 inches wide* 33 inches


  • Wooden construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be converted into a bed
  • Space-saving design
  • Urban décor aesthetic
  • Offers sofa-height sitting


  • Need to buy the mattress separately

10. Spacely Frame Futon Lounger – Frame Only

Spacely Frame Futon Lounger

The Spacely Frame is a small-sized futon lounger frame made up of metal. It can be used in three different ways: normal or sleeping futon, sitting futon, and lounge futon.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this futon frame is that if you want to use it for all three purposes, you would need to buy three different mattresses! That’s the reason that the product doesn’t provide any mattress along with the futon frame.

Apart from the need for different mattresses, the futon frame is made up of metal. This results in increasing the durability of the futon frame. However, in the long run, it might damage the mattress or the sleeping surface in less time.

Dimensions: If you wish to use the futon, you’d need the following mattress size(s) as per your requirement:     

Normal Mattress Size: 80 inches long * 32 inches front-back * 5 to 6 inches wide (top-bottom)

Sitting Mattress Size: 66 inches long * 33 inches wide* 31 inches

Lounge Mattress Size: 72 inches long * 33 inches wide * 31 inches


  • Long lasting as it is made up of metal
  • It can be made into a bed and lounge


  • Need to buy a futon mattress separately
  • One size of the mattress doesn’t work for every setting
  • The metal frame might damage the mattress

Things To Check Before Getting A Futon Frame 

As time passed by,  futon mattress makers could see the potential of the futon frame as a new design alternative to the conventional sofa style beds available. Even though a multitude of frame types and styles now exist, a long time ago, it was the team William Brouwer and Irv Weider who developed the first convertible futon frames.

The North American industry is what it is today because of the futon frame. The qualities which define a good futon are firmness, rigidity, weight and flexibility. The quality of your futon frame is directly related to how much use you can milk out of it before it needs replacing. Here is a list of few important points and futon terminology to keep in mind while shopping for a futon frame. 

Futon Terminology 

1. Slat Rack

This is the platform on which the futon rests for both stationary platform beds and convertible sofa-bed frames.

2. Seat Rack

This is the place on which the person sits when a futon sofa bed is in the sitting or lounge position.

A Futon Frame

3. BackRest

It is the area the person leans back on when a futon is in the sitting position.

4. Tri-fold

A convertible futon frame that utilises three slat racks. The futon mattress hangs over the back of the frame, folds under itself on the seat rack, or lays flat as a chair lounge-style seat. 

5. Bi-Fold

A convertible sofa bed frame that utilises two slat racks. The mattress is allowed to fold once along its length. 

6. Kicker

This is a little piece of solid wood or plastic that wedges itself between the rear rest and seat rack; therefore, the frame is often returned from a sleeper to a sofa in a simple and fluid motion.

7. Wall-Hugger

It is a type of frame that can open to a sofa bed without moving the lower part of the frame away from the wall. They are categorised by their tolerance. A zero-tolerance wall-hugger will not touch the wall while converting while being directly placed against the wall. Other types should be placed a short distance from the wall. They are termed as two, three, four etc., inch tolerance wall-huggers. It is important to find out the tolerance of the wall-hugger brand. 

8. Size 

The first thing you need to do is check the measurements of the space where the futon will be situated. A queen size futon could be the most comfortable and spacious. You will have to buy or pre-own a queen-sized wooden frame. While it is a commonly bought size, it could be too much for a small room. So, it is important to take measurements before finally selecting your frame to avoid space issues. 

A Futon Frame

9. Durability

Choosing a futon frame should be based on how the futon will be used and for how long. A student on a tight budget can go for a cheaper frame without too many technicalities. Stray away from fancy designs. If you do have a good budget and know that the futon will be used daily and for a longer duration, then an expensive futon will be a better choice. Choose a well-made, sturdy construction. A little bit of care while choosing a wooden frame is something you will cherish in the future. 

10. Accessibility 

Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the frame. Greater reinforcement plus better construction can take the brunt of time but will also cost more. Spending money on a better frame is money well spent.

An average futon comes with six main parts. These are the seat deck and back deck, right and left arm assemblies, plus two stretcher nails joining the arm assemblies. The wooden frame of the futon should come with well-reinforced joints. At the joint, their frame is designed so as to move as little as possible. Also, look for angle brackets that further reinforce these joints to keep them from moving. Choose metal over solid wood joints as wood may be a sign of poor quality. 

A wooden frame containing parts that move against each other should include rubbing plates to prevent the material from wear and tear. These can be found in the construction of the frame, giving it a much longer lifespan plus better quality from the manufacturer. The rubbing plates are basically flat plates of whatever material you choose, metal or plastic, which come attached to the frame. 

A sturdy metal frame or plates a longer-lasting choice. Plates of different materials (metal on brass, steel or plastic) are also great as the same metals rubbing together tends to weld together, causing more wear and tear. 

