Best CPAP Pillow for Side

9 Best CPAP Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping is a blessing! Everyone loves sleeping! Sadly, some people are not able to enjoy this marvelous blessing to their fullest. There are lots of reasons like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, and the list will keep on going.

However, if you are having issues with the first disorder, then we might have the perfect solution for you.

Do you want to know what the solution is?

Well, it is CPAP pillows! If you do not know what CPAP is, it is a medical method of allowing you to breathe sufficiently in sleep.

And if you have the most excellent CPAP pillow under your head, then we are confident that you will have the slumber of your dreams. So, let’s begin our journey of giving you the best sleep ever!

9 Best Pillow for CPAP Users

Whether it is for medical purposes or because your current pillow is just not good enough, everyone should have a pair of the finest pillow in their arsenal. Well, with this section, you can get yourself the pillows that will let you sleep like a log every time. 

1. LUNDERG CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

LUNDERG CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

Cannot have a good night’s sleep because of your pillow? Well, that is because you do not have the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers in the business. Yes, you heard that right! The LUNDERG CPAP pillow is one of the most promising pillows in the market and is the solution to all your side-sleeping problems.

One of the main reasons why it is such a great item is because of its design. If you see the picture, you will notice that it comes with two sides: one large one and the other a smaller one. Due to that, you can comfortably place your neck, and it grants your neck enough space to rotate without any discomfort.

Plus, it comes with two perfect height levels. The varying height level allows you to angle your neck in such a way that it will reduce the stress and allow you to have a pleasant slumber.

By the way, the product is compatible with several other instruments like a nasal mask, full-face mask, face or mouth mask, or nasal pillow. Hence, if you have breathing issues or are going through any sort of treatment, then this is a world-class choice. 


  • Assures the most convenient sleeping arrangement
  • Compatible with all types of medical instruments
  • On purchase, you get two of these fantastic products
  • Made of top-quality comfort fabric and cooling fabric
  • Allows effortless adjustment of the height
  • Contains a size that is suitable for people of all sizes


  • The stitching is a bit frail

2. UTTU Sandwich Pillow with Adjustable Memory Foam

UTTU Sandwich Pillow with Adjustable Memory Foam

Memory foam is probably one of the best things in the world of mattresses and pillows. And we are happy to inform you that this item contains the best memory foam on the market. The pillow takes the shape of your body, which provides exceptional support as well as comfort. Thus, it assures you a nap full of solitude. 

In addition to that, the pillow contains a pressure relief attribute, which is bestowed by its dynamic foam. Are you stressed about the day’s work? Do you need to release the pressure? Try taking a little nap on this and see all your stress go away because of its dynamic foam.

Also, it comes with a cooling feature. You see, it has a construction that consists of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. Hence, due to this feature, the pillow has a cooling factor. So, give this a go and sleep like you never have before! 

During winter, the cold environment might cause the foam to harden. Well, even though this might be the case for some pillows, it is absolutely not for this one. Its construction ensures that it remains comfortable and firm throughout the year, and hence, grants you a splendid snooze all year long.


  • Has a memory foam that grants you top-class comfort as well as support
  • Comes with a cooling effect and pressure relieving attribute
  • Allows you to adjust the height to your comfort
  • Easy to move and can be stored anywhere you want


  • The pillow is quite fragile

3. Contour Products CPAPMax-2.0 Pillow with White-Case

Contour Products CPAPMax-2.0 Pillow with White-Case

Products from this company are one of the big shots in the world of pillows and mattresses. The company’s motto is to offer the most excellent products at affordable pricing. And this product is definitely taking the title of the best CPAP pillow. Do you want to know why? Keep on reading! 

First of all, the merchandise comes with four different heights. Unlike several other CPAP pillows that might grant you two adjustable heights, this one gives you four. So, pick the one that is suitable for you and have the best sleep that you ever had. 

Are you taking medical therapy for something? Do you need a pillow that is harmonious with masks, then this is the world-class choice!