Type of Frame

A bifold futon frame is similar to a regular couch made with two slat racks, one to sit on and one to form the backrest. It is pulled out from the front to convert into a sofa bed. It provides more seating as it uses the length of the mattress as the couch. 

Type of Frame

A tri-fold frame, also known as an A-frame, consists of three slat racks to accommodate a tri-fold mattress. The mattress will fold over the top of the frame, or the third slat of the mattress can be tucked below the main seating area. Here, the width is used as the couch. These frames are ideal for small spaces as they are shorter, providing a double or queen-sized sleeping area. It is also important to note that they are not as easy to open or close. 

A loveseat frame works for a two-piece mattress. It is available in twin or double bed sizes. It uses the width of the mattress as the sitting area, just like the tri-fold frames. It is an ideal solution for small spaces like home offices, dens, sun porches or function as guest bedrooms. 

Material of Frame 

The best futon frame supports the mattress plus its mechanism, which converts the sofa into a bed, so it must be constructed of a strong, durable material like wood or metal. Wooden frames are usually made of oak or pine. Maple and Asian hardwood are other popular choices. 

Metal frames are generally steel with a protective finish. Full-size sturdy metal frames can give a contemporary feel. Wooden frames are generally more expensive than metal. The frame structure is made up of two or three slat racks. They are the part of the best futon frame that supports the mattress in either its upright position or sleeper positions.

Metal vs Wood 

The frame is the supporter of the mattress and the mechanism that provides all the changes, whether it is wood or metal. It should be constructed if a strong and durable material like metal frame or wood. Oak or pine wooden frames are usually available. There are also other popular hardwoods like Asian hardwood and maple for frame construction. 

Metal frames are generally made of steel with a protective finished. A sturdy metal futon frame adds a certain aesthetic. The frame structure is of two or three slat racks. Wood is usually more expensive than metal. 

Futon Frame

Now, you need to choose between a metal frame, a wood futon frame or both. Frames also come in wood and aluminium styles. An aluminium frame will be easier to shift around the house as it is cheaper and lighter. It is also quite durable. If you need to save space, then bi-fold  frames are great, although they don’t offer as many positions as trifold or high-end loveseats. 

The cheapest option is a pinewood frame. It is lightweight but tends to break easily. The weight distribution is great too. Hardwood frames are usually expensive but will give you durability and can take the brunt of time. Another affordable option is a metal frame. Choose slats no more than three inches wide.

Wooden frames are more prevalent in futons, but they are much heavier, so you will need help to set it up or move it around. The more affordable wooden frames come in softer woods or particle boards. Some of these are still quite good. 


When buying a futon or futon frame, you might wonder which are the most comfortable, how useful are they or whether it’s better than a daybed. Buyers always have a myriad of questions, so read on to find frequently asked questions about futons. 

1. What are the most comfortable futons?

The DHP Ivana Tufted Futon is comfortable, versatile and will most often get mistaken for and used as a sofa. Another option is the DHP, 8 inches long independently cased coil premium, which is a foam and polyester futon. A comfortable budget buy is the Mozaic Trupedic Futon. 

2. Are futons any good?

Futons can be a one-stop solution to all your space problems and are very easy to assemble. They can function as a full-size bed.  It can house those few extra guests and is easily foldable the next morning. They come in a variety of sizes, thus giving you more living space. They are also great as sun porches or for home offices. 

3. Can you put a regular mattress on the best futon frame?

A futon mattress is made to act as a mattress for a bed in a tighter space. It is configured to bed at certain places and is made for that particular sofa. Usually, you can put a regular mattress on the best futon frame. It can develop creases if constantly folded, and you could lose your warranty. It is not as easily used as a sofa frame compared to a bed frame owing to its bendable qualities. 

4. Which is better: A futon or a daybed?

A futon sofa bed comes in a variety of styles, can convert from a couch to a bed and can be easily moved. Little to no assembly is required. However, mattresses can be heavy, bulky and pricey. 


A daybed comes in many options with standard mattress sizes. It is affordable and easy to move around. You will need special pillows and accessories for couch use. Assembly can also prove a hassle for daybeds.

If you’re looking for variation, easy conversion and space-saving, then definitely go for a futon sofa bed. 

5. Is it bad to sleep on a futon every night?

One of the downsides to sleeping on a futon every night could be reduced comfort. That slats of a futon could cause back pain problems. 

A futon is meant to be used as regular bedding, so if you have enough cushioning to properly support your body, then there is nothing stopping you from sleeping on a futon every night. 

Final Verdict

Futons can be a great solution to space problems plus house more people during get-togethers. It is important to choose one based on your space which also taking into consideration your needs, your budget and how long you need it for. While wood is more expensive and the better choice, metal is easier to move around and also has a contemporary feel.

Your budget is the most important. Select a frame that matches your needs and also gives you that durability. If you’re willing to splurge, then there are beautiful, complicated high-end options available. This one-stop solution piece of furniture can also provide additional storage, so it’s now time to make a well-informed decision.

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