You would be glad to know that with this item, you would not have to worry about mask leaks. This helps you to use the mask without any hindrance. Therefore, you would be getting adequate sleep and will wake up happy the next morning.

However, that is not all that the best of the best has to offer. If you take a quick glance, you will see that it was engineered for PAP. Hence, we hope that you can understand how comfortable the thing is going to be once you sleep on it.

Furthermore, there are tons of other features that you will be able to find out once you buy and use the item yourself. Contour Products are the way to go if you want a great pillow.


  • Designed for PAP tests and can be used by practically anyone
  • Allows for height adjustments
  • Guarantees exceptional comfort
  • Ensures total support to your back, neck, and spinal cord


  • Due to its large dimensions, you might face issues while storing it

4. SCANDVIA CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers with Memory Foam

SCANDVIA CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers with Memory Foam

For someone taking CPAP, they need to be in a very comfortable position. Thanks to this pillow, you can attain that without any hassle. For your information, the pillow comes with memory foam, which provides the user with a wholesome and relaxing sleeping position. 

Plus, it comes with tons of other qualities. If you take a look, the memory foam is only a single layer of the product. You can use it to ensure superior air alignments. But that’s not all. This feature also prevents mask leaks and enhance overall air pressure. 

Also, its design is here to impress you. Get this pillow, and say bye-bye to neck pains, shoulder pains, back pains, or any other problems that you might face when sleeping. 

On top of that, the CPAP mask can be placed in such a manner, which ensures a smooth and even pressure. Furthermore, while using it, you will face no discomfort at all. In short, if you want a pillow that guarantees to give you superb sleep as well as ensures top-notch comfort and support, then this is the perfect product for you.


  • Ensures that airflow through the CPAP mask is not hindered in any way
  • You can store it almost anywhere you want
  • Confirmed to give you a comfortable and disturbance-less sleeping experience
  • Has a construction that assures the fullest support and solace


  • Not a great choice for side-sleepers

5. Core Products Double Edge CPAP Contoured Comfort Pillow

Core Products Double Edge CPAP Contoured Comfort Pillow

Pillows have only one purpose, and that is to provide the user with luxurious and convenient sleep. That is exactly what will be provided to you by this product. And that is only because of the item’s exceptional construction. Let us tell you what is so special about this. 

When Core Products were making this, they engineered it with cotton or polyester cover. So, whenever you would touch the product, you would feel that it is as smooth as silk. 

Also, it has a Countour foam or more precisely called memory foam. What this layer does is that it allows the pillow to take the shape of the user, and in doing so, provides a comfortable and supportive layer for someone to sleep. Hence, whether you are taking medical therapies or want a relaxing sleep, the product is a superb option. 

On another note, some experts call it the ultimate sleeping pillow for someone taking CPAP. It has a design that permits a patient to take CPAP as well as have a relaxing slumber. Moreover, if you are not using the product at the moment, you can effortlessly stash it almost anywhere in your house, hospital, etc. 

Now, do you understand why we consider it one of the best pillows for CPAP users?


  • You can store the product anywhere in your house, office, hospital, or anyplace
  • Has a design that assures exceptional convenience and comfort
  • Consists of a memory foam that grants reliable support
  • Compatible with all varieties of masks


  • It might get hard during cold weathers

6. EnduriMed CPAP Pillow with Memory Foam, Pressure Relieving, Air Leaks & More

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow with Memory Foam, Pressure Relieving, Air Leaks & More

Well, not everyone can afford the most expensive CPAP pillows. However, that does not mean you can’t enjoy all the first-class attribute that those expensive brands claim their products. With the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow, you will be able to experience all that, but you have to pay less for it.

So, are you interested in finding out what this pillow has to offer? To start off, the pillow comes with memory foam. This memory foam permits it to contour the shape of your body and provide the utmost satisfaction and relief.

On top of that, the new foam is softer, which means that sleeping on this one might feel like a slumber on a piece of cloud or inedible cotton candy. Besides, it comes with a new feature where you have the opportunity to remove the paddings. By doing so, you can either make it thin or thick and get that desired comfort.

Thinking about whether you would be able to fit this pillow? We have some good news for you! You would be delighted to learn that it has a universal fit attribute, which means that almost anybody can use the item no matter what their size is. 

Lastly, and more importantly, do you have sleep apnea? If you do, and you are having trouble sleeping, this might be the best product that you could get your hands on. You see, it is compatible with almost any machine related to CPAP. Therefore, you can kiss your sleeping problems goodbye!


  • Can be used by men, women, kids, and elderlies of all sizes
  • Compatible with any CPAP instrument
  • Guarantees top-notch relief and backing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Adjustable height and paddings ensure a much more comfortable sleeping position


  • If you use it right after purchase, it might have an unpleasant smell

7. Contour Products CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow for Sleeping with CPAP Machine

Contour Products CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow for Sleeping with CPAP Machine

Do you like sleeping on your stomach? Well, stomach sleepers can go through the worst forms of physical discomforts. And the sole reason for that could be due to your pillow. Nevertheless, with the CPAPMax-2.0, you can be a stomach sleeper and get away with it as well.

The product comes with dual-sided contour foams. Now, you do not have to worry whether you are lying on the right side or not. Plus, the contoured foam facilitates you with the most comfortable and pleasant support. Unlike other pillows, Contour Products have a lot more to offer. 

Moreover, the ergonomics of the product is a true marvel. Its concave center provides a tranquil spot for you to rest your head and neck. Also, the three removable paddings permit you to position yourself in a much more satisfactory sleeping posture. 

It comes with a superb design that makes the product not only compatible with CPAP instruments but also with BPAP and APAP equipment. In short, if you have this product in your arsenal, you can practically use it for all kinds of medical purposes. So, if you are suffering from sleeping related diseases, then this is your best friend.

By the way, unlike any other CPAP cushions, this one comes with a hose control system. Therefore, in your sleep, if you move, then the pressure would not be affected by your movement.


  • Sizeable dimension offers a more suitable environment for sleeping
  • Due to its world-class ergonomics, the air pressure is not affected
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting and allow convenient storage


  • Tad expensive

8. RespLabs CPAP Pillow, The SLEEPillow

RespLabs CPAP Pillow, The SLEEPillow

Are you looking for a pillow that will finally facilitate you to have a goodnight’s sleep? Besides that, wouldn’t it be great if the pillow is also harmonious with BiPAP and APAP? Well, if you are looking for these features, then you might have just stumbled upon a product that is just ideal for you! You want to know why?

First and foremost, the product’s sizeable dimensions let anyone use the product without any issue. For that very reason, you will be able to relax properly, and your head will not fall off of the pillow every once in a while.

Keeping that aside, this pillow for CPAP BIPAP gives you the opportunity to customize the height. Hence, it ensures that fantastic sleep you have always wanted. Moreover, the product is compatible with all types of nasal or air masks. 

And on the day of purchase, you get almost everything you would need, like two travel wipes and a Comfort Hack E-Book with 100+ suggestions.

Besides, the product is ideal for all sorts of sleepers. There is no doubt left that this is the best CPAP pillow for stomach sleepers, at least in our opinion.


  • Can be used by all people, including stomach and side-sleepers
  • Offers you all the essentials
  • Compatible with all kinds of CPAP, Bipap as well as, APAP instruments
  • Assures fantastic sleep for all people


  • Not very durable

9. Mars Wellness Premium Pillow for CPAP Side and Stomach Sleeper

Mars Wellness Premium Pillow for CPAP Side and Stomach Sleeper

Mars Wellness wants you to have the best experience with their pillows, which is why they added extra padding for a softer feel and an adjustable height feature. This will let you have the best experience with the product.

Also, it arrives with a contoured foam, which permits the pillow to take the shape of your body. Thus, granting you the optimum support and solace.

By the way, the memory foam pillow comes with tons of other perks. One of them is its compatibility with all kinds of CPAP devices and instruments. So you will be able to use it easily even if you have diseases surrounding sleeping.

Moreover, due to its compact dimensions, when you are not using the product, you will able to store it inside your home easily. Too much space wouldn’t be taken by this item.


  • Comfort guaranteed
  • Uncomplicated storage
  • Compatible with all kinds of CPAP and other medical instruments
  • Affordable pricing


  • Heavy product

What to Look for before Buying

When you are looking for the most promising sleeping pillow, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

Thanks to the buying guide, you would finally know everything when buying such a product, and we can guarantee you that you will find the most excellent every time. So, check out this section to find the best pillow for CPAP side sleeper.

The CPAP Mask Compatibility

Well, when you are purchasing a CPAP mask, the first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is how compatible it is with the kinds of masks available in the market. By this, you can determine how you can use a mask and hose without facing any variety of hindrance. 

CPAP Mask Compatibility

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How Comfortable Is It? 

The main purpose of having a pillow is to sleep and feel relaxed. Now, if you want to get your hands on a top-class pillow, then you need to make sure that it has these features:

  1. Memory foam or contour foam
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Sizeable surface area
  4. Soft cotton cover
  5. Weight of the product

Moreover, the memory foam will take the shape of your body, which will grant you support and prevent neck pain and various other pains. Next, the adjustable-height function allows you to give the cushion the desired height, which is suitable and pleasant for you. 

Also, the sizeable area means that anyone of any size can lay down on the pillow. In short, you can say that the pillow should have a universal fit function. Lastly, the cotton covers ensure that you have a comfortable experience. 

Patterns of Sleeping

If you toss and around quite frequently while sleeping, then you should get the product that has a hose stabilizer fitted in it. So the mask won’t be displaced with all the tossing around. It will stay put.


Choose a medium or high loft if you sleep on your side, and if you sleep on your back, you can pick out a lower loft. Adjustable lofts are available.

Is It Machine Washable?

We are sure that you do not want to spend too much time washing pillows. You have to wash it every other day because dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate there from your body. If it is not cleaned every now and then, you might get rashes, allergies, or even an acne breakout.

That is why it should have this attribute. You see, because of this, you will not have to go through the hassle of manually cleaning the product. And a machine can clean it properly and remove all the impurities easily.


This is totally up to you. If you are willing to spend a lot of money on your pillow, that’s okay. There are cheaper alternatives if you are looking for something that is friendlier to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the 9 best CPAP pillows:

  • Are CPAP pillows worth it?

Yes, they are! These are the best option if you have some kind of sleeping disorder. Even if you are not someone who needs CPAP or anything similar, you can still use it.

The pillow for CPAP is an outstanding choice if you just want a good sleep at night or if you have any sort of pain in your back.

  • Does insurance cover CPAP pillows?

No, insurance will not cover a CPAP pillow. Nevertheless, it will cover a CPAP machine and mask. However, we can tell you that such products (especially the high-end ones) tend to be extremely durable. Hence, you can rely on them without any hesitation.

  • What are CPAP pillows?

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, then the doctors will suggest that you use such kinds of pillows. With the help of a CPAP pillow, you can finally get that long required sleep that you needed.

  • What is the best pillow for CPAP users?

Well, the best pillow would be Contour Products CPAPMax-2.0 Pillow with a white case. The product will grant you all the pros, functionalities, and traits you would need. Plus, it assures you the best sleeping positions and allows anyone to use it with ease.

Final Words

Everyone should have a CPAP sleeping pillow. It does not matter if you have any sleeping disorder or not.

If you have these products, we are quite certain that you will have one of the best nights of sleep in your life. And thanks to our article, you will be able to find the best pillow for side sleepers and any kind of sleeper available in the stores.

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